• Who knew the comet was a nuclear launch code, at worst I was expecting a soul stealing ghost to fly out.
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    *(Inquiry answered)*
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    I apologize! For some reason, I have a tendency of skipping over people's posts in this discussion in particular. If ever you spot me giving someone their stuff before giving to you, let me know right away! 

    Choose 4 of the 6
    Here is your level 2 spellweb:

    Sorry for the late reply, life's been busy. Okay, so...I'll choose, going counter clockwise, light blue 1, light blue 1, yellow 1 and green 2.

  • @AzraelDawnson
    No worries - check out this post though.. it's really important
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    I'm reopening this discussion full time!

    • We are going back in time to before the comet struck the world, killing you all. There is no longer a comet or anything to fear. Let's agree to erase this unfortunate circumstance from our memories.
    • Prize list is now 139 deep instead of 540. No destruction prizes will ever happen again.
    Each of you will be receiving your next Spellweb or storyline piece momentarily.
  • Are new people still allowed to join?
  • Again, I seemingly don't understand the concept.
  • @AzraelDawnson
    Your injured Warrior finishes talking to the nurse and leaves the tent to scope the surroundings. The nurse informed you to wait another day for the scout to return with the pieces needed to assemble you a new limb. In the meantime, you seem well enough to walk, despite the nurse's suggestions that you stay in bed and rest. While walking around you notice several other tents, each with injured soldiers like yourself.
    Create an enchantment that pumps your creatures' toughness.
    Create a Sorcery that lowers a creatures toughness.
    Your Warrior wanders over to a well-lit tent. Inside he finds a study with nobody around. He scans a couple of the journals lying on the table. A candle stand producing just the right amount of light stands aflame next to the journals, a small cobweb strung between its arms.
    Prize 140 - Spider Silk: You may choose 6 of your next Spellweb's colors.
    A man comes in, shouting, "What are you doing in here?"

    What's your response:
    • "Please pardon me. I just woke up and don't know where I am at."
    • "Just looking for something I can take. Stay out of my way."
    • "What are these journals about?"
  • @Aggroman15
    yes new people can arrive at any time
  • Ok in that case I'm waiting for my next prompt. I submitted the book
  • @KorandAngels
    I messaged you!
    Let me know if you have any questions!
  • @Tonyspark your level 6 Spellweb - choose 5-7 of the options.
    • Pink 1
    • Pink 1
    • Pink 2
    • Yellow 1
    • Light Blue 1
    • Dark Blue 2
    • Red 3

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    After a long night of walking the easy path through the storm, you monkey awakens from the inside of the trunk of a tree where he had crashed for the night. His hand now completely swollen. He needs to find some materials for first aid. Crawling out from the tree, Monkey begins looking at the plant life nearby. The sunlit forest floor blossoms with flowers and mushrooms alike. He grabs a thick piece of bark off a large tree... revealing some yummy termites underneath. A good breakfast. Monkey takes the piece of bark with him and heads to a slimmer tree, where he begins breaking some sticks... these sticks are easily strippable, as he fastens the bark to his hand and lashes the strips around... pulling tight.... *CRACK* - Monkey screams out in pain!

    A couple a minutes later, he awakes. Guess he passed out briefly from the anguish. His hand will heal with the splint he crafted, but Monkey must find some medicinal products to aid the pain.

    A new perk unlocked: Craft I - Your monkey can scrap together resources found in nature to construct primitive items from scratch.

    Monkey scours the ground nearby for remedies, and finds a shiny rock... it contains some Gold

    Gold indicates you've earned a premium prize. It also is a valuable commodity in your spellwebs journey. Prize 62 - Featured Card

    A Mystery Challenge: 
    Create an Artifact with a domain ability.
  • @jpastor 1 pink, 1 l blue, 1 pink, 2 pink and 1 yellow
  • @ShadowReign here's your last piece of storyline (Remains unfinished.) Whenever you get around to it.

    Your itchy character makes his way through a semi-rocky path that's moderately hilly and wooded. It's hugging a river, but you can't make your way to the river just yet, the slope is too steep. 

    Create a card of any type with the word "prevent" in the card text.

    Your character stumbles upon some ruins! You've heard about these ruins before. They are notorious for finding rare items if you look in the right places. Because of how remote they are and inaccessible, they are incredibly lightly trafficked and people can only plunder what they can carry in their pockets as they traverse the steep canyon cliffs back to civilization. This is a rare find indeed, and you did not expect to come across these ruins on your journey. These ruins are vast and have many explorable areas. Your best bet is to choose two spots to search for loot and then be on your way. You find a staircase that's crumbling, yet still intact... leading down to a chamber where there are plenty of rooms with secrets buried within. One such room, you enter excitedly... and you come across wall-art that depicts a Sun and a Moon. It also shows a person beneath these two objects lifting their arms up to both, but unable to reach. In an attempt to recreate this scene, you lift both arms up and attempt to touch both objects... but you cannot reach both at the same time... you can reach 1 of them.

    The Sun will contain two prizes...
    The Moon will contains two prizes...

    Which do you touch?
  • @AboveAndAbout your level 3 Spellweb: Choose 4-6 of the options...
    • Green 1
    • Green 2
    • Purple 3
    • Gold 4
    • Green 5
    • Orange 1

  • @WarriorCatInAhat
    Here is your last posting... whenever you get around to it!

