Usaername presents: Mix n' Match Challenges! **Circuit Challenge**

Hello, bonjour, guten tag, buon giorno, buenos dias, 你好, and おはようございます to you all! 

It's me, Usaername! I'm gonna skip the 'long time lurker first time poster' schtick and get straight into the idea. The idea is, I've got this list here, eh?

1 Point:
01) - A card with the Basic supertype that isn't a land
02) - A card designed around an everyday item
03) - A 5 color enchantment
04) - A card with the tribal type
05) - A card that doesn't untap during your untap step
06) - A card that rolls one or more di(c)e 
07) - An interesting 5-color commander that isn't tribal 
08) - A card that involves your favorite animal

1.5 Points:
09) - A card that interacts with zones
10) - A card with mana cost 0
11) - A permanent spell with storm
12) - An Invocation (Mechanic by @shadow123 Example:
13) - A card in the style of Hell's Cube (
14) - A Panharmonicon style effect
15) - A card that uses spellcraft (Mechanic by @MemoryHead Example:
16) - A card with both "You lose the game" and "You win the game" on it

2 Points:
17) - A card with 3 or more mechanics used/represented. (these must be non base/evergreen mechanics. Heroic and Landfall are good, flash and scry, flying, haste etc are nor mechanics
18) - A scheme card
19) - A new card type
20) - A 1-mana mythic rare
21) - A card designed around planechase
22) - New design space for colorless mana
23) - A planeswalker with no mana cost
24) - A conspiracy card (one with the conspiracy type)

So, my idea is kinda crazy, but imma break it down. Allow me to explain further:

- Each challenge has a point value, 1, 1.5, or 2, based on how difficult I think they are
- You can choose up to 12 challenges to enter
- You cannot choose more than 6 challenges with the same difficulty. so you can't do all 8 two-pointers
- You can submit one card for each challenge you enter.
- The card must be new (made on or after January 10th)
- The card must be made on MTGCS and have an attached link
- You CAN however if you want make it elsewhere and use that as your image, but it has to have an MTGCS version
- Cards can only be submitted to a challenge once, meaning you cant have one card fulfill multiple challenges
- You can submit up to 5 cards to challenge, but only the best will be considered for the winning spots
- You may swap out cards at any time
- Cards will be given a score from 1 - 10
- The creators of the scoring cards of each challenge will receive a number of points equal to said challenge.
- At the end of the main challenge, the top 10 (if there's enough) people will each receive prizes, which I will detail later.

To keep everyone from going for the 2 point challenges because they award the most points, the amount of winning cards for each challenge are going to vary based on points. 

1 Point: 5 winners
1.5 Points: 4 winners
2 Points: 3 winners

Now for an example. I'm going to use @shadow123 as my example, because I hope he won't mind. (and i want him to notice he got pinged and come check this out) Let's say Shadow picks his 12 challenges, and submits his cards. Let's say the cards get grades of:

7, 7, 7.5, 7.5, 8, 8, 8, 8.5, 8.5, 9, 9, 9.5

Let's say that five of these cards are winners of their challenges. Let's pretend the point values are:

1, 1.5, 1.5, 2, 2

That's a total of 8 points for Shadow.


1st place: 10 whole faves (wow) and a follow (double wow)
2nd place: 9 faves and a follow
3rd place: 8 faves and a follow
4th place: 7 faves and a follow
5th place: 6 faves and a follow
6th place: 5 faves
7th place: 4 faves
8th place: 3 faves
9th place: 2 faves
10th place: 1 fave
11th place: 0 faves, but a distinguished position of honor, so, a follow.
And Circuit Points!
1st Place: 1 Circuit Point
2nd Place: 3/4 Circuit Point
3rd Place: 1/2 Circuit Point
4th through 11th Place: 1/4 Circuit Point


The deadline for entries is my birthday! You all, though, might know it better as Saint Valentine's Day, or, for some, just good ol' February 14th. After I have completed the judging, there will probably be some ties, which is why there's one, final, super secret challenge. Everyone is allowed to participate, of course, but its purpose will be to decide the finalists.

It might be a little hard to understand, but I'm open to any and all questions, and, to make things easier for you, here's a copy/pastable submission outline, as well as an example


Challenge #:
Challenge entry/12
Card name:
Card link:
Card image:
Anything you'd like to add, perhaps to explain the card to me (im a dummy sometimes)


Name: Usaername
Challenge #: 09
Challenge entry: 1/12
Card name: Scrupulous Investigator
Card link:
Card image:
Scrupulous Investigator
Notes: this might be broken, but I was unsure of how aggressively I could cost it

So that's it, and that's all. If you guys like this challenge, you should totally go talk about it on the discord and hype it up to your friends. This is my first challenge, so I might be a little rocky, but I am confident in my abilities to suck. (for the most part) I look forward to all your entries, and again, if you have any questions, totally ask me and I'll try to get back to it in under 6 hours. This is probably going to die, but I sure hope not.



