Mystery Box Casual

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Mystery Box Mode #1: Casual

You can ask for a mystery box in as many Mystery Box Discussions as you'd like simultaneously. 

This discussion is here for a limited time, to help you sample all the different modes that take place in the Mystery Box Challenges. So feel free to ask for a casual Mystery Box anytime. These have no gimmicks or strings attached... it's just your box with your potential prize and your mystery challenge.

Here's how it works!
  1. Ask for a mystery box... no need to tag me, I'll see it!
  2. Your box will have a random mystery challenge and a 50/50 shot at a prize.
  3. Submit a newly created card for your challenge. (You must submit before asking for another box in the Mystery Box Casual discussion.)
  4. Then, you may ask for another mystery box any time!

The above information is all you need to get going in this discussion. What follows below is relevant information for anyone interested in the grand scheme of Mystery Boxes.



Most prizes are straight forward. Certain prizes you may receive here, however, are useable only in certain mystery box discussions. So, all prizes earned in this mystery box discussion are useable in any other mystery box discussion.


Everything you do in every mystery box discussion all counts towards your all-time mystery box score. You can view your score and rank at:

For Casual...
- Every 10 cards you post across all mystery box discussions earns you +1 point to your score.
- Every 10 prizes you earn and/or receive across all mystery box discussions earns you +1 point to your score.

The top Mystery Boxers (by Score) each year qualify for the Mystery Box Invitational tournament.

Links to the Other Mystery Box discussions:

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