January Mechanics Challenge!!!

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Welcome to the January Mechanics Challenge!  As you might have guessed, this challenge is centered around mechanics.  In this contest, you must announce your arrival if you want to enter.  Then, I will give you a mechanic that you must use in your cards.


1) You MUST use the mechanics in all of your entries.
2) You do not have to add hint text for the mechanic you are given if your mechanic does not have a unique effect for each card.
3) You may post up to five cards.

The cards will be graded on February 18th.

1st Place: 5 favorites of your choice and I'll follow you.
2nd Place: 4 favorites of your choice.
3rd place: 3 favorites of your choice.
Honorable Mentions(4th and 5th place): 1 favorite of your choice.

Good luck!!!


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