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    (All 1s and green 2) ?

    My bad haha - coming right up!
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    Re-entering the woods, you safely escape the wrath of the angry farmer. Create a card called Wrath of the Angry Farmer

    Rummaging through the forest, you come across a vast campsite. Looks like no ones here right now, but Ogre likes to loot. Rummaging through, you find several coins in one spot. Moving to another place in the camp, you peer into a small shelter, spotting more coins. You decide to take them all!

    Prize 104 - Mini-Encounter (Challenge): You'll receive a problem and must solve it with cards.

    Choose one -
    • Prize 112 - Encounter (Gambit): You'll receive a 2-3 part situation that you must solve with 2-3 cards.
    • Prize 45 - Weather Change (Deadline Modifier): You can activate this to bring about a random weather scenario in the Mystery Box Discussion that will affect all mystery challenges.
  • The arena's looking pretty bleak, soooooooo

    @Corwinnn @Jadefire @ShadowReign @cadstar369 @Tonysparks I dare you to fight in the Mosh Pit!
  • @cadstar369 your level 10 spellweb - choose 3-4 of 6.
    • Blue 1
    • Lime 2
    • Light Green 1 (6 o'clock)
    • Indigo 2
    • Light Green (2 o'clock)
    • Green 2

  • @MonkeyPirate2002 Challenge accepted: just @ me when it is set up
  • @MonkeyPirate2002
    Your level 7 spellweb - choose 3 of the 6
    • Green 1
    • Brown 2
    • Dark Green 1 (2 o'clock)
    • Purple 2
    • Dark Green (10 o'clock)
    • Pink 2

  • I'll take:
    • Dark Green (10 o'clock)
    • Pink 2
    • Green 1
  • I’ll take [Light Green 1, Green 2, Light Green 1, Indigo 2]

    @MonkeyPirate2002 challenge accepted!
  • @MonkeyPirate2002 Could you message me the details?
  • @ShadowReign I don't believe I'm the one who takes charge of the Mosh Pit event, unless I misunderstood how the Mosh Pit prize works.
  • @MonkeyPirate2002 My apologies, I misinterpreted your statement, I assumed this was about a discussion you were creating. I will definitely participate nonetheless.
  • Create a Giant creature with an additional subtype.

    The monkey will climb through the mangroves.  I'm ready for my next spellweb.
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  • @Corwinnn

    Receiving the Amulet from the vendor, who was unwilling to split the difference with you, you make your way out of the trading area, but are stopped by a rugged civilian.

    "Hey you. This is our area. It'll be 20 coins to pass." The man seems to be a little on the sketchy side but doesn't seem threatening. You assess the situation and find he is not a threat but trying to catch you off guard and take advantage of the fact that you're a stranger. How do you respond to the man? 

    • "You're not actually going to try to stop me from leaving this place, are you?"
    • "Sorry, this is all I have."
    • "You insignificant being. Out of my way or I'll suspend you in the corner of the ceiling for the whole place to see you."
    • "I have no coins. I am wounded. Have mercy on me and let me pass."
    • "I defeated 3 elves and slaughtered a baloth yesterday. I have no intention of harming you, but I'd let me pass if I were you, please. Thank you."

    After the conversation with the man, you continue. More sewers are here and there's a simple split in the tunnels. You can go left or right. The rightward one leads upward a little bit, while the leftward one seems to remain flat. Both paths are mostly dark, with little to no lighting. You reach down to your side to realize you started bleeding again. More webbing to cover the wound, but eventually you'll need to find treatment of some kind.

    Mystery Challenges:
    • Create a card that's a trading post.
    • Create a sketchy Human creature card.
  • @Jadefire your level 13 spellweb - choose 3-4-5-or-6 of the 6
    • Brown 1
    • Green 2
    • Red 2
    • Dark Purple 1
    • Brown 2
    • Orange 2

  • I'll choose all 6.
  • No problem, I understand how long these things can take sometimes.
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    Upon leaving the repair shop. Your owner is not there to greet you. Instead, you are in a white-vinyl hallway. You can go left or right. In front of you, on the wall, is a screen with the names of fighting robots and match results. There, you spot “Mechanos defeats The Scavenger.” The names keep scrolling as you lose interest.

    Prize 33 – Scroll of the Notorious: Cash this in to have jpastor favorite all active entries in the Mystery Box deadline that have credited artists

    Challenge: Create a spell with Retrace (You may cast this card from your graveyard by discarding a land card in addition to paying its other costs.)

  • Is there more info I can acquire? I activated the Perceptive perk in my last response
  • @cadstar369

    Still frozen atop the wobbly stack of suitcases and other storage items, you character comes up with an ingenious solution! Choose one –

    • ·       Create a creature without flying that can give itself flying until end of turn.
    • ·       Create a spell that redirects damage.

