Fisticuff Friday

Welcome to Fisticuff Friday

A long time ago in this very galaxy, I stopped playing FNM (Friday Night Magic) to play FNH (Friday Night Hockey). In hockey... there are fist fights (fisticuffs). I'm sad I no longer have FNM, so I need to supplement it with this contest. Thank you in advance to all who playtested this concept with me to make sure it works.


  • You are going to build and enter a 60 card deck each week that you'd like to participate.
  • On Fridays, I'm going to simulate rounds with these decks to determine winners, exactly as we do in FNM.

How to build your deck

  • You can make new cards and use old cards you've made to build your decks.
  • You cannot use MTG official cards or recreate them in MTGCS, other than basic lands.
  • You can have any combination of lands and spells to equal 60 cards.
  • You can roll with the same deck week to week, or mix it up or whatever you want to do.
  • You have limitations for quantities of rarities within a deck:
Mythic: You can have ONLY 1 mythic card, but you can have 1-4 copies of that mythic in your deck.
Rare: You can have 1-12 rare cards. For example, if you have 3 rare playsets... then you can't add any more rares, but you could add 1 of each of 12 different Rares if you wanted to.
Common/Uncommon: You can have any combination of these rarities to fill your deck.
Lands: You can have up to 4 custom nonbasic lands. If they are rare or mythic, they count towards your rarity count. All other lands must be basic.

Card Rules

  • You can't have any cards that "win" or "lose" the game in your deck unless a special request is made and granted.
  • Your cards should be balanced, playable, and adhere to the color pie. If they are not, simulation will reveal their faults, and I or others will announce them to you.
  • All card text will be followed to a dime. If there are any typos, they will not be autocorrected. If your card is meant to say, "You gain 1 life," but it says "You gain 1," you will gain 1 'nothing' in simulation play.
  • Un cards won't work here

Submitting your deck

  1. You can easily duplicate your cards in and playtest your deck before submitting it to me for Fisticuff Friday.
Tutorial on Deck Creation on found here.

Simulation Games

  • Will take place on
  • Matchups will be random
  • Best 2-outta-3
  • Losers eliminated
  • Winner advances to next round until Champion is determined.


Not every challenge needs prizes to be rewarding. If you'd like favorites, I can assure you that you'll get them via exposure. This thread is just for fun.

Example Deck

Into the Storm



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    This looks really fun. Not sure if I'll have the time, but this is really interesting. Hopefully, I can find time soon. (Maybe I can use this to playtest some possible mechanics and specific cards for the set I'm making)
  • Hey @jpastor I found it. So, I was hoping I could submit the deck via MTGCS (like we did in the play test), and over the weekend I'll try to figure out TappedOut for next week. If so, here's my brand new deck.

    Scorch the Land - Red Deck

    4x Vengeful Hellkite
    3x Terror of the Land
    4x Monstrous Ablaze (probably my favorite)
    4x Fearless Destroyer
    1x Scorch the Land
    4x Fiery Retrieval
    4x Immortal Canyon
    4x Molten Glider
    4x Fire Hazard
    4x Spitfire Resilience
    4x Grow the Flames
    4x Averted Strike
  • Cool deal!
  • Is this a real deck or a Custom deck?
  • A custom deck using custom cards you've made. You can assemble a bunch of cards you already have, and/or you can make a bunch of new cards.
  • Custom
  • Alright, then this looks awesome. Give me three days. 
  • @jpastor So I fixed Dark Overlord, I'll submit the deck next week. That should give me plenty of time to work on a brand new, unique deck.
  • I'm gonna make a tutor deck... >:)
  • W-w-what....?  :s

    A pika...Tutoring a boar....?
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    I will try to enter this, it looks fun.
    Given my personality, it would just be 40 grand abolishers with the rule to make it legal to have 40 grand abolishers.
  • Boar? No, this is Tutor Infect!
  • Crap I forgot that rule. Yeah no cards can have more than 4 copies.
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  • extra work pays off
  • 2 Sheoldred, Soul Stalker
    4 Death Dealer
    2 Kothophed's Mentor
    2 Overseer of the Wretched
    3 Deathbeam
    1 Torturous Furor
    4 Infernal Calculations
    3 Life From Death
    2 Null Titan
    3 Swamp-Searcher
    1 Blighted Warmonger
    3 Bargainer's Death
    2 Phyrexian Riftwalker
    2 Munchies Monster
    21 Swamps
    4 Steel Thane's Chamber
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    I want to make phyrexia cards but it's so hard to find art that fits phyrexia
    how did you do that
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    I'm working on the cards.
    By accident, its got a lot of vulture people.
  • @jpastor
    when you say "simulate rounds" do you mean we will need to play the rounds, or you will just simulate them with yourself?
  • A Rackdos infect deck:
    Ok, here we go:
    Creatures (34):
    Corrupt Vulture x4
    Ogre Offender x4
    Frigid Inferno x1
    Wandering Candle x2
    Formless Pedlar x4
    Vulture Priest x4
    Hollow Vulture x4
    Slime Ogre x4
    Oil Brute x4
    Scavenging Ogre x3

    Lands (26):
    Bubbling Tar x4
    Mountain x11
    Swamp x11
  • Is there any way you can duplicate your decks as mentioned in the description via tappedout?

    Each one takes 10-15 minutes


    I've linked a tutorial... it's pretty straightforward once you've done it once or twice.
  • What? But that's my thing!
  • @WarriorCatInAhat
    Yeah until we technologically figure out a way to share screens, we really can't fight each other... I'll have to simulate them myself.

    But once people build them in tapped out, maybe more than one person can simulate.
  • I can duplicate your decks if you don't have the time.... 
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    Oh by the way there was a fisticuff in my game last night:
    LOL I was not involved
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    @jpastor like I said, I'm gonna try to learn if for next week. For some reason after I make a card I can't add it to my deck immediately, I have to go edit the deck and manually add.
  • Hmm.. okay - never mind.. i'll duplicate the decks for ya @ShadowReign
  • No no no, I'm gonna work on it, with the Mystery Box Challenges and now Fisticuff Friday, you have alot on your plate, the last thing I'd want to do is to make things harder.
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