Challenge Set Contest!

Welcome, @AboveAndAbout@TheDukeOfPork@WarriorCatInAhat@Corwinnn@pstmdrn@LordTachanka123, @Void_Retainer, and @OhWyrm to the challenge set contest!

I am assuming everyone understands the rules, but if you don't, here is a link to the rules:

We have 8 people so our teams are:

@AboveAndAbout with @TheDukeOfPork on Team A!
@WarriorCatInAhat with @pstmdrn on Team B!
@Corwinnn with @OhWyrm on Team C!
And @LordTachanka123 with @Void_Retainer on Team D!

And our judges are me, @mmm3creator, and @ThePhantomJoker.  Remember, you might think your challenge is way too easy or hard, but we will judge also by how hard your challenge is.  So if it is really easy, we will criticize more.

Okay, everyone, please claim you sets:

Tongue Twister Challenges(The challenges will be tongue twisters). Claimed by: Team D
1a. Create an Enchantment that enchants another Enchantment and has a special effect if chosen enchantment is enchanting something.
2a. Create an Sorcery that allows to search your library for Sorceries that has the word "Sorcery" in its rules text at least 3 times.

Mechanic Challenges(The challenges will be centered around mechanics).  Claimed by: Team A
1b. Create a card with Frenzy.
2b. Create a card with at least three custom mechanics.

Art Challenges(These challenges will be centered around art).  Claimed by: Team B
1a. Create a card with art from the Renaissance period.
2c. Create a card with art that is a picture made with other pictures.

Mixer Challenges(These challenges will contain 2 challenges for each other set).  Claimed by: Team C
1a. Create a card with Fate Seal.
2d. Congratulations!  You have created all your challenges!

Important: Please format your entries like this.

Link to art(if possible)
If you want, description.

You have until Friday June 8 at 11:59 PM EST. Good luck, everyone.


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