Underused Creature Types Challenge **Circuit Challenge**

This is pretty simple. To enter, you comment saying you want to join. Then, I give you a creature type that isn’t used much in Magic. Then, you make a legendary creature as a tribal commander for that type. Here’s an example.

@AboveAndAbout: Hi, I would like to join.
Me: Okay, make a tribal commander for Frogs.
AboveAndAbout: Awesome! I’ll get right on it.

On February 6th, I’ll judge each card and post the top four cards. The prizes are as follows:

Other Honorable Mentions - 1/4 CP
4th - One favorite of their choice and 1/4 CP.
3rd - Two favorites of their choice and 1/2 CP.
2nd - Two favorites of their choice, 3/4 CP and one follow.
1st - Three favorites of their choice, 1 CP and one follow.


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