  • Awesome!! I'll make an entry soon!
  • Name: shadow123
    Challenge: No. 23
    Challenge Entry: 1/12
    Card Name: Teferi, From the Future
    (card link goes to mtgcs card which looks horrible, but is worded the same)

  • Name: AboveAndAbout
    Challenge No. 18
    Challenge entry 1/12
    Card Name: My Powers Are Truly Omnipotent
    My Powers Are Truly Omnipotent
    I know this is the vehicle frame, but it's the closest I could get.
  • @shadow123 @AboveAndAbout thanks for submitting entries! And starting off with two absolutely epic designs!
  • edited January 12
    Name: AboveAndAbout
    Challenge No. 22
    Challenge entry 2/12
    Card Name: Skitter to Gluttony
    Skitter to Gluttony

  • Name: AboveAndAbout
    Challenge No. 16
    Challenge entry 3/12
    Card Name: Transcendent Prophecy
    Transcendent Prophecy

  • edited January 12
    Let's go for 13 points with one card!

    Name: Temurzoa
    Challenges: 4, 8, 9, 13, 17, 19, 20, 22
    Challenge entry: 1/12
    Card name: Aberrant Apocalypse
    Card link:

    A card with the tribal type: Tribal Enchantment
    A card that involves your favorite animal: Octopuses!
    A card that interacts with zones: Moving cards from your graveyard to another battlefield counts for sure.
    A card in the style of Hell's Cube: Directly from the subreddit's rules: "This subreddit was created to push the limits of magic and go beyond what Wizards is willing to do. Cards should bend the rules of traditional MtG or transcend them entirely." If Aberrant Apocalypse hasn't transcended the rules of traditional MtG, I'm not sure what would.
    A new card type: Mythical borrows from the restricted list.
    A 1-mana mythic rare: Ta-da!
    A card with 3 or more mechanics used/represented: Aberrant Apocalypse utilizes devoid, trample, and skulk. The Mythical mechanic would probably count too, but I wasn't sure.
    New design space for colorless mana: Combining creatures and creating new zones seems like an appropriate space for the reality-warping nature of colorless mana.

    Name: Temurzoa
    Challenge: 22
    Challenge entry: 1/12
    Card name: Aberrant Apocalypse
    Card link:

    Aberrant Apocalypse
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    @Temurzoa Hilarious as the concept might be, the intent of the contest unfortunately doesn't seem to align with it. One of the rules is:
    - Cards can only be submitted to a challenge once, meaning you can't have one card fulfil multiple challenges [presumably this should be "entered into" rather than fulfil, but whatever]
    And so it seems like you're intended to make lots of cards that fit into different challenges, with each challenge seemingly getting judged separately and rewarding its relevant points at the end. On the positive, you've got a lot of choice in deciding which challenge you enter it into.
  • So you turned the prompt list you sent me into a challenge?
  • Name: Bronx
    Challenge No. 20
    Challenge entry 1/12
    Card Name  Ryo, Chandra's Guide

  • edited January 12
    Name: Memoryhead
    Challenge #17
    Challenge entry 1/12
    Card name: Revivification Module


     - Modify is a custom mechanic designed by me. It's effectively mutate, but with a far greater scope for use. It isn't restricted to being on creature cards, you can define what you want it to modify (for example, "modify land" or "modify Goblin"), and it doesn't have that non-Human restriction getting on my nerves or the flavor demand of "Oh, it's got to be a thing that looks like it could mutate."

     - Persist still functions on non-creature permanents, and things that don't "die" as a result of not being creatures or planeswalkers. For instance, if you just play this as a Vehicle for its default casting cost and then somebody plays Disenchant on it without you crewing it, it will still return to the battlefield with a -1/-1 counter if it doesn't have any.
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    Name: Firemind713
    Challenge #: 08
    Challenge entry: 1/12
    Card name: Spirit of Rebirth
    Card link:

    Card image:

    Notes: challenge 8, 8 is my lucky number. I'm an amateur astrologer and my birth chart has an 8th House Stellium, which is a large cluster of planets. One of the many symbols of the 8th house is the Phoenix. It may not be a real animal, but it is my favorite animal nonetheless.
  • @Temurzoa I knew that rule was a good idea... Seriously though, that's impressive! shine on you crazy diamond.

