Walkers Not Named

In the spirit of the other contests, I'm starting one to show off one of the underused card types in MTG: planeswalkers. Here's the challenge: create a planeswalker based on an already existing character. These cards can be based on normal creatures, legendary creatures, characters only mentioned in stories, and even characters only named in flavor text. Along with this planeswalker, make a companion card to go along with them, like an oath or the signature spells from War of the Spark.

-New cards only
-Up to 5 entries per cardsmith, for 10 total cards (5 planeswalkers + 5 signatures)
-The cards will be judged by multiple criteria, including how well they translated the character into the cards. I will judge balance as best as I can, but I will be giving precedence to clever design and character accuracy as they are easier to judge for me.
-Winners will receive favorites, and the cardsmith who's card I like the most will receive a follow.


I'm basing my examples off Armorcraft Judge, one of my favorite cards from Kaladesh.

Contest ends 1/30/21


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