Welcome to Mystery Box Land - the 200 Page Celebratory Amusement Park

Welcome to Mystery Box Land

Cost of admission = Free for everyone of all ages!

Welcome in to the Mystery Box Theme Park! Walk around, take in the sights, ride the rides or even the roller coasters! Play those mini-games or get lost in the maze of activities. We even have a beachwalk where you can dip your toes in the sand and sip a nice drink with a little pink umbrella in it.

The park is open June 1 - June 11In this discussion, you will be able to participate in multiple activities a day or maybe just 1 activity a week if you find your niche here. You can try to do all of them, but I strongly suggest taking in the sights and taking your time, as you are only 1 being. You cannot possibly be in two places at once. Thus, you may only partake in one activity at a time. Some activities are quick, while others may take a day or two or longer to complete. Post all entries here! Everything counts towards your leaderboards stats. This also counts as 1 big deadline where 1st place gets 15 deadline points, 2nd gets 12, 3rd gets 9, 4th gets 6, and 5th gets 3. Just like in the main discussion, you'll make your request, but do so thematically by saying, "I'm entering the line for ____."  You may enter any ride multiple times, but must complete the ride before re-entering or entering a new ride! You may also put your name into the queue for up to one line that requires more than 1 cardsmith to operate and ride solo rides while you wait.

Welcome to all things Mystery Box! Here in the park, you can do anything you want! Here's a list of our wonderful rides, attractions, and experiences! If you don't walk out of our park with a prize in your hands, you must have gone to the wrong park!

Antique Cars
Take a cruise down memory lane and hop into the cab of a 1971 Mustang, 67' Impala, or 1959 El Camino. Stroll around a small dirt track as you receive a challenge to complete a random mystery challenge from a random page from 1 - 100 in the mystery box discussion.

Hop on to this classic wooden roller coaster for the ride of your life. Tower to new heights and enter into a moshpit where 3+ cardsmiths will ride to the top of the monster drop and receive a specially crafted mystery challenge. There will be 1 winning card that will receive a moshpit win and special prize.

Beachwalk Area
Haven't you been wanting to get away from the city and walk on the sandy beach? Find a picnic table on the beach here or lay in the sand and build a massive castle! Grab a drink at the tiki hut while you're at it. You'll receive a casual mystery box here with an easy going prize + a simple challenge with the artwork provided for you! Have fun here and relax here as many entries as you'd like.

Mystery Creek Floats
- Grab a sprinkle donut tube or smiling avocado tube and hop into the slow-moving or fast-moving stream that winds through the park. Lay back, and stare at the clouds in the sky as you drift off into thought in the slow-moving creek where you'll receive a very easy mystery challenge in a mystery box with a prize. Or, hop into the rapid-moving stream and hold on tight through some mini-rapids and small drops as you spin around and receive a mystery box with a mystery challenge of the utmost impossible difficulty.

Mystery Mine Ride
Welcome to the oldest mine train roller coaster on the mystery box plane. Here you'll receive a mystery challenge with a random custom mechanic, pulled directly from the mechanix encyclopedia. Do you brave the rough and bumpy turns and hills of one of the oldest coasters ever?

Mystery Train
- Hello Mystery Train! Take a seat as you stroll around the different areas of the park. Everything mystery box can be found here. Hop on the train and you'll be directed to a random area of the park for you to participate in!

Bumper Cars
-Here we'll have a batch of mystery boxes for the small and daring group of individuals that wishes to participate. Everyone will receive two mystery challenges and 1 bomb! Use your bomb wisely and destroy 1 entry with it. All surviving entries will receive a favorite!

King Dueler
- Welcome to the craziest dueling roller coaster ever made! Will you hop into the teal line or the pink line? Either way, you'll be paired up to fight in a 1-vs-1 duel where a shared challenge will be given and the winner receives a prize!

The Very Large Wheel
Welcome to our version of the Ferris Wheel! Here is where you'll soar to the top and receive a random artwork, song, or movie. You'll have to make a card using that art or themed after that song or movie.

The Steel Hydra
- Can you conquer the towering heights of one of the tallest roller coasters ever built? Jump in line and expect a lengthy wait time for this attraction where a set of mystery boxes will be up for grabs to any who wish to conquer them and the many heads of the Megahydra.

The Racing Water Slides
3..2..1.. will you dive head first down these slick slopes or test your aerodynamic precision as you plunge feet first down winding and steep slides, where you'll race alongside up to 5 other contenders. Each who dares to race will partake in an experimental new mode called Speedbuilding! You'll receive a set of challenges one-after-the-other upon completing each. The first to finish wins the pot!

Guinness Laser Tag
Team up with your group of 2 or 3 to compete against the other team in an all out collaboration to strike down your opponent with the largest and hottest laser rifles on the planet! CAUTION: Those with asthma or sensitive skin may experience a feeling of uneasiness inside the arena!

Soaring Rapids
Hop into this giant raft where you'll take turns placing bets on who will end up the wettest at the end of the ride! Everyone will get a unique challenge and partake in a moshpit where you will each bet a mystery prize. The winner takes all. You must provide all favorites, hugs, follows, or premium prizes bet this way. How confident are you, really, that you won't get soaked to your pores on this raging river ride?

