• I'll take Red 1, Red 1, Orange 1, Gray 2, Green 2.
  • @AzraelDawnson
    Your choices are translated below:

    Your Warrior awakes on a bed. A sharp pain in his shoulder, he looks over to find his arm is cut off. Bandages red, he yells out in pain and confusion as a tiefling nurse runs into the tent he's lying in.

    "Calm down, calm down." She yells. "It's okay, you're fine."

    "What happened to me?" He asks as he sits up and shakes his hand over his shoulder, feeling the phantom limb.

    "You were rescued from battle. Your arm was severed due to infection. It's going to be fine, we sent a scout to the city to fetch you a replacement limb. Artificers these days can do anything."

    He gets up, now. Dizzy at first, he collapses back to sit on the bed as the nurse rushes to his uninjured side to hold him steady. "How long have I been here? Where am I?"

    "You're in your home village, and it's been a couple of days since you arrived."

    "I must retrieve my belongings, I'm on a special mission to deliver goods." He stands up quickly. "Where are my things?" He starts combing the room as he holds his shoulder.

    "All we found with you was this pouch." She walks to a drawer and opens it. He walks over and picks up his pouch. Using his teeth, he undoes the twine knot and pulls open the top. All his coins are still in there, but there's no sign of the other goods.

    Create an enchantment that enters the battlefield with 3 counters on it of a certain type.

    In Spellwebs, coins are symbolic of mystery prizes. When coins are mentioned or found in your storyline, it means you earned a Mystery Prize. Coins are also important for buying goods in the storyline.

    Your mystery prize is Prize 72 - Spotlight: A spotlight is https://forums.mtgcardsmith.com/discussion/3497/spotlighting. You may spotlight a card you feel is worthy of recognition. Post it here: https://forums.mtgcardsmith.com/discussion/3540/mystery-box-challenges#latest.
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    @Jadefire your monkey is atop the tree now. The sun is lower on the horizon, but not yet setting. He scans the direction of the incoming storm, lightning and thunder now audible and visible. One last look at the mountain range, he heads back down to his perch. As he passes through the canopy, he hears a sound off in the distance, a voice and panting. 

    Your monkey has received a new perk. Good Hearing: Your monkey can detect sounds from a great distance. 

    He nestles into his perch and peers his eyes through the leaves as the person comes stumbling into the picture. The man is limping as he scurries past the campsite... He stops. Your monkey watching intently now, the man stands still, turns around, and eyes the campsite... He slowly approaches as he's looking around. On the perimeter now, he looks up in the trees, in a different direction from your monkey... Meanwhile, your monkey crouches real tightly in his perch and hunkers down as low as possible, maintaining his eyes on the man. The man looks up towards the perch your monkey is hiding in. The monkey closes his eyes.

    As the man's begins walking slowly again, the monkey peers through a partially closed eye to see the man no longer looking his way and reopens both eyes.

    Your monkey has learned a new perk. HidingYour monkey is capable of taking refuge and hiding from possible threats.

    The man begins searching the campsite frantically. The monkey eyes the man intently trying to figure out what he's doing. The man's wipes his forehe... *CRACKPOW* a lightning bolt strikes nearby loudly. The man ducks at the loud noise and the monkey jumps and falls out of the tree scaredly. Landing roughly, he hears a bone crack in his hand, but scurries into the brush.

    The man looks up to see a monkey scurrying into the trees and disappearing out of sight.

    Your monkey, in full flight mode scurries to another tree and quickly climbs it. Moments later the man hobbles by in a half-jog beneath the monkey. Now out of sight, the monkey hops down and inspects the tracks. No blood. The monkey heads back to the campsite and inspects the area the man had been when the lightning struck. Looks like he dropped something. The monkey reaches down and picks up a couple of coins.

    Create a card with lightning in the artwork.

    Mystery Prize 89 - Hugs: 1 favorite donated to the cardsmith of your choice + 3 favorites of my choice for you.

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    Wondering where the rest of his belongings may have ended up -and most importantly what had happened to the cargo that needed to be delivered- Vassar's mind briefly flashed back to the breathtaking scenery of the only place he'd ever called home: the dojo his master run.

    Create an enchantment that enters the battlefield with 3 counters on it of a certain type.

    Hope it's okay I added some flavor text for rp reasons before the image of the enchantment card.

  • ok I clearly don't know how this works. I pick the light blue 1, orange 2, beige 3. And I made a card that fit my challenge.
  • @jpastor I choose all the ones for my web
  • @KorandAngels
    I saw your entry, but I posted this spellweb... Once you submit an entry you level up and receive a new spellweb where you must make new selections to continue your story and progress.

  • @WarriorCatInAhat
    your level 1 spellweb - do you know how this works? Pick 4 of the 6 dots :)

  • yeah, I think I know. I have to pick in order of numbers, right?

    I pick light blue 1, red 2, dark blue 3, and purple 1
  • Green 2, mauve 1, pink 1, blue 2.
  • @WarriorCatInAhat
    Your Illithid crawls it's way out of the water and onto the shore of the pebbly beach of the St. Marian Ocean. Banished from his kingdom for reasons his appeal to innocence were not accepted. He's in search of a new home. He can survive outside of water, but only for so long. He comes to a junction, there's a tributary that leads to somewhere, and there's a smaller canal to the right that seems manmade, but abandoned or seldom used.
    For the time being, it's best to hop back into the water in the ocean. He spotted a small cave underwater. Nothing special, but it will shelter him from the currents while he comes to make a decision. As well, he is quite hungry as he forgot about food on the one way ticket out of his former home. He heads back in, the water murky, but he can still sense the vibrations in the water. He's sensing nothing though. No life nearby. He'll certainly have to keep a lookout for food sources nearby.

