Luck of the Irish - St Patrick’s Day Contest.

Hello Smiths.    I’ve never put up a contest before, but here we go.


About little more than a month ago I notice a strict no-human Faerie/Elf set I started on was part of a two-parter.  The other part being where the Humans live, with no Elves. Resulting in a duality like Lorwyn / Shadowmooor; but based on an Elf/Faerie and Human dichotomy.


You can check them out here to gauge their flavor:

Isles 1  - Tyr Ober Nog -(Which Google identifies as Danish but can’t translate.)


Isles 2 - Cu Cul Cairn Éire (Which Google identifies ad Gaelic but can’t translate.)


Anyone fluent feel free to drop a hint on what they sound like to a native speaker.  I get the idea the second has to do with a dog but hopefully they’re not like, Cards Against Humanity insulting or anything.


Overall, I’m trying to cover the native histories of the greater Britain.  Focusing on before Camelot or the whole Viking thing (we have Kaldheim for Viking right now).  So while it deliberately sort of Irish it also covers Welch, Pictish, Scottish, Druidic, elf, farie, etc.


So, this contest has two parts.   This is part one - something appropriate for either set.



No more than 5 Cards as contest entries will be considered.   It seems 5 is a sacred number in Ireland; for East, West, North, South, and Center.   

Both sets - No Snakes on the Plane:  in tribute to St Patrick. 

Tyr Ober Nog has no humans, no iron or steel exists there, and no winter fae (Spring, Summer, and Fall are the only seasons it has).    Any card employing my Glamour or Unveil mechanics need to be there.  The set has examples and a rule card explaining each. 

 Cu Cul Cairn Éire has no elves and only Leprechauns or Winter Fae.   Any card using Snow or my Rainbow mechanic needs to be there.

Rainbow: something  <i>(As long as one mono-color permanent of each color is in play, the game has rainbow)</i>

For samples, see these sets:

Ahzmandia 1 -

Ahzmandia 2 - Outer Zone 

If an old card, please tell us which half your card falls in.   If a new card, please use appropriate set symbol and rarity. 

Tyr Ober’Nog -   Flower






Cu Cul Cairn Éire -     Shamrock








The top three will each get their entry favorited.

1st place:              5 favorites, 3 boggles, and a follow.
2nd place:            4 favorites, 2 boggles.
3rd place:             3 favorites, 1 boggle.

Boggle?  What is a Boggle?  It’s something I haven’t seen done, but think would be a good reward.  It means you can call on me to help you out with cardsmithing.


Everyone gets stuck sometime with something.   A rule that needs some thinking.  A problem that needs worked around.  Want to just bounce an idea off someone before implementing it, here I am.

I’m pretty Vorthos so something that is just not gelling, even if there you have a failure of art existence problem.  I wound up collecting art appropriate for mtg and have like 40,000 unused pieces of art.  Need a custom set symbol – I’ve got a collection.    


Please best to post an actual image of the card and not just a link.   There has been a problem on some forums with things disappearing as people leave the community or delete a card for storage place.




  • One Last thing: 

    Do not do Luck.  Yet. 

    “Luck” has neve been given anything like a decent treatment in MTG, often depending on you actually having real luck rather than one that represents you being Lucky.    

    As of about a month ago, I think I’ve got that fixed.  I’ve developed a subtle, versatile, and somewhat controllable mechanic for both Good and Back Luck.

    I’ve developed a few cards to demonstrate it, but don’t want to prejudice your ideas on how to use it too much.  I want to see what you come up with.


    So for the contest’s first 7 days – no Luck.


    On St Patrick’s Day I’ll be dropping the Luck mechanic.


    Contest ends at 23:59:59 on March 26th – This gives plenty of time before and after the Holiday for submissions.  This makes a total of 17 Days – according to my research also a sacred time period in Irish Lore.


    You can always post more cards of the sort if you like after the contest it’s over.   If you’ve coved this area a bit and have a whole bunch, you can put them in a set and link it for everyone’s enjoyment.


  • Hi, @mmm3creator!

    First of all, congratulations on being a featured cardsmith!

    Second of all, can I just post any card or must it follow a certain criteria as I am a little unclear on the rules.

  • The rules are mainly about flavor so go ahead and submit anything you want.  The worst that can happen with something really really off it just won't be in the running.
  • Ok, I'll submit something soon. :)
  • edited March 2021
    Top of the morning all, as promised, a bit of Luck all can share:

    I found the UN-Card "More or Less" after I made it.   It's effect differs in that:
    - you can only make yourself or a teammate lucky.
    - it targets a card  anywhere.  So it can increase or decrease a casting cost by one.  This allow it to be cast for less. 
    - targeting anywhere also lets you do something like alter the casting cost of an artifact in your library from 2 or 4 to three, then use Trophy mage to fish it out.  Lucky you, just the card you needed!

    Luck has no inherent color.  I will be making more Luck Tokens, one for each color and colorless.  

    I made a few basic cards that can make one or more Luck Tokens as demonstrations.
    As well as one last card that adds a twist by requiring a Luck Token to pay a cost.  You can only get away with using the card that way if you are lucky!

    Rather than take up space posting them here, links:
      (Yes, the Throne priest is speaking of his Thrane in the flavor text.  It is not a typo.
      The Thrane does sit on the Throne so that's how he gets involved.).

    I kept things pretty vanilla - commons and uncommons - as these are just a demonstration of the concept and right now I just I want to give you the seed for ideas of your own.

    Happy St.Patty's Day.
  • Contest has closes and JMGreer41 has won all prizes!


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