• I select...
    • Green 1
    • Green 2
    • Dark Green 1
    • Green 2
  • I’ll take:
    • Dark Purple 1
    • Dark Purple 1
    • Dark Teal 1
    • Dark Teal 1
    • Dark Yellow 1
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    Create a mono black Aura spell.

    I'm ready for my next spellweb.  I'd like to claim my three colour choices from the Twitch stream: Red, Red, Gray Blue.  Do you mind if I request an additional colour?  White.
  • How can I enter this @jpastor?
  • @AboveAndAbout
    You already have...

    Slag Reveler   Your demon smashes its hammer on the molten metal. It lets out a screech as it finishes its beautiful creation! A well-shaped face. A sheet metal version of himself of sorts. While still molten, he decides to put it on his face. The flesh burns as he curves it like a tight-fitting mask over his face. The flesh peeling from his skin as he pulls it off and places it in a bucket of water. He grins at his own reflection. He grabs his new formed mask but must find some sort of string to secure it to his face. Create an artifact - equipment that's a mask.

    The demon shuffles energetically towards the entrance of his cave, as if he were dancing his way along. Now at the mouth of his cave, he peeks at the sky. Cloudy and gloomy with not a star in sight... a perfect night to scavenge around for some materials. As he scoots his way along the narrow path that rests atop a rocky drop-off, he starts whistling aloud a simple, but eerie tune. He rounds a corner and comes to a sudden stop. Behold, in front of him rests a fallen boulder blocking his path. Not the most agile of creatures, he attempts to jump and climb over the giant stone, but to no avail. Perhaps perplexed, he starts to snicker and growl uncontrollably as he sways his arms about frantically in a mad fury at the air surrounding him. Maybe a big shove will knock it down the hill and out of his way. *PUSH* *SHOVE* nothing happens as he digs his feet in and grinds his body against the boulder. Exhausted now, he heads back to his den.

    On his way back, he kicks at some loose rocks along the way, screeching frustratedly. Back in his den now, he grabs the bucket of water and his hammer, and heads back to the boulder. He tosses the rest of the water at the base of the boulder on the side closest to the edge. *SMASH* *SMASH* He begins pounding away at the ground to break the foundation beneath the boulder. In a full rage, he succeeds in getting the ground loose beneath the boulder, but the rock won't budge despite being slightly suspended above nothing on one side. He tries to hammer the boulder toward the edge, but with no luck. *SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK *SMACK* - no luck.

    Frustrated, exhausted, and now water-less, he heads back to his den. With any luck, he'll have a few nightmares and get some much-needed beauty rest. TextDescription automatically generated  Thy demon heads outside after a multi-day slumber. Back at the rock blocking the path now... he decides to take drastic measures. 

    Create a card that makes you sacrifice a creature for a positive gain.

    The slope is steep, but he has two options... up and around the boulder -or- by his cave, crawl into a tight crevice that he spotted. Choosing up and around the boulder may result in injury or extreme fatigue... and if he loses his hoofing, he could tumble down the mountain. Choosing the crevice could be a waste of time, impassable, or even could result in him getting stuck, lost, or worse.            Merged Strength            There are plenty of useless lava demons lying around. With his newfound power, he'll attempt to climb up and around the boulder.

    Your level 3 spellweb awaits - choose 3

  • I'll choose orange 1, green 1, and green 2.
  • @jpastor
    this sound Interesting. Can I try too?
    And... I make the card, choose a path and... Should I do something else?
  • @SMPrague
    Just make your starting common rarity creature and submit it!
  • We'll resume these this weekend. Sorry for the extended delay.
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    Hello my friends. Sorry for the extended delay on these. Keeping up with these stories has proven twice now to be just too time consuming for me...

    I love this concept, but unfortunately will have to make some changes to what Spellwebs are in order to keep them around. Since I cannot edit the main description of this discussion to reflect these changes, I've created a new discussion to make sure everyone understands what these are and why they exist.

    You’ll find the updated Spellwebs discussion here! 


    You’ll retain all points and prizes you’ve earned so far as well as your current Spellweb level!

    Here’s a summary of the changes though:

    ·       The storyline part has been removed. You are no longer a character in a saga. Instead, you yourself are trying to level up to achieve the greatest things possible.

    ·       The process of choosing colors and leveling up Spellwebs remains the same, but the colors no longer correlate to storyline items. Instead, they result in Mystery Box things, like challenges, prizes, and other tasks.

    @Corwinnn - please close this discussion!

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