Make Mono-White Great Again (at least in edh)

As you all might be aware, mono-white being the worst color (mostly in commader) has become a bit of a meme lately. Most people pointing out the lack of ramp and card draw, which are quite esential in commander.

I've tried to look for some fan-made solutions on the internet, but wasn't able to find much, so I come to you, my dear Cardsmiths, for I could try to make some cards myself, but together it will be far more fun and interesting.

I won't tell you what exactly to do, the only point is to create a MONO-WHITE card, that focuses on bringing some interesting mechanics to white. Note that I am not demanding white ramp or card draw, I am rather looking for some "splashy" and original mechanics for white.

I will be judging the originality, functionality, balance, overall looks and whether your cards fits white's place in the color pie.

You are allowed 3 whole entries (or more if you have a lot of cool ideas and you ask for permission first). Up to one older card may be submited if it already wasn't made for another contest.

You have the month of February for entering (I'll judge somewhere around the beginning of March).

1st place: 4 faves
2nd place: 3 faves
3rd place: 2 faves

Hapy smithing!


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