Tournament of Champions 4 (The game has begun!)

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Ladies and gentlemen! Warriors and wizards! Beasts and summoners! Angels and demons!

I welcome you to the Tournament of Champions 4!

Choose your heroes that will enter the tournament where he, she, it, or they shall fight to eliminate the chosen of others until only one is left standing, as the true champion or champions.
    The heroes of the tournament will fight in stages and for each stage won, the victorious shall continue to the next stage stronger than before. Those that lose shall leave the tournament, willingly or forced.

This contest has been done and attempted before...
Earlier tournaments:
Tournament of Champions 1
Tournament of Champions 2
Tournament of Champions 2 Rematch
Tournament of Champions 3

- This is a contest of both card creation and a role-playing game. You will both make cards and write/play the role of the characters you make. 
- Each cardsmith creates one or multiple legendary creatures with converted mana cost 3 or less that will represent them as heroes in the tournament. (Heroes don't necessarily indicate that they are in good alignment.)
- Each cardsmith creates a character with personality and background for their chosen heroes.
- Each cardsmith may also create one signature card or a companion card with converted mana cost of 3 or less. (The same mana limit as the hero card.)
- After each victorious match, the cardsmith can choose to improve their hero by making a new stronger card for them with new artwork.
 - Or the cardsmith can, if above is proven difficult, choose to add either an additional signature card or a companion card to emphasize growth. 
- Cards must at best ability be made balanced and reasonable. This is also true for the story of the characters. 
- Cards can be changed or replaced before the deadline of the active stage. 
- Old cards and characters may be used as long as they have not appeared in any of the earlier Tournament of Champions.  

Signature and companion cards:
- Signature cards are cards that represents the heroes' abilities, spells, equipment, or other utilities which they can use. This can also be memories, experiences and knowledge which the heroes have achieved. They are sorceries, instants, artifacts and enchantments. 
- Companion cards are the companions which help the hero outside or maybe even inside the arena. They are the assistants, healers, squires, mentors, friends, and so on. They are creatures, normal or legendary.
- Like in the previous tournament, you can create multiple legendary creatures that will fight for you. You aren't limited to a single hero. (An additional fighter will count as a companion card and follow the same restrictions.)
- You can also bring multiple heroes within the same card. This will allow you to bring even more than two heroes. The limit of this is one of logic, so you can't bring an entire army just because it fits on a card. (It's a character contest after all.) 
- The signature cards and the companion cards are limited to the same converted mana cost as the hero, but they can be changed anytime you want while the hero card can only be changed after each victorious match and only if you choose to do so. (The option of not making a new card for the hero is just so that you are not limited by too little available artwork.)

Here's an example of what you can use this for:
At the start you can create a two-character fighter card plus a mentor or servant as a companion card. 
    Then if you win the first stage you make a new fighter card with only one of the characters while you change the companion card to become the other character.

So you have three options:
1. Fighter(s) + Fighter companion(s).
2. Fighter(s) + Non-fighter companion(s).
3. Fighter(s) + Signature card. (Non-creature card which your characters will use in combat.)

You can choose to only make a single card for your fighter(s) but that won't give you any significant benefits.


Draft period:
The first two (or maybe three weeks if the time is required) is the period within which you create and submit your characters and cards. When this time has reached its deadline, the draft elimination will reduce the number to an amount fit-for-tournament. With other words, the 8, 16 or 32 best teams will be chosen. If the amount of teams is less and we are already at three weeks, there won't be a tournament at all. (This is also the best time to ask questions if you have any!)

First stage:
When the teams have been chosen, the positions will be randomized. Teams will then fight in an arena where the winners are determined through two main factors, card value and character value. 
    Card value is based on the quality of the card(s): Balance, usage, flavor, creativity and so on. 
Character value is all about the character: Background, actions, motivations, personality, reactions to events and so on. 

Post-First stage:
The winners will be given a minimum of one week to upgrade their hero and/or make or change their signature/companion cards. Extra time may be given if the need is justified. This will continue in a similar pattern until the last two heroes remain. Some special rules will occur then but more about that then.

