Grab A Pencil, Paper... and Creative!

This is my first time making a contest just for fun, don't judge me if I don't follow well same as other people... Or my grammar as well.

Each person can enter many cards as they want, but there can be only one winner.

The winner gets a favorite and a reward card with any chosen color-- WITH YOUR NICKNAME!

The rule is simple:

- You can create any form of the card as long as the art is a sketch and isn't colorful. Enchantment, instant, sorcery, creature, land, etc are allowed, sorry for any confusion.

- All creatures must be a figure as additional except for black creatures, it must be inkling additional instead.

- The card must be completely new. Its published date must be after Jan 26, 2021.

That's all, have a fun making card! Can't wait to see what you have to show!

P.S.: Rules may be subject to being changed, be expecting for them, the bottom of this is options and they can help you to get creative or get started!

* Decay (At the end of your turn, put a -1/-1 counter on this creature unless you discarded a card this turn.)
* New Life (When this creature would die, you may sacrifice another creature, you control. If you do, create a black inkling token 2/2 with the same ability as the sacrificed creature.) 
* Mix X (When this creature enters the battlefield, sacrifice up to X creatures you control. Put that many +1/+1 counters on this creature as it enters the battlefield.)

Special creatures:
* Forgot creatures (Each forgot creature have decay.)


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    Safe Path

    The Feared Slime

    Both good example cards!
  • What does decay do?
  • @Tomigon, "At end of your turn, put a -1/-1 counter on this creature unless you have discarded card this turn" Each forgot creature has this by the default.
  • ...but isn't that the text after "or"?
  • @Tomigon It's way to explain the meaning of decay. Each forgot creature has decay or at end of your turn, put a -1/-1 counter on this card unless you discarded a card this turn. The text after or is the meaning of decay... Did I said it right?
  • Normally in english, you would put a comma after the 'or'.
  • English isn't my 1st language, but as far as I know, "A or B" means A and B are different.

    If every card with Figure subtype has Decay mechanic, then you don't have to name it. Just like basic land types or Saga, you can just start this from the top of the text box-
    (At the beginning of your end step, put a -1/-1 counter on this creature unless you discarded a card this turn.)

    And I think we are supposed to draw stickman art but the rule doesn't say so.

    Also a little more explanations about the Forgot(Forgotten?) creatures would be nice.

    You want us to make custom art, and use your custom card type and mechanic. That's a lot of requirement for one contest.

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    I have changed some rules and added some keywords that might help.
  • And you are not required to draw stickmen, it could be any different in form- As long it's black and white and simple. Just like this, shadow and shade are allowed.

  • I edited the rules to lose up the restrict, @Tomigon ;

    I hope that helped and sorry for any confusion. It's my first time
  • @Corwinnn Corwinnn, please close this contest for me.
  • But you didn't say it's finished!
    Inkling Nightmare
  • @FireOfGolden That mix ability is basically just devour. Google that out.
  • @Corwinnn @FireOfGolden
    Sorry if my submission made you feel awkward to close this. I enjoyed making that card, so that's enough for me. 
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