Interdimensional Slingshot!
- Buckle up? No way - we'll load you into this one of a kind slingshot that will launch you directly into a wormhole that takes you somewhere unknown. When you arrive there, you'll receive a Mystery encounter! It's up to you to overcome any obstacles given. Then we'll beam you back to reality!

Jpastor's Funhouse of Horrors and Mirrors
Ye dare enter my realm of madness? Step inside and good luck finding your way out of this maze where you'll face any number of possible experimental challenges or mystery modes!

Glow-in-the-Box Minigolf
- Enjoy a friendly round of golf between you and an opponent as you'll each be given 9 different mystery challenges that are deckbuilding in disguise! Then you'll faceoff in a quick duel of the decks to see who has won!

The Mystery Spot
Anything is possible here. Defy gravity, walk on ceilings, and even... build your own mystery box??? Yes, if you can find your way to the secret staircase and walk upward (to the basement *evil laugh*), you'll find all the ingredients and tools you need to construct your own mystery box, draft style.

Information Booths
- We are everywhere in the park. All customers make us happy... some when they arrive and ask us questions, others when they are finally done asking questions. Either way, ask us any questions and we'll help you out!


  • Happy day! The park has opened 1 day early!

    Come on in and enjoy yourself in Mystery Box Land!
  • I'm entering the line for Goldscream.
  • I have not the attention span to read all of these. @jpastor put me in the line of whatever you think I'd enjoy most!
  • Okay pal @Ranshi hop on the Mystery Train, it will take you to a random place in the park!
  • edited May 31
    Sounds good @Jadefire.. feel free to ride solo rides or activities while you wait for Goldscream to start.
  • I'm on board the train!
  • @Ranshi the Mystery Train has dropped you off at The Goldscream ride! I've placed your name in the queue! We need at least 1 more to start this ride, so in the meantime while you wait, you can hop back into the Mystery Train and see where it takes you!?
  • I'm entering the line for the Beachwalk Area.
  • edited May 31
    @jpastor Darkness takes hold of the Land as shadows and unholy creatures rise from the underworld, and sink their claws into that which is The Goldscream.
  • I'm not sure how well I'll do since I'm not a fan of heights, but I'll step in line for the Goldscream.
  • edited May 31

    The Goldscream ascends! 

    A Mystery Challenge: Create an Artifact Creature that's a Wizard.

    The winning card will receive a prize!
  • edited May 31
    I've added you to the ride @Zaheer_The_Grim
    see above
  • edited May 31
    I have no idea where to go, so can I hop on the mystery train?
  • edited May 31
    Mystery Challenge: Create an Artifact Creature that's a Wizard.
    Xcrarn Conformity Enforcer
    I know the wording is so incredibly horrible, but I think it gets the idea through. Hopefully.

    I'm also not sure if this completely counts.
  • Damn @Zaheer_The_Grim, that was quick. And the first card of the discussion.
  • the card's good, but you forgot the creature type/types
  • @WarriorCatInAhat, I was doing the old creature type thing that I'm pretty sure is still for other older cards that hasn't been brought into any creature type. I might be wrong though.
  • @WarriorCatInAhat

    You've been taken to the Laser Tag Arena where your name has been placed in queue! Next stop the Mystery Mine Ride. Here is your mystery challenge!

    Create a red or green creature with a Planeswalker's name in its name that has Warlike - When [this card] enters the battlefield, if an opponent was dealt 6 or more damage this turn, [...effect.]
  • edited May 31


    you'll be taken to the funhouse after you submit for the moshpit unless you pick your own!
  • @ShadowReign, never mind, I think I didn't realize that all of the older creatures that had originally not had a creature type have been given ones.
  • @Zaheer_The_Grim It's a weird card, but it works cause of it's ability.
  • That's amazing @jpastor!
  • anyways @Zaheer_The_Grim
    Seems as though you've survived the mighty steep drop of the Goldscream roller coaster! While you await the others entries, let me know where you're off to next. No rush of course, this park is meant for leisure and taking it easy!
  • I'll head to the Mystery Spot, seems like it could be fun.
  • A Mystery Challenge: Create an Artifact Creature that's a Wizard.
  • @Zaheer_The_Grim
    as you enter through the front door, it takes you to a weird room where the stairs are on the wall, and the ceiling is the floor... To the left is a bedroom door and straight ahead looks like a kitchen! Where will you go?

    • To the stairs?
    • To the bedroom?
    • To the kitchen?
  • edited May 31
    Stairs are too dangerous, the Kitchen probably has knives. So I'll pick the bedroom. What could possibly go wrong?

    @ShadowReign, really awesome card!
  • You enter the bedroom @Zaheer_The_Grim
    and there are empty mystery boxes all around you! You grab one as it will come in handy, now you need to find a prize and a mystery challenge! If you find your challenge first, you'll end up with no prize!!! 

    Inside the bedroom is a closet! Will you 

    • Head into the closet?
    • Head back into the main area?
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