Colorshift Challenge

Hey everybody! Welcome to my Colorshift Challenge.

To join, please tell me you will participate. I will then give you a real Magic: the Gathering legendary, mono-colored creature. Your goal is to create a colorshifted version of that card in each other color.

Only 1 entry per color. That means a max of 4 entries.
You don't have to enter cards for all four colors. For example, if I give you Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir, it is not required to make cards for a black, red, green, and white version of him.
The contest will end March 14.

1st place: 5 favorites and a follow.
2nd place: 4 favorites
3rd place: 3 favorites

When I judge, I'll look at each card's similarity to the original. For future reference, the card should be very similar stats/cmc wise, but I expect the abilities to be similar without breaking the color pie. IF a card ends up OP, you can change the stats/cmc, but please keep it to a minimum.

HMs will receive one favorite of their choice.

Have fun!


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