    @Ranshi sure did! I felt I came up with some things that were pretty good, and though to make a challenge out of them!

    @MemoryHead woah that's crazy cool

  • Name: Feralitator
    Challenge #: 23
    Challenge Entry: 1/12
    Card Name: Vladoff, Blood King
    Card Link:
    Card Image:

  • Name: spellpiper
    Challenge number: #20
    Challenge entry: 2
    Card Name: Brynn, Guardian of Hope
    Card Link:
    Card Image: (also linked to card)
    Brynn Guardian of Hope
  • Hey @Usaername, I’m super excited to start brewing, I love the idea. Just seeking clarification on the number of challenges/entries per challenge:

    - You can choose up to 12 challenges to enter
    - You can submit one card for each challenge you enter.
    - You can submit up to 5 cards to challenge, but only the best will be considered for the winning spots

    So that’s 12 challenges with up to five cards each, but after each are rated only the best will be “entered” (so you can’t win 1st and 2nd for a challenge with two cards)?

  • Thanks @Usaername, here's my first entry then:

    Name: TheRacingTurtle
    Challenge #: 23 - A planeswalker with no mana cost
    Challenge entry 1/12
    Card name: Cass, Ignited from Beyond 
    Card link:
    Card image:

    My first time using the create a planeswalker feature, so if there's any way to include mana symbols for the Miracle cost that I missed please let me know. The first ability is using a | to break it up as starting a new line forced the text to be obscured by the second ability.
  • Name: TheRacingTurtle
    Challenge #: 11 - A permanent spell with storm.
    Challenge entry 2/12
    Card name: Stormborn Phoenix
    Card link:
    Card image:

    The name might be a bit on the nose, but when it works... it just works :smile:
  • Name: Firemind713
    Challenge #: 11
    Challenge entry: 2/12
    Card name: Garuda, Sudden Storm
    Card link:
    Card Image: 
    I've always wanted to put storm and evoke on an Izzet card. Lol
  • edited January 14
    Name: TheRacingTurtle
    Challenge #10 - A card that costs 0.
    Challenge entry 3/12
    Card name: Rotted Underbelly
    Card link:
    Card image: 

    Cheers to @mmm3creator and @Suicidal_Deity for their helpful feedback on the original design, have since made some edits to fix the rules text up.
  • Name: TheRacingTurtle
    Challenge 16) - A card with both "You lose the game" and "You win the game" on it
    Challenge entry 4/12
    Card name: Hailfire Pact
    Card link:

  • Name: Firemind713
    Challenge #: 14
    Challenge entry: 3/12
    Card name: Grald, Barbarian King
    Card link:
    Card Image:
    A panharmonicon effect for red. An ode to Conan.
  • edited January 13
    Name: Memoryhead
    Challenge #21
    Challenge entry 2/12
    Card name: Chell, Portal Hopper / Lilu, the Worldjumper


     - The card's in the style of those Godzilla-alt cards they did for Ikoria. There is no good reason for this beyond "I felt like it." I was unsure how to handle the "card name" box for a case like this, so I've entered both the real and alt's names.

     - Like the real Fractured Powerstone, planar die rolls caused by Chell / Lilu's first ability will not add to the planar die reroll tax.
  • Name: Firemind713
    Challenge #: 20
    Challenge entry: 4/12
    Card name: Blade Barrier
    Card link :

    Card Image:
  • Name: Red_Tower
    Challenge #: 4
    Challenge entry 1/12
    Card name: Giant's Reproach
    Card link:
    Card image:
  • edited January 14
    Name: TheRacingTurtle
    Challenge 20) - a one mana mythic rare.
    Challenge entry 5/12
    Card name: Zhoufang, Rogue Warlord
    Card link:

  • Name: Firemind713
    Challenge #: 17
    Challenge entry: 5/12
    Card Name: Hafelgar, Darktide Tyrant
    Card Link:
    Card Image:

    Delve, Exploit and Surveil combine to make this Dimir Legend.
  • Name: TheRacingTurtle
    Challenge 14) - A Panharmonicon style effect
    Challenge entry 6/12
    Card name: Lithomancy Tempest
    Card link:

  • Name: TheRacingTurtle
    Challenge 07) - An interesting 5-color commander that isn't tribal
    Challenge entry 7/12
    Card name: Professor Jacquel // "Mr Hould", Dark Persona
    Card link: and

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