Maximum converted mana cost at each stage: 

First stage: 3

Second stage: 5

Third stage: 7 (An additional signature/companion card will be allowed.)

These limits are both for the fighters themselves and the companion/signature cards, so signature cards and companion cards can be of higher converted mana cost than the hero card as the game goes on.
    By the options above, you can, if you want, end up having a team of five different heroes if you choose not to upgrade your main hero.


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    Example hero and signature cards (made by @shadow123)

    Nilani the Purehearted Nilani the Hopebringer
    Guardian of Hope Hope Twin Abyssal Hope

    The deadline for the draft is Wednesday, 17th of March.

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    Point system:
    The winners will be determined by the one that have received the most points.
    You get points from both the card values and the character values plus an eventual bonus point. 
    Both of these are assigned a value from 1 to 5.
    The character value is based on the character as a whole while the card value is the average of each card. (Where the heroes have twice the impact of the value, they counts as two averages.)
    The bonus point is not related to the card or the character but you, the cardsmith. (So be nice!)

    Rules and important notes:

    - Firstly the obvious. Don't break the rules of the forum. 

    - Don't spam messages. Don't write multiple comments that are basically background noise that don't achieve anything to a discussion, a question or similar. This is comments like "Ah" "Haha" "Screw you" "I like ice cream" and the like in repetition. If you write like this a few times is no big deal but try to avoid it. I have to backtrack through all comments later on and I appreciate if the noise is at a minimum. (Remember that you can always edit comments to add text if you want.)

    - Respect the larger story, the world, and its rules, or at the very least, leave it alone. It is quite difficult and very time consuming to make a story for this kind of contest. So i would like you all to keep yourself within the box of the story. Don't try to take over the world or start a war. The story will be separated into three parts, individual, small story and grand story.

    * The individual story is the characters' background and individual story. (That does not affect anyone else's character from the established story.)

    * The small story is the tournament and your playground with schemes, fights, rivalries, friendships and the like. This is the main story for your characters to show their alignments, motivations and such. (I will sometimes write your characters into my own story-chapters as they are good catalysts and mediums for the stories.)

    * The grand story is the world and national and international politics and events which will affect the tournament. This will be controlled by me and happens outside of the tournament.

    - By joining this tournament, you agree to let me take control over your characters and do with them as I see fit. I will also control how the fights are played and how larger parts of the story take part. So it is important that you give me some instruction about your character. Personality, motivations, abilities and such. This makes it easier for me to keep your characters true to their intended image. 

    - Don't be afraid to make mistakes. We are here to have fun after all!
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    Welcome to Avelaide!

    Avelaide is a world created by @Jonteman93, which he uses for a book project, though many things are different in the project when compared to the world we know from earlier Tournaments of Champions. (Names and history, mostly.)

    This world is very much the same as in the earlier tournaments. Avelaide consists of warring kingdoms, honorable knights, wise wizards, mighty beasts, ferocious dragons, godlike caretakers, and of course, abysmal monsters and the greatest of them all that rivals the gods: Septhis, who is imprisoned in the abyss.

    The abyss is a realm of ever-increasing, violent power that's sealed off behind a gate to the afterlife and guarded by a godlike caretaker of death. Souls which are sent to the abyss are doomed for an eternal torment. Neither living or dead, these souls sometimes overflow and tear a rift to the world of mortals. Some external forces also help causing these rifts around the world more often. Souls enter the world through these rifts as frenzied dark creatures. Most of the time they're undead; skeletons, zombies, spirits, but souls that have absorbed an enormous amount of the abyss's energy for a long time become horrifying monsters that have shed all resemblance to any living thing on Avelaide. These monsters are sometimes powerful enough to decay the land and corrupt creatures around them with mere presence alone. There are some groups and armies around the world whose sole purpose is to seek out rifts of the abyss, heal them, and slay any monsters that have escaped.

    Now, the place where the new tournament will be held...

    Welcome to Eviera!

    These western lands of Eviera are completely under the rule of a kingdom named Lisakdonia, though there are some wandering tribes in the wilds that are not part of the larger society. It has been in constant war against the Stelladorans of the east, as each side tries to dominate the seas that divide the two nations.