    Clinging to the ceiling now, your character begins to monkey-bar his way over to a safe place to land! Passing by a square hatch, he drops down safely onto the floor, avoiding all disaster!

    With several hours passing by as you continue to stowaway on this vessel, you begin rummaging through some more luggage and discover a kaleidoscope.

    Prize 3 – Kaleidoscope: Choose a color. All entries of the chosen color in the mystery box deadline receive a favorite.

    After finding this item, you get lost in the colors of the kaleidoscope and slowly doze off to sleep while playing with it. Choose one

    • ·       Create a spell that starts with “Choose a color.”
    • ·       Create a spell that changes or adds to the color(s) of a permanent.
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    After a grueling kilometer through the mangroves, you finally reach a river. It’s rapidly moving but narrow enough to cross. Swimming through, something floating in the water sideswipes you. You lose your equilibrium and fall mercy to the current. It sweeps you down the river. Frantically clawing at the water, your attempts to swim fail repeatedly.

                After several minutes of sheer panic, your blurred vision spots a large log that overhangs the river. You rapidly drift towards it, getting ready to try to grab it. As you near it, you spot a figure running across the log. This figure manages to rescue you from the water, pulling you to safety. Coughing up water, you manage to mutter a few words. What do you choose to say?

    ·       “Thank you, kind being. I don’t know what I would have done had you not been there.”

    ·       “Get away from me. I can rescue myself.”


    After muttering your words, you pass out, but awaken not too soon after in a canoe piloted by the being. You’re sitting in front of the being when you awake. Already facing them, you quickly spot some food and loot items on the canoe.


    Create a creature card that’s the being.


    Eyeing the food, the being looks back at you, acknowledging you’re awake now. You decide to you’re going to take some of the fruit by saying your choice of:

    ·       “I haven’t had a bite to eat in quite some time. I’m not in a position to ask for a favor, but may you spare me a small portion of this fruit?”

    ·       “Where am I? Where are we going? Thanks for the fruit.”

  • Don't really have the energy to story, so I won't.

    Prismaira will go left.

  • Spellweb Challenge: Create a creature without flying that can give itself flying until end of turn.

    Spellweb Challenge: Create a spell that starts with “Choose a color.”
    Scarlet Pteryx Kaleidofract

    Pretty colors… :sleeping:

    Character Stats

    Scalebound Dragonspeaker ~ Dragon Bard

    Level 10 ~ Inventory (-Cloak: [x])

    10 Coins (+x)


    • Persuasive I - Your character is capable of persuasion at a 50/50 ratio of success.
    • Sneaky - You're more than capable of becoming a stowaway on a number of vessels.
    • Self-Defense: You're life is guaranteed to not be threatened by 1-on-1 attacks from others.
    Prize Reminders:
    • Prize 3 – Kaleidoscope: Choose a color. All entries of the chosen color in the mystery box deadline receive a favorite.

  • @MonkeyPirate2002
    Your level 8 spellweb - choose 4 of 6
    • Red 1
    • Purple 2
    • Pink 1
    • Dark Green 1
    • Bright Green 1
    • Green 2

  • @cadstar369
    Your level 11 spellweb - Choose 4 or 5 of 6.
    • Purple 1
    • Purple 2
    • Pink 1
    • Dark Green 1
    • Periwinkle 1
    • Purple 2

  • I’ll choose:
    red 1
    purple 2
    bright green 1
    green 2
  • @MonkeyPirate2002

    Striding along the hallway, you reach an exit. Walking out into the fresh air of the great outdoors, you’re once again surrounded by giant trees and a large landing platform. You find a set of stairs that takes you down to the forest bottom where you quickly find a walking path and decide to take it.

                Passing by several large trees, you inspect some fungi attached to a tree. Scanning it, you find it to be toxic and corrosive to your exterior, but you’re curious how this could be. So, you poke it with a stick, which stimulates the fungus, causing it to release an orblike spore. Further analyses would require a vial and a lab. Too bad neither are available to you right now. You decide to keep walking. As you do, you curiously look up at the canopy, which is reflecting an assortment of lights through its leaves. Like a kaleidoscope, it captivates you. It’s been a long time since you’ve seen such an array of colors. You decide to take a seat and recover while you gaze upward at the spectrum.

    You’ve unlocked a new perk - Analyzer I: You can scan stationary, organic material to discover its properties.
    Create a Fungus creature card.
    Choose one –
    ·       Prize 48 – An Orb
    ·       Prize 126 – Aether Vial – Receive an experimental prize
    You also get Prize 3 – A Kaleidoscope: Choose a color, all entries of the chosen color receive a favorite.
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