Does any body know about this?

If you are hovering over a magic card with mouse, if you press it with your mouse and press ctrl at the same time, it'll open a new tab of that card.

How knew that? (obliviously me)


  • Er who knew about that.

    sometimes this early in the morning my brain doesn't work.(Its 7:30
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    @bronx Seems to just be an "Open link in new tab" general key shortcut. I wasn't aware of it, but I was aware of "open link in new tab" in general and highly doubt I'll use this shortcut version in place of my current methods.

    Also, I suspect that there's very little point in self-promoting your own contest in some separate, totally random thread. People who are looking at this will probably look at other recent stuff on the forums, and as such will be perfectly capable of seeing and considering entering your contest thing without feeling as though you're shoving it in their face.
  • Oh. Now I feel bad.
  • well I guess it's closed, actually so do you know how to close it.
  • @bronx If you're asking how to close a discussion on the forums (so that nobody can post anything there any more), you ask a moderator to close the discussion. If you're asking how to close a contest (for judging or whatever) to further entries, you tend to just write a comment saying "Closed to further entries." or whatever.

    Sorry for the double answers, I wasn't certain what you were asking about.
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