Thoughts for Thursdays

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Judging Practice

What do we got now, jpastor???
  1. Each week, I'm going to post cards certain participants in this thread have created.
  2. All you have to do to participate in this discussion is view the cards posted for the week, then private message me your vote for which one you think is the best card.
  3. In your private message to me, you will also include one card of your choice that you've created...
  4. At the end of the week, I'll announce the winning cards, based on the votes submitted to me throughout the week.
  5. Then, everyone who voted for the winning card will have the card they turned in to me added to the list to be judged in the next week's group of cards. 
  • Also, prize(s) for the creator of the winning card each week B)  
Each Thursday, we'll reset with a new batch of cards.

As for the Judging Leaderboard
  • Every 3 entries you judge = +1 Score
  • Every 2 correct judgements = +1 Score
  • Every 4 votes you receive on your cards = +1 Score
  • Every 5 points = +1 Score
  • 1st Place = +5 Points
  • 2nd Place = +3 Points
  • 3rd Place = +1 Point
Bonuses & perks for the top scorers


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