    Lisakdonia's history is filled with wars against Stelladorans, conspirators, and the abyss. Long time ago, a mighty abyss-risen dragon, the greatest that had ever lived in the world, emerged from the east and flew across the ocean to attack Lisakdonia's capital. When it seemed that Lisakdonia's end was nigh, the most powerful of the godlike caretakers, goddess of love and war, ascended from the sea, and fought the dark dragon until her spear penetrated the monster, destroying it and earning the reverence of the whole kingdom of Lisakdonia. Since then, the goddess has lived in Lisakdonia's capital. She hasn't been involved in the politics of the kingdom or its wars, but she has offered advice for the leaders and established her own order of knights, whose main mission is to search for rifts of the abyss and destroy its monsters whenever they appear in Eviera.

    At some point, the first tournament was arranged in honor for the goddess and her knights. Its contenders came from all around the world, and some even arrived from completely different worlds. During the course of the tournament, countless fighters entered many harsh battles until only one remained. This lone warrior had become the most powerful fighter in the land, and he was named as the first champion. Since then, these tournaments have become a tradition that bring people entertainment, hope, and a chance to find yet another powerful champion.

    Now, sixteen different tournaments have been held, and sixteen different champions have been named in Lisakdonia. The time for the seventeenth tournament arrived three years ago, but it was stopped by an army of abysmal monsters. The contenders met different ends, and the tournament was no more. The war against the abyss has weighed heavily upon the people of Lisakdonia, as the dark creatures of the abyss have become a commonplace. The number of champions has decreased, the war against Stelladorans presses on, and now there are those who seem to be leading the monsters of the abyss.

    The dangers of Eviera are greater than ever before, and the people's hopes are crumbling. But there are some who plan to reignite the seventeenth tournament again...

    So that a new champion may rise.
  • (Reserved) (I know there's no point but it makes me feel important)
  • Can I reserve a place?
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    Yay! TOC 4! I've been looking forward to this.
  • IT'S BACK!!!!!! I will reserve a space please!
  • just an FYI for those who don't know, everyone will submit their champion and then 16 will be chosen. No need to reserve a spot. I did it as a joke. 

    Of course i'm not Tenebris so I can't speak to the intricacies of TOC4, but assuming it follows the same general format as TOC3 then no reservations are necessary.
  • First timer at the tournament, so I come with a few questions: what do we specifically need to offer up to enter - the hero and signature/companion card I get, how much and what are you looking for in terms of the prose? Can we get away with a few short paragraphs, are we talking short story length? Can we create additional cards to help represent the backstory, even if they’re not the key hero and signature cards? Are we drawing from the previous lore of the last competitions, will a “world” be provided for us to work within, or are we pretty much free form on setting (I read a little of previous competitions and it looked like there was a lot of worldbuilding)? I’ll probably have some follow up questions based on that, thanks in advance. Looks like a really cool idea and I’d be keen to participate.
  • It's back

    No idea if I will participate in this, but I think I'll be in
  • I'm preparing my champion(s), I think it's time I dust off a few of my old-school characters with a fresh coat of paint.

    A question based on this statement:
    So you have three options:
    1. Fighter(s) + Fighter companion(s).
    2. Fighter(s) + Non-fighter companion(s).
    3. Fighter(s) + Signature card. (Non-creature card which your characters will use in combat.)

    You can choose to only make a single fighter card but that won't give you any significant benefits.

    I assume the last statement is to say "you can make just a single card, but it won't give you any extra points/benefits if you do." I just want to check that this isn't suggesting that we should make more than one main fighter, just recommended to make supporting cards in the form of signature spells/companions?

  • Similar to @TheRacingTurtle's question, where in the world of Avelaide (if the tournament is still in the world of Avelaide) is this one being held?
  • @TenebrisNemo i'm assuming we can post our entries?
  • @ChoyBoi & @TheDukeOfPork - You can't reserve a place for your heroes, hahaha. The two comments which I reserved are for further info regarding the game and the lore, which I will post later.

