Challenge Set Contest!!!!

Welcome, @AboveAndAbout, @TheDukeOfPork, @WarriorCatInAhat, @Corwinnn, @pstmdrn, @ThePhantomJoker, @mmm3creator, and @JackDraco to the challenge set contest!

I am assuming everyone understands the rules, but if you don't, here is a link to the rules:

We have 8 people so our teams are;

Team A is @AboveAndAbout and @TheDukeOfPork!
Team B is @WarriorCatInAhat and @Corwinnn!
Team C is @pstmdrn and @ThePhantomJoker!
Team D is @mmm3creator and @JackDraco!

If you want to talk to your teammate, please use PMs, not in this thread.

One thing, before you submit your entries for each challenge, please confirm your entry with your teammate.

Each team must choose one challenge set from the list below for round 1.

Challenge Set A(Claimed by team B!)
1c. Congratulations!  You have completed all of your challenges!
2a. Create a card that harms the Monarch only if you are the monarch.

Challenge Set B(Claimed by team A!)
1a. Create a card with only two vowels on the whole card.  This includes only the parts you enter(text, name, type, artist etc.)
2b. Create a card with three custom mechanics.
Round 2: Each team will make up to 4 entries, 2 per person.  The team with the most cards in the top 3 will move on to the next round. If needed, there will be a tiebreaker.  One team will be eliminated.

Deadline: Apr. 7th 4 PM EST


  • Me and @AboveAndAbout choose Challenge Set C! :)
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    @ThePhantomJoker and I will take Challenge Set A!
  • @JackDraco has no preference, so we'll grab D because the answer is all of the above more often than not.
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    Ok everyone!  Challenges have been added!!!
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    @FORFUN We can submit 3 entries for this challenge?
  • Once you finish your challenge, a new one will be placed there.
  • We have discussed our cards and now I'm entering my submission for the challange A1: "Create a colorless commander".
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    And here is my A. Blue/White card that uses impulse casting.

  • Remember from now on Phantom Joker must do challenge 2 and pstmdrn must do challenge 1.
  • @pstmdrn, I think the original challenge was impulse drawing not impulse casting.  I'll let you make a card for the new challenge but you have to create a new card for impulse drawing before I give you the third challenge.  Sorry!
  • @FORFUN I understand.  must have read it wrong. This card can easily become that.
  • Because I had trouble understanding what impulse drawing was at first, here is a definition just in case:

    "Impulsive draw": This is an ability we've started doing in red, where red gets to draw cards (technically, it exiles them) but only has access to cast them for the rest of the turn. The cards that are not cast remain lost in exile. R&D sometimes refer to this as the "Elkin ability," referring to the cards Elkin Bottle and Elkin Lair with this ability.
  • So the difference is that the cards don't go back the library? Whichever are not cast go into exile?

  • So, basically, you exile cards from your library and until end of turn, you can cast them from exile.  Does that help?
  • All fixed.
  • @FORFUN Before I create my next entry, I have a question.  Can the card create the mana rock that the opponent can tap or does the card actually need to be the rock? Thanks!
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    @pstmdrn, the card itself must give mana to the opponents.  It can't make the opponent search their library for a mana rock or create a mana rock.  Does this answer your question?

    Also, to everybody, I moved the deadline back to the 25th because I figured it is difficult with time zone differences for some teams.  :)
  • @FORFUN Yes, thanks. I was designing something that created a rock for an opponent, so glad I didn't finish it.
  • Challenges updated!
  • The 4 color sorcery led me to a new design space - 4 color ultimatums   My partner @JackDraco and I have taken each of our cards through several iterations; and it came out much the better for it.
    In this case, there are 4 on-color effects; but overlapping effects could be considered ion another card.  Anyone following up with one of their own  should anyone know we  looked at the 3 and 5 as numbers form previous ultimatums; but 4 seems to be the sweet spot.

    I wound up in the set I have representing India.
  • And here's a mono-blue creature that can quintuple its power!


    This was tough! Being able to quintuple power can be pretty busted, so we had to be careful. We ended up with a creature formed from the errant energies of reckless coastal mages. Where there's one, there's bound to be more. The more of them on your field, the greater the swell! The Shroud here is actually more of a nerf than anything; quintupling power by using targeted effects seemed like a quick way to break it open. Thanks to my partner @mmm3creator for collaborating!
  • Challenges updated!
  • @FORFUN Does the art have to actually be from a pokémon card or it just has to be pokémon themed?
  • "1b. Create an Enchantment that enchants another non-Creature Enchantment."

    Does this mean an Enchantment that enchants another Enchantment that is not also a creature? Or an Enchantment that enchants another Enchantment that does not itself enchant a Creature?
  • The first one @JackDraco.
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    @ThePhantomJoker, the art can be anything related to pokemon.
  • @NOFUN He was asking if the Art had to be a Pokemon or just art from Pokemon, like a gym, potion, trainer, etc...
  • @pstmdrn No no no, he got it right, thanks @FORFUN
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