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Hello everyone =D

As you know, the latest MTG set has introduced three dungeons into the game:

They all work pretty much the same way and are mostly defined by their length. So, I was curious to see if any of you had designed alternative dungeons yet! =)

I'll start with my first one, the Clicking Burrow:

It introduces three new ideas:
  • An ability that last until you finish the dungeon.
  • An ability that becomes more and more powerful when you go back in the same room.
  • A loop that allows you to go back into previous rooms.
I hope more people are inspired by dungeons and want to share their concepts (it doesn't have to look realistic, feel free to share even just raw concepts)!


  • @ningyounk With what kind of app?
  • @Castiel_Demiurge

    I did mine on Photoshop but feel free to use anything, just a black and white drawing is good enough! ^^
  • I had made a joke on discord about a pokemon dungeon where the only rooms are zubat encounters, and one minute later @Arceus8523 replied with this (Arceus, I hope you don't mind me sharing it. It's just too funny):

    I'll post a serious dungeon in a little bit.
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    Excuse my bad handwriting. I feel like the rooms would need to be balanced, but I think a dungeon with a trapped room that sends you back could be cool. The final room definitely needs a better reward, but I think that this is a neat concept. Also, for Pitfall, you don't get any triggered ability when you enter the room, but you can pay three mana to leave it.

  • @feralitator

    Hahaha yeap, I was like 6 years-old when I played Pokemon Yellow for the first time and that's about how it felt xD

    I'm loving the idea of the pitfall and how you might fall in it, it's super interesting! Great concept =D


    I had quite some fun with the first one so I made a second custom dungeon with some more novelties:

    • The first room has no effect but set up the rest of the dungeon. Because I consider the first room to be the most important, I upped the power level of the rest of the dungeon a bit. (And also because after trying it on Arena I found the current dungeons not worth exploring, I often find myself relieved to see the opponent is investing their ressources into trying to venture deeper ^^")
    • The whole dungeon is made specifically for tribal decks.
    • The dungeon is presented horizontally, I just wanted to see how it would look xD
    • The dungeon has 9 open rooms, which creates quite a few different paths. I put the strongest effects in the third rooms along the diagonal because you can't activate two of them in the same run of the dungeon.


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    Sure, so here are some ideas of mine, I mean what awaits at the last floor of the dungeons:


    Lair of the Hydra
    Target player creates The Hydra, a legendary 4/4 green Hydra creature token with trample and "When this creature dies, distribute X +1/+1 counters among any number of target creatures you control, where X is this creature's power."


    Pit of the Chimera
    Target player creates The Chimera, a legendary 3/3 blue Chimera creature token with flying and "When this creature dies, draw three cards."


    Sanctuary of the Angel
    Target player creates The Angel, a legendary 4/4 white Angel creature token with flying and vigilance and "When this creature dies, you gain life equal to its power."


    Maze of the Minotaur 
    Target player creates The Minotaur, a legendary 3/3 red Minotaur creature token with double strike and "When this creature dies, it deals 3 damage to each opponent."


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    I like the idea of having dungeons flavoured around bosses! The three actual dungeons feel pretty interchangeable in terms of effects - ok, outside of Tomb of Annihilation that feels pretty black - so that might be a way of giving them more flavourful effects. 

    That being said, there are some really wordy effects in there; The description of that Hydra token would take half the dungeon by itself xD

    P.S: Oh you just gave me a really cool idea with what you just wrote about the bosses waiting in the last room of the dungeon! I'm going to try to make a dungeon you can only enter at the end of another dungeon, like a deeper secret level with stronger effects.
  • @ningyounk ;

    Ah a multilevel dungeon, nice. Although balancing dungeons' effects are kinda tricky though.
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    I worked myself a little bit on custom dungeon ideas, and this is the first thing i have came up with. My goal was creating dungeons that bring over more of what dungeon and dragon is inside of magic, are in line with the other dungeons, but have different rewards or approaches on what a "dungeon" is. For this one, it offers a special reward if you manage to keep your "Merchant NPC" alive till the end of the dungeon, but wont go out empty handed if he does end up dying.
    I also balanced the lenght around a more heavily dungeon focused deck, since i mainly play a Sefris Commander deck, and me, and my playgroup are scared of how fast i managed to go through the current dungeons. To keep myself entertained, without gaining to much of an upper hand in the game, i plan on doing more of them, to have a fun time, and not always went throught the same dungeons many times. But also i want to see if others like my idea as well.
    Okay, ill stop it here, before i write an actual book ^^"
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