Curse you, Curse all of you!

Hello, fellow cardsmiths.

I was bored and remembered the "curse" cycle of enchantment cards and thought it could be fun to see what y'all can do!

The challenge:

Make a card that could be a part of the "curse" cycle.


1. No un-cards. for the sake of everybody.

2. Up to four entries max, no old entries for fairness.

Judging Criteria:

1. Balanced. Not OP, not unplayable garbage.

2. Creativity. Not an already existing card, or a card very similar to one.

3. Polished. Make it feel complete and thought-out.

4. Art choice. Art is a must, and try to make it decent. No inappropriate images or NSFW, please.

5. Flavor. 


As of now, the deadline is the 28th of May.

Good luck contestants!


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