    Your Illithid crawls it's way out of the water and onto the shore of the pebbly beach of the St. Marian Ocean. Banished from his kingdom for reasons his appeal to innocence were not accepted. He's in search of a new home. He can survive outside of water, but only for so long. He comes to a junction, there's a tributary that leads to somewhere, and there's a smaller canal to the right that seems manmade, but abandoned or seldom used.
    For the time being, it's best to hop back into the water in the ocean. He spotted a small cave underwater. Nothing special, but it will shelter him from the currents while he comes to make a decision. As well, he is quite hungry as he forgot about food on the one way ticket out of his former home. He heads back in, the water murky, but he can still sense the vibrations in the water. He's sensing nothing though. No life nearby. He'll certainly have to keep a lookout for food sources nearby.

    Your Illithid has received its first perk, Amphibious.

    Which waterway will you choose?

    A Mystery Challenge: Create a sorcery or enchantment that exiles a creature on the battlefield.
  • @KorandAngels

    Here's where you left off... your character is at a fork in the road. You'll need to decide which way he'll go and submit a card for your mystery challenge.

    Analyzing the options... left looks like the main path, but is most definitely rockier and appears to head towards higher elevation, whereas the rightward path is more well-trodden, a little dusty, mostly flat, and lightly wooded.

    Which path do you take?

    A Mystery Challenge: Create a creature that can't attack unless defending player controls a _____.
  • @Castiel_Demiurge
    Hi buddy - Here is where you left off on your journey.. your level 3 Spellweb - Please 4-6 of the options:
    • Lavender 1
    • Green 2
    • Red 3
    • Brown 1
    • Navy 2
    • Purple 3

  • Hi @Zaheer_The_Grim
    You left off waiting for your next Spellweb. Here it is... Level 4. Please choose 5 of the 7 options:
    • Blue 1
    • Pink 1
    • Lavender 1
    • Green 2
    • Purple 1
    • Red 2
    • Lime 2

  • @pstmdrn

    Here is where you left off: You've got some unfinished tasks!

    Along the way to the well, he passes through a small hut where a homeless man was sleeping. He stumbles over the man and nearly falls. The homeless man wakes up and murmurs to himself. As you get to the well, you realize you must have dropped your water pouch when you tripped over the homeless man. He must have it. Too thirsty now to go back, you head to the well stand where there's a man selling more cups. You barely have enough coins to pay for the cup, but luckily just enough. *SIP, SIP, GULP* "AHHHHHHH - YUMMY."  Head back the way you came to see if the water jug is there? -or- Head to the market, a short walk from here.

    • Decide your path
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a permanent that gains you life as an activated ability.
  • @cadstar369
    Here's where you left off!

    your level 4 spellweb
    Choose 4 or 5 of the 7
    • Navy 1
    • Lime 1
    • Green 2
    • Lime 1
    • Green 2
    • Red 3
    • Red 4

  • @Corwinnn
    Here you go... you've been awaiting your next Spellweb! Level 3: Choose 4-6 of the options...

    In Corwinnn terms...
    • Deep Sea Blue 1
    • Burn Bacon 1
    • Hazy Sky 2
    • Sympathy Flower 3
    • Olive Garnish 1
    • Flooded Lagoon 1

  • @jpastor the Corwinnn colors had me cracking up. :D

    I'd like Lime 1, Emerald 2, Amaranth 3, Red 4, & Navy 1 please. (Acrostic ahoy!)
  • Don't forget my choice above ^
  • @Tonysparks your ogre hops across the river... the path taking him through a couple of campsites. Nothing much to see here. You're almost out of the woods when you come across a girl lying down on top of a rock. She's asleep, though. Common sense says not to startle her awake with your ogre breath. So, you sneak by her and exit the woods. Looks like there is another clearing here with some goats roaming the land and a few horses. Your ogre looks at the path in front of him and stops. He wishes to make a decision:


    Decide your path
    • Follow the path - it looks like it follows some rolling hills
    • Leave the path and go straight... it looks like it heads downslope towards a valley, but there's no clear path.
    • Leave the path and go left... It looks like there's a lake in the distance, but you can't quite make it out for sure.
    A Mystery Challenge: Create a mono-green evasion spell.

  • @cadstar369
     on the way to the hangar bay, your Bard stops at the cantina. It's more like a cafeteria, but nonetheless... hunger sets in when you smell roast Camel. A yummy meal indeed, your Bard spends the remainder of his coins on the meal and makes his way along the route to the hangar. Entering the hangar, you come across several ships... The hangar is massive. As well, there is an outer hangar with several bridges connected to docked vessels... "Hmmm." "Ssssssweeet!"
    • Choose one of the following perks... it will tie to your next bit of story:
    Sneaky - You're more than capable of becoming a stowaway on a number of vessels.
    Hasty - You're excitement for all the selections of ships leads you to make some irrational decisions.
    Based on your decision above - 
    A Mystery Challenge: Create a Vehicle that's the Ship you'll be going for.
  • hi everyone - I've made the decision that I'm going live the remainder of the day!

    I have something special "Spellwebs-wise" planned for viewers who join today!

    11:15 am Central Time - 5:00PM Central Time


  • I shall claim the following colors...

    • Burn Bacon 1
    • Hazy Sky 2
    • Sympathy Flower 3
    • Olive Garnish 1
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