The Phantom Emporium

Welcome to The Phantom Emporium!

This is the place, where you can spend your phantom coins, which you earn for winning my contests. I will keep track of everyone's wallets, so if at any point you want to know how many coins you have, just ask me. When you want to buy something from the Emporium, send me a PM or write here.

Price list:
  • 1 phantom coin - A little star (a favorite on one of your cards you've created of your own choosing)
  • 1 phantom coin - Short Feedback (short constructive feedback in the comments on one card you've created of your own choosing)
  • 3 phantom coins - A little constellation (a favorite on four cards you've created of your own choosing)
  • 3 phantom coins A new admirer (a follow; only if one of my accounts already doesn't follow you)
  • 4 phantom coins - Phantom's Feedback (deep constructive feedback on one card you've created of your own choosing; you will recieve the feedback in a PM and may choose to get it in a comment on the card as well)
  • 5 phantom coins - Card of the Champion (a card made in your honor inspired by one of my contest where you got to the top three; you can choose the contest or the general theme of the card)
  • 5 phantom coins - Phantom's Help (my constructive help over PMs with designing a card - might be for a contest or just a card of yours; help includes finding art, correcting wording and text formating, discussing power level, etc)
If you come up with anything to add to the price list, let me know! I myself might come up with a few new ideas from time to time, so the list is likely to change from time to time in the future.

Thanks for your visit and I hope you come again soon!


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