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    If the size is too big, I will re-adjust later I'm on mobile.
  • Also I use my coins to make people explain their mystery boxes
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    Create a spell that symbolizes endearing pain and persevering onward.

  • Can I join?
  • What do I do?
  • Oh wait, I'll read the instructions :p
  • @jpastor

    Uhm, sorry to bother, but it has been almost a week since I posted the card for the challenge (Create an enchantment that enters the battlefield with 3 counters on it of a certain type) and no reply to that. Meanwhile you have been replying normally to others. I don't mean to complain or anything, I am just wondering if I did somethign wrong. Like, do I have to redeem the spotlight prize before you give me my level 2 spellweb? Or is it something else that I am missing?
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    I apologize! For some reason, I have a tendency of skipping over people's posts in this discussion in particular. If ever you spot me giving someone their stuff before giving to you, let me know right away! 

    Choose 4 of the 6
    Here is your level 2 spellweb:

  • @Jadefire your monkey's high tolerance for pain becomes a new perk: Pain Tolerance I: Your monkey's minor injuries do not slow him down. 

    Unfortunately this minor injury will worsen if left untreated, and your pain tolerance is a blessing in disguise because the more he uses his hand, the worse it gets. The swelling is growing, and the hand is beginning to bulge. Pretty soon, he won't even be able to grip a tree branch. As he makes his way into the denser jungle he's nearly retracing the path the wounded man took until he peels away into a moderately overgrown path. From here he makes his way into a now very darkened undertow, thanks to the storm which is almost overhead. The lightning illuminating his pathways very well, he makes his way along when he comes to a small lean-to. Abandoned, but well-built. He takes a look inside and finds a few pots and a single coin lying inside for good luck. Whoever was here last knew the unwritten rule of respect for fellow expeditioners. Always leave a coin behind at your campsite for good luck! Still no sign of banana leaves in the area, and with the storm encroaching, there's no way to head up into the trees. He mushes onward through the darkness of the undertow. A bright bolt of lightning illuminates his path in time to see that the path splits into two wider paths... to the left seems clean and manageable, but to the right seemed to have more vines and ivy alongside the edges. Which path will you choose?

    Create a creature with a clause that starts with "Whenever you gain life..."

    Prize 255 - Card Shuffler: You may choose to reshuffle any challenges you find in mystery boxes this deadline. You can do so any number of times. "Who said life needs to be difficult?"
  • @Tonysparks
    your level 5 spellweb - choose 4, 5, or 6, of the 6

  • @ShadowReign your level 3 spellweb - choose 4 of the 6

  • @jpastor
    My choices: Baby Blue (1), Lime (1), Bluish Gray (2), and Lime (3).
  • @jpastor I choose 1(green), 1(pink), 1 (magenta) then the other 1(green) and 2 (l.purple)
  • Merged Strength
    There are plenty of useless lava demons lying around. With his newfound power, he'll attempt to climb up and around the boulder.
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    Create a creature with a clause that starts with "Whenever you gain life..."

    The monkey will take the clear path.
  • @ShadowReign your itchy character makes his way through a semi-rocky path that's moderately hilly and wooded. It's hugging a river, but you can't make your way to the river just yet, the slope is too steep. 

    Create a card of any type with the word "prevent" in the card text.

    Your character stumbles upon some ruins! You've heard about these ruins before. They are notorious for finding rare items if you look in the right places. Because of how remote they are and inaccessible, they are incredibly lightly trafficked and people can only plunder what they can carry in their pockets as they traverse the steep canyon cliffs back to civilization. This is a rare find indeed, and you did not expect to come across these ruins on your journey. These ruins are vast and have many explorable areas. Your best bet is to choose two spots to search for loot and then be on your way. You find a staircase that's crumbling, yet still intact... leading down to a chamber where there are plenty of rooms with secrets buried within. One such room, you enter excitedly... and you come across wall-art that depicts a Sun and a Moon. It also shows a person beneath these two objects lifting their arms up to both, but unable to reach. In an attempt to recreate this scene, you lift both arms up and attempt to touch both objects... but you cannot reach both at the same time... you can reach 1 of them.

    The Sun will contain two prizes...
    The Moon will contains two prizes...

