The new Nuts & Bolts article is a huge deal!

Hello everyone,

Like every year, Mark Rosewater has released an article from his Nuts and Bolts series that explain how MTG sets are made. While there are some years that are more helpful than others, this year's article is probably going to have the biggest impact on the custom set creator community, so I wanted to highlight it: 

This is a complete vanilla design skeleton from common to uncommon :o It's invaluable in terms of starting your own custom MTG set, you basically can copy-paste this in a file and start there any times you want to create a custom set! xD

If you wanted to piece out all the information from this article from previous sources, you would need to read at least a dozen different articles — some of them being very outdated by now — and make some thorough research by yourself. I personally have broken down the design skeleton of half a dozen set to try and understand what makes them tick and I still got some stuff slightly off base when comparing to this new article.

Of course, he didn't have time to go into details into how you need to modify the vanilla skeleton based on the themes of your set, so be careful with that for your own sets, but this is still the new baseline for any custom set!

I'm really thrilled about this one, he really outdid himself this year! =D


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