    @TheRacingTurtle - As long as there is some story bits of your hero which give an image of what kind of person they are, their motives, their reactions, etc, then you're fine. You don't have to write lengthy paragraphs during each event of the tournament. And you're allowed to create cards that help represent the story of your characters. When you submit your hero(es) and signature/companion cards, make sure to tell me which cards are for the competition!

    @SpellPiper2213 - The world is Avelaide, same as in the previous tournaments, and it will be held in the same kingdom as the 1st and 2nd tournament. I'll tell you more about it with the lore which I will post later on one of my reserved comments.

    @Red_Tower - When it comes to your hero card, you're free to choose between multiple fighters or a single fighter. Neither option is above the other in terms of extra points. I should edit that part so it doesn't suggest that, hahaha.

    @Usaername - Yep, you can post your entries once they are ready! There's roughly two weeks left before the deadline.
  • @TenebrisNemo thanks for letting me know. I have a rough draft of a fighter, I just wanted a little more about where we are at the moment to finish it up. I'll wait for your posting until posting the fighter.
  • How much time has passed between the 3rd and 4th Tournament?
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    The room was silent, but for the buzzing drone of hundreds of flies and the scrabbling of fingernails on stone. Imilia looked down at her opponent, writhing on the floor, hands grabbing at the wall, at the hard wooden floor, at her face and clothes. Hundreds of flies buzzed around the pitiful combatant, filling her mouth, her nose, her ears, and even crawling under her eyelids.

    Imilia strode across the room, the clicking of her heels like firecrackers against the ambience of the flies. She flicked her wrist, cracking the neck of her marionette and hurling the fool who decided to challenge her across the wall and into a corner, where she curled into a ball, shaking. Imilia gently willed the flies away, and they swirled around her like a halo, following the gentle rocking of her marionette. Imilia picked up a jar and unscrewed it, and the flies funneled into it, filling it to the brim before all falling limp as Imilia screwed the lid back on.

    She stalked over to her opponent, who sat limp, leaning against the wall. She buried her face in her hands as she saw Imilia approach.

    “P-p-please. N-no more. I-I-I yield!” She said, her voice hoarse and ragged.

    “Good idea,” Imilia said, smiling coldly as she offered the girl a hand. She took it, and Imilia helped her up onto her feet, before pulling her close and whispering into her ear.

    “So what’d we learn from this, hmm? Not to challenge me? Hmm?”

    “I get it Imilia, you’re better than me! You don’t have to-” Imilia cut her off.

    “That’s Consul Imilia to you,” she said, before pushing the other girl away. She turned to leave, but a bright bolt of electricity shot across the room, striking her in the forehead, delivering a small shock. Imilia cursed and reached for her marionette, but stopped as she saw who stood there, performing a courtesy instead.

    “Hello Mistress Bellamy,” She said. The other girl followed suit.

    “Hello Miss Valerie. Hello Junior Consul Imilia. I sure hope you two girls haven’t been fighting?” Valerie opened her mouth to speak, but Imilia cut her off.

    “Of course not. We were just studying for tomorrow’s exam.” Mistress Bellamy looked around suspiciously, before seemingly being satisfied.

    “Good. Well, Imilia, I need you to come with me. We have something to discuss.” Imilia picked up her jar and marionette, following Mistress Bellamy out of the room, only turning around one more time to glare at Valerie, who glared back.

    “So, what might you need me for, Mistress Bellamy?”

    “Well, a new Journeymage opportunity has arisen, and I think it’s a very good fit for a junior consul such as yourself.”

    “Oh? What is it?”

    “A tournament of sorts. The tournament itself is of no importance to me personally, but there will be important figures there, and as all of our consuls are busy, you’ll be going alone to represent us here at College Baltenainne. You’ll have to follow rigorous etiquette as well as memorize a rather sizable list of dramatis personae. Think you’re up for it?” Imilia laughed.

    “Of course I’m up for it. I am the best consul here at Baltenainne, after all. But what’s this about a tournament? It sounds like fun. May I enter?”

    “Entry is optional. You may if you like, but you can’t let it distract you from your consulary duties. Do you understand?” 

    “Understood,” Imilia said, smiling coldly once more. This was going to be oh so fun...