    Which do you touch?
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    Your ogre awakens - reaching for his club, he grabs it and his coins and broken satchel and heads back into the jungle.. this time in a different direction from the scary hole. Almost immediately, he comes to an open prairie, and he spots a small house in the distance on a hill. He rushes over to it as he passes through a herd of sheep. Doesn't look like anyone is home. He invites himself into the home and roams around the interior. There he spots a piece of paper on the fridge! It's...
    Prize 10 [NEW!] - A Piece of the Riddle: The slip of paper reads, "… …creatures".
    He heads into the hallway where the coat closet is and finds a small sack. Better see if there's anything useful inside.
    Premium Prize 408 - A Bundle of 5 Prizes:
    • Prize 354 [NEW!] - Favorites: 2 of my choice + 3 of your choice 
    • Prize 447 [NEW!] - Favorites: On all entries submitted on this page.
    • Prize 264 - Limited Prizes (Deadline): Activating this deadline means (X prizes, chosen at random, are earnable for the duration of the deadline, where X = the number of cardsmiths who participated in the previous deadline.)
    • Prize 404 [NEW!] - Salt & Pepper: Two challenge options in your next mystery box.
    • Prize 196 - A Meteorite: There's an object inside the meteorite. Do you smash it or leave it be?
    He makes his way out of the house now, satisfied of his earnings. On his way out the door, he hears a man yell from the distance: "You scum! What're you doing in my house?"  Looking over his shoulder, he sees a man in overalls and a straw hat running at him. In a mad scramble, he runs the opposite direction towards some trees. After making his way through plenty of trees, he comes to rest at a small river with stepping stones that lead across. Looking back, there's no sign of the pursuer...

    You have a choice of mystery challenge here... your choice may impact your ogre's next storyline sequence.
    • Create a Planeswalker with starting loyalty 6.
    • Create a Host Creature card.
    • Create an artifact with two types of cycling.
  • @Jadefire your level 7 spellweb

    Please choose 4 or 5 of the 7

  • I'll take Gray 1, Green 2, Orange 3, Green 4, Red 1.
  • @jpastor ;

    I activate prize one and all 3 favorites can go into your favorite character in my fabled heroes or nightmarish tyrants sets.


    I also trigger prize two.


    I don't trigger prize three and four.

    And finally I smash the meteor, because "ogre love smashing things"

    I put the clue with the funny magic words in my satchel, assuming I had time to get it.
  • @jpastor

    *Create an artifact with two types of cycling*

    The illiterate ogre found a book, and attempts to learn reading, the first cycling ability, represents him getting frustrated when he doesn't understand something and just using the book as a weapon (Red) and the second cycling ability represents him actually trying and learning (Blue). 
  • @Tonysparks - I don't know if you can change an evergreen mechanic like that. You might need to give it a new name. Something like this maybe, but geared toward your effect.

  • @Corwinnn you are probably right, I adapted it due to lack of space.
  • also nice pun
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    Working on some things!
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    @Tonysparks - I've applied your prizes!
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    If you wish to see what's happening with the smashed meteor! - Your Ogre looks up into the sky and sees a flickering star... it's not even nighttime... merely dusk

    The smashed meteorite, resting in pieces on the ground, your ogre looks back into the sky... The star has a tail now... oh boy. 

    The ground around you begins to shake... what the.... 

    @Jadefire's monkey feels the ground beginning to quake as well.. @ShadowReign's Warrior gets crushed as debris from the ruins and the ceiling caves in on him... Poor @AboveAndAbout's Demon crashes down the slopes as he loses his footing, falling and tumbling down the slope he once stood atop of.

    Your ogre stares at the ground as all the meteorite fragments begin glowing.... You look up at the sky once more... the star now looks like a fireball! Oh dear... it's a comet!!!

    Your ogre runs in the opposite direction...
    @KorandAngels Horse scurries onward toward a small range of foothills...

    The whole world is shaking now as the comet approaches...

    @Castiel_Demiurge's character ducks for cover under an overhanging rock... meanwhile @pstmdrn's beloved old man falls to the ground as a building next to him collapses... burying him in the debris..

    Suddenly, the quaking stops. @Zaheer_The_Grim's ranger looks up through the trees, as he continues to brace himself from the ceased shaking...

    Everyone that survived the shaking looks up... @KorandAngels's demon reaches the bottom of the slope... legs and limbs twisted and broken, he's staring at the sky as he lays helplessly on his back...

    All eyes on the sky as the silence is broken by a sonic boom as the comet enters the atmosphere. All eyes track it as it soars through the horizon... the sound reminiscent of a tornado engulfing a freight train... it's trail of smoke and fire streaking... it flies... it flies... it flies... In a ball of light, half the characters are vaporized instantly by the light... earth upheaved, high into the sky... the wave of flame approaching from all directions... It's not even close when the heat burns away all remaining flesh of most characters... Meanwhile, the demon lies helplessly as the heat is a tolerable thing, still the fire approaches him. He, too, will be consumed....

    The world burned to a crisp, all characters, all life... must start over...

    Spellwebs will resume in the Mystery Box Challenges as a series of activatable modes that can be earned as prizes. Due to the demand of these, an abundance of such prizes has been added to the prize list. All points earned remain intact. When a Spellwebs mode activates for the first time in the Mystery Box discussion, everyone will resume as a level 1 character of their choice. When the spellwebs mode concludes... it will be paused until the next activation where everyone will resume where they left off.

    Thank you for being a part of my test run of the Spellwebs Mystery Box Mode. - I bet you didn't see this coming... but that prize was the Curse of the Comet, which has dire consequences if mishandled...
  • Yikes, sorry everyone haha
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