Boxes o' Mox Cheer


I am relatively new to the forums, so I decided to press the New Discussion button. (Who knows what that does!)

Anyway, I love moxes, so I am holding a contest for.... mox!

A few rules:
Please make your ideas unique and include mechanics and otherwise that do not appear often.
Please don't submit cards made before November 1st.
Maximum entry is 3 cards submission.

I am looking for interesting mechanics, artistic relevancy, and semi-balance, tipped toward the OP side ;)

I will be looking at the submissions and will grade them by the end of December.

First place: A like to each of your moxes, one card of your choice, and I will follow you.
Second place: A like to each of your moxes.
Third place: A like to one card of your choice, or you could leave it to me

Everyone else, I will like one card of my choice because I feel nice.

Good luck!

EDIT: As a bonus, the first place winner will receive one month of premium membership payed by myself.


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