Pioneer Collection - Master Set Creation

Hello everyone. I'm Brazilian and I'm using Google Translate.
My reason for starting making cards at MTGcardsmith was to explore the Pauper format.
But now I will make a set for Pioneer pulling ideas from sets already existing in the universe of Magic.

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Pauper Collection

The idea is to create a set with 200 cards in Master mode to raise the level of the format (hopefully without bans).

I have not yet divided the quantities of the cards by rarity and color.
Maybe this order for colors:
1-5 - Colorless 5 cards
6-32 - White 27 cards 
33-59 - Blue 27 cards
60-86 - Black 27 cards
87-113 - Red 27 cards
114-140 - Green 27 cards
141-167 - Multicolored 27 cards
168- 180 - Artifacts 13 cards
181-200 - Lands 20 cards

In one of the stages of the set will be to describe an Artists' Guide, with the link of the arts for each card. (as done in the Pauper Collection)

Ideas, arts and other things are welcome to create this set.

Some examples:



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