Mystery Box Voting

Hello cardsmiths,

I've recently, slowly transitioned the judging process for deadlines in the Mystery Box Challenges to a voting form where anyone can vote. In an effort to increase voter turnout, I'm creating this separate discussion where I will post the link to the voting forms periodically when it's time to submit votes for the deadline entries.

A couple of things to consider when voting...
  • Anyone can vote... you don't need to actively partake in the Mystery Boxes to vote.
  • The voting form has all the pictures of the card entries for your convenience.
  • You will vote for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. If there are 30+ entries, you will also vote for 4th and 5th place.
  • Nobody can see your votes except for me - but I just look at the summary of the votes anyways, so no worries here.
  • You are voting out of context to the challenge given and without the need to dissect each entry. So, vote for your top faves in the bunch.
I open to questions and suggestions... I consider this voting process to still be in beta format. So I'm all ears if there is anything that will make this process smoother or better all around.

Thanks for your participation!



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    Here is the voting form to the previous deadline. Still accepting responses!

  • Can I vote for my own cards?  >:)
  • Of course... but I find after doing this for a month that voting for yourself is quite often a one-off and results in ... not winning. 

    So, don't vote for yourself if deep down you know your card(s) just isn't(aren't) amongst the best of the bunch.
  • I voted... still looking for my sticker... found it!

  • I only noticed just now that you also included the challenge that guided the creation of each card in the voting form, nice touch.  Will you also be giving the deadline for voting so that people know how much time they have in case they can't get to it right away?
  • From @jpastor

    Here is the voting form for the previous deadline!

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  • Voting Form

    Upon voting, you may select one of the following prizes below!
    • Prize 109 - EMP Grenade
    • Prize 30 - ?
    • Prize 388 - ?
    • Prize 309 - ?
    • Prize 231 - A Big Bomb
    • Prize 196 - ?
    • Prize 268 - ?
    • Prize 415 - ?
    • Prize 46 - ?
    • Prize 191 - A Confuzzle Spell
  • I voted, can I have a big bomb?
  • I voted, I'll take the EMP grenade.
    1. One big bomb for @WarriorCatInAhat when you submit your entry - destroy 2 entries
    2. @Jadefire at any point this deadline, you may destroy an artifact -or- you may throw it now to prevent anyone from submitting artifacts this deadline.
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    I voted, and I'll take prize 415. (If that's how this works.)
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    Dance Party Dancing GIF
    select 2 songs for the mystery box playlist - i will choose one of them to add to the playlist on spotify
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    I have voted and I shall take a random prize that has yet to be picked from the above list.

  • @Corwinnn extra entry - you may submit two entries for your current/next mystery challenge.
  • Ooooo!
  • i would like prize 30, love the entries this go around
  • @samconsumespie
    an extra entry for your next mystery challenge (you may submit two cards instead of 1)
  • A new voting form is up!

    Upon voting - request a prize number of your choice... you'll have a 50/50 shot at earning that prize... just pick a number between 1 and 427!
  • I voted. I choose 128.
  • My vote is in!

  • @jpastor We only vote for one card this time and don't have to identify ourselves on the voting form?
  • Perdition and Anulax are both removed from contention.
    I have Voted and choose #2
  • I voted, I'm very curious to see #0.

    @Corwinnn @jpastor I thought that was the case with Perdition and Analux.  Also, I believe CS101 made Zaheer_The_Grim resubmit in place of Questing Gremlin with Magnifying Glass.
  • Hello everyone - @jadefire helped me remember that I forgot to include a 2nd place and 3rd place - as a result - you get to vote again... and request an additional prize... your initial requests will also be honored!
  • @Zaheer_The_Grim
    Prize 128 - Hybrid Pearl (I'll fave all mythic rare cards you've created that are hybrid colored (that I like)
  • Prize 24 = The Joker
    You may choose any prize requested so far (#128 or #2)
  • Prize #2 @Corwinnn = Challenge Activator (ANSWER THAT!)

    Everyone's challenge in the next batch of boxes will be to create a card that's the best response/answer to the previously posted card... this works as if you were playing a magic game... your opponent plays the card they submit as their entry... what's your best answer to that played spell... "CREATE IT!"
  • @Jadefire
    please pick a number between 1 and 427
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