• My Ranger decides to head back to the path, from his knowledge of these woods, its more than not for the snake bite to be lethal. The baloth can wait.

    Cryptic Corruption

    This is awesome, @jpastor!
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    @Jadefire your monkey climbs lower into the tree. The yummy banana needs some protein to go along with it. For whatever reason, your monkey is extra hungry this morning. He swings his way to the next tree where he spots more fruit, but no protein. Better climb down even further to look for some grubby bugs. Halfway down, he spots a hole in the bark with some termites. He reaches in and grabs a handful and stuffs them in his mouth and begins crunching. That... will suffice! On his way back up the tree, he clears the canopy, still climbing to the top of his tree to get a good view, he comes to a stop. He spots something unusual in the distance... ... it's a dark cloud arising from the jungle canopy. He hops to the top of the next tree and makes his way towards it. Back under the canopy now, he temporarily loses sight of the cloud while he swings and navigates his way in the general direction of the cloud. 

    Create a creature that enters the battlefield with haste conditionally.

    Seems as though your monkey has unlocked a new perk - Curiosity. Your monkey tends to prefer the unknown and mysterious. Whereas some characters will venture away from these instances, your character welcomes it. Chances of progressing from these instances is now slightly greater than the chance of encountering setbacks or misfortune.
  • @Zaheer_The_Grim
    your level 3 spellweb

    Please select 4 of the 6.
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  • @jpastor, I'll take, Pink (1), Yellow (2), Dark Blue (3), and Green (4).
  • @Zaheer_The_Grim
    Certain your character is on the right path now, he's heading toward civilization. Limping his way along, the path wider now, he attempts to sprint, but cannot.

    Create a permanent that doesn't untap during its controller's untap step.

    It's becoming clear now that every step he takes is pained. He's forced to stop and catch his breath. While he slows he breathing he hears large footsteps approaching. He hides behind a tree as the predator stomps slowly by. No he gets a good look at it, it's not a Baloth at all, but a giant Lizard. The Lizard continues down the path he wishes to take. He can do nothing now except rest and wait a little bit. He has no weapon to fend off the Lizard if it attacks him, except for 1... a Ludacris Bomb, which is what he calls it.

    Prize 410 - Ludacris Bomb: You may destroy all mystery box entries without a link to the card in the post.
  • My Ogre seems forgotten
  • @Tonysparks
    I missed that - if ever you see something I post that was in queue after you, then let me know right away! I sometimes skip over the small posts in between the large posts as they are often harder to spot - I'll get working on you!
  • Create a creature that enters the battlefield with haste conditionally.

    Ready to level up.
  • @Tonysparks your beautiful ogre hustles away from the massive hole it just conquered. In full sprint mode, he's not sure where he is, but he's sure he's heading in the right direction. He makes his way past one tree, then another tree, then * SMACK*. He slams right into a tree. Rubbing his forehead, everything seems okay, but he's seeing stars and orbs... one orb seems to attract his attention more than the other. 
    Mystery Box Prize 493 - Orb of Calling: Choose a creature type. A random mystery challenge will be to create a creature of the chosen type in the Mystery Box Challenges.
    Create a spell with "faith" in its name. 

    He slowly gets up, not because he's possibly concussed, but because it takes him a while to get up. Once up, he looks around and heads towards an overgrown and viny path... he unknowingly changed directions from which he had been going...
  • @Jadefire your level 3 spellweb - please choose 4 of the 6
  • I'll take Red 1, Blue 2, Powder Blue 1, Green 2.
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    @Jadefire your monkey arrives in the area of the dark cloud... it's a fire... a campfire... nobody is here though... Looking around him, he scans the treeline in every direction. Hopping down to the ground now, he approached the campfire with caution... You see no belongings of any kind, but decide to play it safe and head up the tree again. This spot is too close for comfort though as it provides no means of escape if spotted. Your monkey hops a couple trees away, where he perches halfway up in a tangle of vines. No way anyone can spot him here, not to mention he's a monkey and there's no need to assume whoever's campfire this is would immediately attempt to harm a monkey. This tree that he's in, though, is a little sketchy. He looks up and cannot see its top. Must be a tall tree. He climbs up, through the canopy and beholds a magnificent sight... he spots a mountain toward the east, the cliff he'd slept on toward the west, and from the looks of it, more jungle to the north, but he can't make out what's to the south because of the cloudy skies and approaching rain. He heads back down to his perch and rests a bit. An hour passes and no sign of whoever left this campfire active. He spots something near the campfire he hadn't noticed before. It's more or less on the perimeter of the campsite. It's small and round. He leaps down the tree, quietly and approaches the object... with caution, he picks up the object and inspects it. Not sure what he's holding, he clasps it with his thumb and index finger and inspects both sides. It's flat and two-sided. It's a coin, but he doesn't understand what it is. Looking around now, he remembers where he is and quickly scurries back up to his perch. Another hour passes now... 

    Should he stay and wait or head back up to the treetop to scan the horizon once more?

    Create a creature that surveils.

    Seems as though your monkey has unlocked a new perk. Caution: Your monkey does many things out of curiosity, but does so with caution to avoid any inherent risk of becoming a victim of the old saying, "Curiosity killed the monkey."  [Involuntary decisions your monkey makes without your consent are far less likely to result in injury.]

    Prize 306 - Favorites: Two favorites of your choice.

  • Yes @Castiel_Demiurge your level 3 spellweb:

    Please choose 4 of the 6

  • I made my card, did you miss it?
  • @jpastor

    I use the power of the orb of calling to call upon an eldrazi slug (That's the mystery challenge creature type I have decided on)
  • @Tonysparks your level 3 spellweb

    Pink (1)
    Purple (1) -> Royal (2) -> Yellow (3)
    Gold (1) -> Royal (2)

    Please pick 4 of the 6
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    Ok , my ogre loves gold so ill go ( gld(1), purp(1), r.purp (2), ylw(3) )
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    "ME LIKE PATH. PATH LIKE ME." Your ogre hustles through the thickets and thorns. The path he's taken must have been carved out a long time ago, because there's no clear route he should be taking. His calves are bare, should I mention he's wearing capris? He's been brushing against some poison ivy along the way. He'll reap the consequences later, or maybe he won't know what an itch feels like. The challenge he now faces is apparent to him... he's lost... he turns to his left and nearly plows right into a massive spider web, with the spider strung in the center. He reaches around his back for his club...... "UH OH." He reaches for his club, but there's nothing strapped to his back... He spins around in a circle with one hand over his shoulder reaching for his back and the other wrapped around his hip attempting to reach the club in the middle of his back... but it's not there. He stops... dizzy now. He's not sure which way he came from, but he must make his way back to where he woke... beyond the terrifying hole...

    Create a Spider creature with power 0.
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    @jpastor I'll be joining in as well if it's not too late.

  • @Tonysparks your level 4 spellweb

    Choose 5 of the 6
  • @AzraelDawnson you level 1 spellweb
    Please choose 4 of the 6 circles.

  • twitch.tv/cryptocaillou

  • Create a creature that surveils.

    The monkey will scan the horizon again.
  • @Jadefire your level 4 spellweb
    Choose 5 of the 6

  • @jpastor I'll take the bottom three (crimson 1, then the blue 1 and blue 1 to its right) and the green 1. Though I am still a bit cloudy on how the whole spellweb thing works. What do I do after I choose?
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