Cardsmith Cards 2021: This Again! :)



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    Ooh, knocking on my thinking box, wondering what to forge, (haha, you'll get the joke when you see the card) and then....

    A wonderous idea came into my head! 

    Here's a card for @AboveAndAbout!
    Abaa Smith of Wonders
  • Yooo, That's so cool! Thanks!

    Just one question, On the beast, it says search for a card named Feralitator, Bane of the Average, and then the actual card is "Feralitator, bane of Wonders". I'm assuming that the beast should say "Bane of Wonders" as well?
  • You'll have to wait until the next set release to see the Bane of the Average :smile:

    It's Renowned Weaponsmith / Vial of Dragonfire all over again.

  • @feralitator I actually edited the card but I didn't edit the post! Thanks for reminding me and I'm glad you like it. :)
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  • That's beautiful @TerryTags

  • yes that is amazing
  • TerryTags - Thank you SO much for the card that is obviously A Squirrel in a Really Weird Fedora!  (Why would anyone be paying attention to the trenchcoat? ass far as not noticing he hat, he's not built like Princess Amidalla'"  Trivia - the princess is known for her variety of interesting hats.  It seems No strait male has ever independently notice any of them but the first, which Twiki had to point out.

    This gives me a great brainstorm for my Roman and Illuminati sets using changelings!   A race with few numbers, was is against their best interest more so that the populous ones. 

    Pax Civitas plot-  A Changrling cabal decide to impersonate various races, accumulate power within them,  so as to promote peace. 
    Result  - All the "Lord" creature and some of the doves politician are going to be changelings! 

    Game tricks - Play with the "Lord" abilities -
    - Switch off condition opponents can use./
    - Switch to their lord ability to of a target opponent's creatures.  (of same type, chose type, or all)
    - When both players have a "Lord" they cancel our or "peace effect comes into play."
    - Double up with a team-mates card.
    Why?- when one side gets to strong they start working to weaken them and strengthen their foes. 

    Some might be obvious drawbacks, but also - multiplayer like, ever?  Hugs & abilities only an ally can turn on!

  • Can i have a card?
  • @mmm3creator isn't the card for Corwinnn?
  • Yes, it is for Corwinmn.  But anyone who sees a card can get inspired by it.
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    I picked "Flamboyant" because I could spell it with "Boi", not because of any unfortunate connotations with that word. Please don't misunderstand, I only mean the textbook definition of flamboyant, like in the Prismari College of Strixhaven sense of: exuberant, excessive, flashy, and ... extra?

    That said ... @ChoyBoi ;, I don't really know your personality yet, but the other cards with your name were U/R wizard cards, and I thought it would be cool to put you in Strixhaven.  If that doesn't match your personality, please don't be offended!  The TerryTags cards out there for me have me pegged as a BARBER, but I'm an acapella harmony Barbershop Quartet singer known internationally for composing short songs called "Tags".  

    Much respect for all the cards you've made for others, ChoyBoi!  I hope you enjoy this one in the spirit of friendship it's intended to be! :smile:

  • @TerryTags thank you so much!! I'm actually silverquill (I took the test and everything), but its ok :wink:
  • @ChoiBoi, I got silverquill to.. :wink:
  • @ChoyBoi you're welcome, and since the quiz said I'm Prismari, consider it a compliment, lol! :smile: 

  • I'm Silverquill, but with a theater minor, I chould be presumed to have some prismari leanings.  I'm gonna eventually make a Wolfir Wizard for Silverquill since I feel like they need inclusion just like Kor
  • Are you talking about me or just my namesake species?
  • wait @KorandAngels is your name 'Kor and Angels' ?!

  • How did you guys not realize this sooner?
  • I wasn't very skilled with capitalisation back when I made my account.
  • oh my god I thought Korand was one word. ;-;
  • I figured it out like a week ago but until then I thought korand was one word, too
  • I realized it a while ago
  • Could someone make a card for me, please?
  • @Obidiah
    What pronouns and mtg colors would you like to be used for your card?
  • @Tomigon, I'd be fine with anything. But if you need suggestions, you could check my profile on MTG and pick something from the cards I've made.
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    That's what I always do(you should leave a link to your page btw), but I thought more info about you would be helpful.

    Obidiah Grisbrake Sell-Sword
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