Prison Plane

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Trioga. The Prison Plane of the multiverse. Long ago the Arbitors, being that travel the planes in search of "justice" used it to lure several gigantic armies into a planewide brawl. As the battle raged on on the surface of Trioga, the Arbitors finished their plan and summoned a huge prison across almost the entire world, trapping the armies. Now the drones of the Arbitors watch over several sealed off nations, endless hallways of prisoners, and a few... new additions to the prison.
I'm looking for a few people to start up a collaboration set. If you can come up with a keyword, character, faction or whatever I will give you the password. The set is themed as a dark, multilevel prison watched over by angel-eldrazi-like creatures. All of the landmass and most of the underground is prison complex, some more secure and solitary than the rest.
Account name is PrisonPlane
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