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Here you can discuss about cards, events, stories, and all other things related to the Tournament of Champions without cluttering the main thread or having to use any sort of storytelling or role-playing!


  • In honor of this new channel, I shall make this comment.
  • Glad to have this discussion here. The main one was getting a little full.
  • pog chat
  • I have decided that all my challengers for this series will be boss monsters from Deltora Quest.
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    @KorandAngels If I may ask, why? Any particular reason?
  • I believe their hero and the companion card are also from that. Big fan of it, I guess.
  • I'm just a harmless merchant's daughter who may or may not kill people and take their souls
  • Its a good book series
  • So your plan is to introduce more characters as the tournament goes on? Odd.
  • I think what Korand means is that he'll use those characters in future iterations of TOC
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    Guys, I have been contemplating just using Nimbu as my champion but I was looking forward for some mischief in the tournament as arn. Any thoughts


  • I like both of them and I was looking forward to using both. But since I can only use one, I opted for Chaotic Evil Arn over Lawful Evil Nimbu. I like both but im having slight doubts. 
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    you should use arn
  • Alright, I'll reserve Nimbu for later.
  • @MonkeyPirate2002 I noticed that your character was lacking the assorted stats or fighting ability page, I would suggest having one to give @TenebrisNemo a better idea of how to use your character. 
  • oh, tenebris knows
  • I honestly wasn't expecting so many entrants to be (at least partially) black. It's bound to be interesting because of that, at least.
  • Lots of undead and one of the only few non-undead (spirit, zombie e.t.c) is a spirit summoner. I can already tell who Arn isn't gonna get along with *stares intently at Aveena* 
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    Jokes aside, I think everyone did a good job making their characters. I also like how everyone's characters represented them as a card maker and their styles.
  • I agree. this is definitely going to be a very good TOC
  • Hey @Tonysparks, maybe you should have thought of that before you made your entry  ;)
  • Interesting that ToC4 takes place 24 years after the third, while the saga I'm writing is 22 years later (continuation of my character's story in ToC3, without direct connection)
    I can think of something about that to end my saga.
  • @AboveAndAbout Oh I'm not scared. More human for Arn to flay. While I'm at it I might free a few spirits here and there :blush:
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  • Yea this is going to be a great ToC
  • Yeah, I’m super excited!!
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    I'm pretty excited but my champion most likely won't get picked
  • @WarriorCatInAhat nahhh dude yours is sick ill be sad if it doesn't make the cut
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    oh god I can't think of a transform trigger oh crap.

    EDIT: finding a trigger for RG->GU transform is super hard because nearly all RG transform cards are werewolves. 
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