Sunday Soundwaves

Hello, I have another bizarre idea that I believe will work and offer up a unique method for creating cards.

This is a once per week thing, and you don't have to post an entry here to participate. You can simply ask to participate, receive your dealio, and be off to make your card or cards on your own without feeling the need to post your creation to the thread.
  1. Request to participate
  2. I'm going to give you an instrumental, symphonic, or other non-lyrical version of a song you've probably never heard of (via Youtube)...sent in PM so nobody knows what you're working on!
  3. You're going to listen to it.
  4. You're going to create one card, based on how it makes you feel and what thoughts it sparks in your mind.
  5. Let your creativity flow while listening to the song a few times.
  6. You don't need to post your card here to participate, but should you decide to post your card, you're entering the contest to win.
  7. Every Sunday, we'll pick the best of the best and post the song along with the card for all to listen to while reading the card.
Rewards will vary week to week based on participation.
You can only ask for 1 song per week***
Winners declared every Sunday.

Let me know if you have any questions. Otherwise, let me know if you'd like to to try this out!



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    song sent in PM! Really stoked to see what you come up with for that one!
  • Now that’s an interesting one. I’ll jump in!
  • Sent in PM @TheRacingTurtle

    don't let the cover image get to ya ha
  • I haven’t opened the message yet... now I’m scared.
  • There you go @KorandAngels - Hope it tickles your mind
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  • im intrigued. hmu with a song
  • I'm gonna join as well, this seems fun
  • yes please me too!
  • this sounds cool, can I join?
  • Yep punch me.
  • Hit me with your best song
  • Hey lads, rolling power blackouts are hitting me today. Luckily.. I can still keep up with this discussion even though Mystery Boxes are down or the count. Buffering is taking a while and the song selection process has slowed down, but you will get your songs shortly!
  • All songs sent in PM. Cant wait to see the results. I like your saga @KorandAngels because the song I gave you just escalates in three stages. Well done!
  • I'd love a song!
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    Here with my card based on this song:
    Let me explain. The track very much resembles some sort of a march song to me - it has a clear rythm that you can just march to and it gives off that sense of something that is coming. The rythm of the song is portrayed by the repeating effect of giving you a soldier every turn. The track also sound very menacing - thus the obvious tie into menace - almost threatening, and it gives the feeling of innevitability, that something bad is coming and you can't stop it no matter how hard you try. The first and last abilities play into that - the first one can overwhelm your opponents with creatures (creating the feeling of an army that marches into battle) and the last one is the one that shows innevitability the best. Even if you kill a soldier, you will suffer. There is no escaping this. War is innevitable.

    I went with the Mardu color combination and each color has its meaning here. The first color that comes to mind with this song is black - there is a clear threat in the music. Red ties the card mostly to the militaristic feeling, but together with black they would come off as more ruthless and barbaric. That's where white steps in and really puts it all together - white being the color of community, marching together. There is no blue in this card, because there is no wisdom in war or marching into battle. You don't need to think. You need to continue walking and then fight for your life. There is no green, for the sound of this song doesn't have anything to do with the freedom of nature. This is a melody and a card that evoke order, power and a threat. Thanks for reading.

    Am I going too deep on this?
  • Ghost Train
    so the music reminded me of music that would play in a final fantasy dungeon... and here we are, phantom train from ff6 (or ff3 if you played on snes). so now i get to rant about final fantasy yay. so in ff6, you encounter the train with a party of Sabin (crazy monk guy most well known for suplexing himself), Cyan (most well known for being a samurai, also the train scene which i'll talk about later), and, optionally, Shadow (ninja. has epic dog that i just yeet at Relm because I never use Shadow). So 1st of all, the phantom train is a train that takes the dead people to the afterlife. Here's the thing though, Cyan's entire civilization, including his wife and kid, just died after drinking poisoned water (no idea how he survived). That is the -1/-1 counter part, he gets really sad and um also his speed and defense suck. The graveyard part is because when Sabin suplexes the train (he just suplexes everything) the train can't die. So yeah thats it. have fun.
  • @Yonkers11 beautiful.  Totally different from what I was thinking when I heard the song, but entirely the point of this challenge! Nice job!
  • http://https//

    The sun was but an orange sliver on the horizon when the girl's eyes lazily opened. She looked at a dusty pocket watch on the floor next to her cot. Dawn already? she thought, and a quick peek out of a dirty window confirmed her suspicions. She begrudgingly rolled out of bed, slipping into a worn pair of slippers before lighting an old oil lamp, its golden rays cascading through her quaint living space. She grabbed a sorry looking pair of headphones and slipped them on, being careful not to disturb the exposed wiring. She put on her favorite song and began her morning routine proper. Breakfast? Check. Brush hair? Check. Refuel the bike? Check. Fix the radio again? Check. Pack up supplies for the day? Check. Oil her actuators? Check. Core recharged? Check. Laser pistol loaded? Check. Satisfied she had done everything essential, she slung the tarp off her bike and dragged it out from her ramshackle shed. She slipped on her gloves and paused her music, carefully stowing her headphones away. Well, time to hit the wastes. Let's see what today has in store...

  • This sounds interesting, I'll give it a try.
  • @Jadefire "Sounds" interesting. Haha.

    I'm sorry, I can't resist a pun when I see the opportunity.
  • @Usaername what a bomb description. Really perfect when listening to the track!
  • Rightio, let me break it down.

    Your classic horror film. A young woman lost in the woods, it's raining. She finds an ominous old house with a light flickering in the window. She knocks, and a strange old man opens the door. Ushers her inside out of the storm, the picture of genial hospitality, but feels just a tad off. The young woman is warned not to wander the halls after being shown to her room, but as she tries to sleep, the faint sounds of piano echo down the hall. She opens the door to follow the sounds, the old man is seen playing the piano upstairs, the music builds, and there's a scream. The next night, a lost group of teenagers come to the door in the rain for shelter, the next a family with a broken down car, and the montage continues as the music builds to a crescendo.

    From a card standpoint, you can use this as a twisted form of removal on your opponent, or to create a demon yourself.

  • I haven't made the cardsmith version of this yet, but I wanted to go ahead and share the nicer looking version since I was happy with it. Actually wanted to avoid making a saga originally since it seems like it plays to much into music imo, but as the idea grew in my mind this is what it became.

    Also the song for those curious

  • Wow @Red_Tower, that's quite a saga! Nicely done
  • @jpastor When will be the next time I can request a song?
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