    Presenting: Imilia Haas, Junior Consul of Witch College Baltenainne


    It takes a lot of a combination of two things to reach junior consul at Baltenainne: skill and charisma. 3rd-year magic student Imilia Haas has a healthy helping of both. Being Machiavellian at best and downright Psycho-sadistic at worst, she's not above using all sorts of unseemly methods to get what she wants. Adept at putting on a friendly face, she's quite eloquent and in control, even when brutally maiming people with her magical abilities. She almost never raises her voice, resorting instead to intonation to demonstrate her emotions. Emotions that some of her peers say don't exist at all. Although definitely immoral, Imilia isn't necessarily evil, instead working toward her own goals, however morally grey they may be.

    Combat Abilities:

    A trained practitioner of Necrometry, Imilia uses her marionette, named Sim, as a focus in order to control and animate corpses. Due to the difficulty of keeping larger corpses at hand at all times, Imilia instead uses a jar full of dead flies that she animates into vicious swarms to attack, gag, blind, and suffocate her opponents into submission. Additionally, she carries several small knives, but she uses them only as a last resort.

    Assorted Stats:

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human

    Favorite food: Caprese salad

    Favorite drink: Jasmine tea, no sugar

    Alignment: True Neutral

    Occupation: Student and Junior Witch Consul at Witch College Baltenainne

    Favorite instrument: Piano

    Hobbies: Reading, pinning and collecting butterflies

    Hair color: Black

    Eye color: Dark grey

    Height: 5’ 6”

    GPA: 5.0

    Trolley Problem answer: Would not pull the lever (Passively let 4 people die instead of intervening and killing 1 instead)

    Dominant hand: Left

    Noticeable markings: Massive maroon scar covering most of her torso, arms and legs, resembling the pattern of a Lichtenberg figure. However, due to her clothing, it is very rarely, if ever, exposed.

    Personal Goal:

    To everyone except Tenebris (Tenebris hit me up if you want the details), this'll have to remain a secret for now. But I'll give you a hint. It involves revenge, and a very particular skeleton...
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    @MonkeyPirate2002 - About 24 years. In Avelaide's timeline, ToC 3 took place 20 years before ToC 1. ToC 4 takes place a couple of years after ToC 2.

    @Usaername - Nice entries! Unfortunately, the mana cost of Witch's Marionette is too high. The maximum converted mana cost for the signature/companion card is 3, just like for the hero card.
  • @TenebrisNemo eh? try reloading. I realized and changed it
  • @Usaername - Oh, alright! No worries, then! Good work!
  • Oh look, it's that guy that never gets anywhere in these.

    Oh no, he's coming over, OH GOD-

    Expect my entry soon!
  • My entry should also be in soon.
  • I will do it soon
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    Kaigan of Kher KeepFriendly Glades

    Lore in a hot second!  But isn't Kaigan cute?

    The Infinite Consortium member's screams trailed off into a irregular, gasping cough, and he collapsed in his shackles.  His inquisitor lowered the glowing brand that had been pressed against the man's chest.  A small, scaled hand pushes the head up.

    "Ready to talk yet, intruder?"

    Even tortured like he had been, the man was still as alert and observant as a member of the Consortium would have to be.  Looking at the small, hooded creature tormenting him, he let out a wheeze.

    "Why?  Afraid to admit failure to your master like the last one had to?  The dragon shows you no mercy I bet.  You probably chafe-"

    His attempts at coercive talk got him nothing but a furious lash from a whip.  Comparatively nothing to the practical tortures he had already been through, but painful nontheless.  He actually had the nerve to laugh at it.  The covered figure spat on him and went to reheat the brand.

    "You will never understand the glory that it is to serve Master!  He is the greatest!  All your secrets will be his!"

    The man in shackles sighed and settles back in for another round of torture.  This made four inquisitors, none of whom had cracked him yet.  No matter their techniques, he told himself, he would take the importance of what he carried to the grave.  The best he could hope for is for them to destroy it in their stupidity and anger...

    Well, that's not quite true.  The best he could hope for would be to escape with his stuff and make it to the point and send his message to the Infinite Consortium... with even more luck he'd be picked up and rewarded for this.  Perhaps he'd even get to retire off this alone....

