Haruvan - Knight School Tournament



  • Deadline will be 04/14. After the date, the story will continue and the duels begin. Now is the time to do and continue your stories.
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  • Raeyla and Garret arrived at the school just in time to see the matches posted. 

    "Arya huh, she is no joke like some of the others." Raeyla remembered watching Arya's first matches, the other knight had fury and anger in her eyes that Raeyla could relate to. "It's no matter I can do this, they want a fight they'll get it."

    Raeyla wanted to train, but she was tired from the several days of travel. Garret left as soon as they had arrived, making his way to gather allies from the kingdom. Now Raeyla was left to stew on her new path, "I don't have time to rest I need to get stronger, I need to get better." She changed her path from the dormitories to the training yard. Maybe she could find Namy or Iona and train with either of them.
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