    Your Illithid has received its first perk, Amphibious.

    Which waterway will you choose?

    Create a sorcery or enchantment that exiles a creature on the battlefield.
  • @KorandAngels
    your storyline is important. As more and more decisions become available to you, your story will morph into a combination of my narrative + your narrative. For now though, you need to pay close attention to the bolded instructions you have.. In your level 1 story bit, I gave you a choice between two paths. Please choose. I've included the bit for your review:

    Nearly 1 hour later, he comes to a junction. Analyzing the options... left looks like the main path, but is most definitely rockier and appears to head towards higher elevation, whereas the rightward path is more well-trodden, a little dusty, mostly flat, and lightly wooded.

    Which path do you take?
  • @jpastor, just a reminder that I chose all the 1's on my spellweb
  • @Tonysparks
    thanks - again i didn't see that... the spellwebs take up space on the feed.
  • Im just going to quit this, I seriously don't understand the concept.
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    Create a card with lightning in the artwork.

    Ready to level up.
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    "CLLUUUUUUUUUB" the ogre chants as he leaps across the dark and scary hole in a full sprint. Clearing the gap with ease, it appears as though you're ogre has discovered his first perk: Mad Scramble: Whenever your ogre is injured while in need of something, he enters his mad scramble and increases storyline movement progress significantly.

    Back at the spot where he awoke, he searches the area for his club. While searching the ground around this spot where he crashed down, he comes across a cool, old fossil.

    Mystery Box Prize 25 - A Cool, Old Fossil: You may exchange an entry you've already submitted in the current mystery box deadline to submit 2 new cards for this box's challenge. (This prize is not valid for you unless you quickly request and submit a mystery box entry in the Mystery Box Challenges before submitting two cards for this entry.)

    Your ogre begins shaking the trees around the area... not sure which one he fell out of. Finally one big shake and some coins falls out, along with a broken satchel.

    Coins are symbolic of a mystery box prize: Prize 435 - Xplain Yoself (Deadline): You may activate this deadline in the mystery box challenges. If you do, everyone will have to explain why they made their entry the way they did as they post it.

    This is the tree he fell out of. He grabs the coins and sticks them in his pocket. Shaking the tree harder, his club falls out, right onto his head. *THUNK*. . . "OOOOH" He falls back and passes out.

    Create a gruul-colored sorcery that targets a creature you control.
  • @Jadefire your level 5 spellweb

    Choose 4, 5, or 6 of the following

  • I'll take Green 1, Cyan 2, Powder Blue 3, Red 1, Lavender 1, Lime Green 1.
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    In addition to some coins, you find another object, a pendant. This will be sellable at any market!
    Prize 315 - The Champion's Pendant: You may duel the previous deadline's winner: That was you so this won't matter for Mystery Boxes.

    You (your monkey) climbs up the tree where he'd been before. He climbs up through the canopy to the top. The storm fast approaching, he'd better not stay here for long, but he spots the tree that had been struck by lightning nearby. There's a limb that's been struck clean off. He starts to climb down this tree, having swung to it from higher up. Halfway down, he spots another campground a couple trees over. All the way there now, he hops down onto the ground and scopes out the area. Near the edge of the camp, he finds a key, but it's stuck in an ant hill. Do you wish to grab the key? Ants are crawling all over it... big red ants. Your monkey thinks twice at the moment, but will come back later when he makes his decision. He heads back to the tree and takes a seat against the base. *SIGH* Being a monkey means living a busy life. Always something to do. He holds up his hand and sees a bruise. Realising he'd hurt his hand on that fall during the thunder, he hadn't noticed it till now. Luckily it's not that bad, but will probably need to get wrapped in thick leaves or something to heal or prevent further injury. The search begins for banana leaves. After you decide if you'll grab the key or not, you must choose where you'll go. Referring back to the view from the canopy, you have 4 directions: 

    • Into the storm
    • Towards the mountains
    • Towards more jungle
    • Back the way you came towards the cliffs
    The man ran in a direction that's halfway in between the storm and more jungle.

    Create a green card with a flying creature in the artwork.

  • The monkey will make a note of the campground where the key is located in order to return to it later after the rain has washed away the ants.  In the meantime, he'll head north away from the storm and into more jungle where there will hopefully be some suitable leaves to bandage his hand. 
  • Create a green card with a flying creature in the artwork.

    Ready to level up.
  • Here you go @Jadefire - your level 6 spellweb
     Please choose 5 of the 7

  • I'll take Brown 1, Green 2, Powder Blue 3, Gray 3, Red 3.
  • I'll choose Purple 1, Blue 2, and both Browns.
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    @Jadefire - sorry ... small problem ... in order to pick the red (3), you need to pick a (2) connected to it ... same with the Grey (3)
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    Thy demon heads outside after a multi-day slumber. Back at the rock blocking the path now... he decides to take drastic measures. 

    Create a card that makes you sacrifice a creature for a positive gain.

    The slope is steep, but he has two options... up and around the boulder -or- by his cave, crawl into a tight crevice that he spotted. Choosing up and around the boulder may result in injury or extreme fatigue... and if he loses his hoofing, he could tumble down the mountain. Choosing the crevice could be a waste of time, impassable, or even could result in him getting stuck, lost, or worse.
  • OK, I think I'm getting how the connections work, you can split from a number into multiple larger numbers but you can't move laterally to a value that's not larger.

    I'll take Brown 1, Green 2, Powder Blue 3,  Cyan 2, Red 3.
  • right - the (1)'s are all connected to the center point of (0) so these are always the most easily chosen.
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