    This train of thought was cut off as his body, mostly broken already, was inflicted with yet another massive burn from the iron.  The screams echoed inside the cave as flesh sizzled, but no one came to the rescue.  No one comes to Kolios.  After almost another hour of this, darkness crossed the poor man's eyes and he welcomed it.  With unconsciousness came no more pain.

    As the kobold working to crack him pulled back, seeing that her victim was unconsious, she put the iron down and went to his belongings, looking over them once more.  Various baubles, signets, and papers.  Desperately trying to make sense of them, she sits at the table, rummaging through them, trying to crack codes, puzzle things together, or anything to offset the wrath of Prossh.  Papers are tossed every which way as she despaired making sense of any of them.

    The light coming into the cave mouth from the outside diminished, and the shadows deepened and darkend.  Gulping at the inevitable, the kobold left the cave.  She managed to find one thing, a key to a code.  Translating it didn't tell her much, but it was enough to know how important this is... and how much madder Prossh would be at her failure.  Lying never crossed her mind; the honor to directly serve came to a select few only, and that she was chosen was the best thing of her life.

    Ascending to the crag where she would deliver her report, her legs wobbled, only driven on by the dread of not making it more.  She barely made it to the top before Prossh comes swooping down on her.

    "So, how did you fare in dealing with the human, Ectrinsa?"

     "Oh Lord Prossh... Despite my best possible efforts, I have not gotten him to speak.  But I have a minor success.... if you please..."

    "Oh?  Speak.  Perhaps I will give you more time."

    "Lord Prossh, his papers... one of them, when deciphered-"

    She takes a deep breath, terrified yet enthralled.

    The words clearly had some effect.  Prossh leans his neck back in shock, clearly not expecting that.  Nothing like that should exist; not like that.  Especially not since the mending.  That sort of power... well, it would be a whole new level!

    "Are you sure?  If this is not right..."

    He doesn't have to finish that sentence; Ectrinsa knows all to well the fate that can befall those that displease him.  She cowers in fear, but reaffirms what she said.

    "I'm certain of it Lord Prossh!  I even might be able to figure it out without the prisoner!  Please, let me try!  I can do this!"

    The desperation to please and utter fascination is quite evident in her voice, and Prossh nods.

    "With something this important, you have a week.  Do not disappooint!"

    He takes off, leaving a clearly relieved Ectrinsa to head back down to work.
  • @TenebrisNemo Another quick question, are Origins style creature-to-planewalkers allowed, or strictly creatures? Not a huge deal if it's a no, just a thought I had.
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    Arvell Master LogicianInformation Overload

    Arvell pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed in exasperation. He'd rushed to the crime scene as quickly as his other responsibilities had allowed (and, had anyone been paying attention, more quickly than should have been possible), and yet local law enforcement had already managed to botch it. Nearly half of the evidence would be unusable, and several possible clues had been rendered unreliable. He'd have been furious if their idiocy weren't so laughable. The situation, however, was anything but. Another young woman, dead and disemboweled in an alley. The morning sun had just started peeking around the adjacent building, one of the few two-story residences in this part of town, and the autumn frost retreated from its warmth. Arvell was all too familiar with what this alley would begin to smell like if they didn't finish up soon.

    One of the uniformed buffoons had said he recognized the victim as a serving girl from a nearby tavern. I suppose that's one saving grace, Arvell mused. Our killer has an appetite for viscera and not faces. At least we can still identify his victims. At this thought, Arvell tilted his head. Curious. Why do I assume the killer is male?  There were no witnesses to the crime, nor to any of the half-dozen he'd been called to over the past 3 weeks. Some would have dismissed his "hunch" as a subconscious bias, but Arvell knew better. This was how it always went. His mind seemed to soak in subtleties and observations without bothering to let him know when it did. It was always later, as he meditated and deliberately sifted through the details of a scene in his mind's eye, that his hunches were borne out. Arvell scanned the area one last time, capturing a perfect still image from a new angle. When at last he spoke, it was gravelly, terse, and no-nonsense. "Constable. Have your men clean up the area. Now. I have what I need." With that, Arvell spun on his heels and strode away.
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