Fractal Deck

Alright so I'm making a fractal deck, I want advice on what to add. If you don't know what fractals are they are token creatures based off devotion and your cards in your library. This deck is based off of those creatures getting enchantments and drawing cards. Here's my list I made, let me know on what I could change or add.
Biomathematician: x4 
Serpentine Curve: x4
Fractal Summoning: x4 
Exponential Growth: x4 
Body of Research: x4 
Solve the Equation: x4 
Colossificaton: x4 
Memory Drain: x3 
Eutropia the Twice-Favored: x3 
Golden Ratio: x2 
Eureka Moment: x2 
Hydra’s Growth: x2 
Devouring Tendrils: x2
Karok Wrangler: x2 
Green Mana: x10 
Blue Mana: x10 


  • Maybe you can add Blue Sun's Zenith and Channel to your deck?
  • I probably won't add Channel but Blue Sun's Zenith would be good for this deck, thanks.
  • @AboveAndAbout I believe this is a standard deck
  • You might want some more early mana ramp to accelerate into your larger spells. Maybe Emergent Sequence?

    Emergent Sequence STX
  • Oh that's right I forgot that card isn't legal in standard. It is a standard deck but without the sideboard, not sure what to put in the sideboard.
  • Emergent Sequence would be good I'll update it later. Anyway I'm heading out.
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