Redeem the Realms!

Well, Adventures in the Forgotten Realms has come out.

And it seems to have forgotten a lot of stuff. 

Top of my head, not having cards that use the Adventure or Party mechanics.

Worse, they have a lot of flavor fails.  Doom Blade is a simple spell and the supposed 9th level spell the pinnacle of human magic - is just as easy to cast.  Worse, a real PWK doesn't care what type of creature is and can kill many small creatures.

I call on everyone disappointed poor execution, things lost of translation, untrue to their basic origins, a flavor facepalm, or artless artwork to fix things.

Edit - accounts back up and links enabled, so examples of a a couple of classic D&D spells, one new and one redone: -

image image >


  • the reason for party not being in the set is pretty simple if you think about it. For party to be a viable mechanic, most if not all creatures would have to be Warriors, Rogues, Wizards, and/or Clerics, which are less than 1/3 of the classes currently represented in D&d 5e. As for Adventures, they were certainly not forgotten, rather eschewed as they were recently used and also dungeons fill that adventuring flavor aspect. Also I'm not sure what edition you play, but in 5e Power Word Kill can most certainly not target more than one creature. 
  • As for myself, D&D sort of jumped the shard with 4th edition when they basically rebooted the whole system.  I understand why other people like it, but not really for me.
    So I try to look at the FR over multiple editions, and I admit I'm not that familiar with their current state.

    I had commented over on r/mtgVorthos and it seems a lot of people had disappointments.  I thought some might like to show how the would fix it.

    I now my PWK is awkwardly wordy, and I have seen a couple of others   I made it to represent the 1st edition one.

    I just took a look at the 5E, for example, and it seems to have no limit as to what the creature can be, but it does have a hit point limit .  So, the AotFR MTG card does not represent that well.

    I don't doubt the current rules give lots of class options, but those 4 have, under one name or another, been the core classes from not just the beginning of the game, but the main archetypes of Sword & Sorcery in general.  Most classes are just a specialized  or uniquely flavored version of the four.
  • I also made my own mind flayer/illithid creature, with a mechanic just for mind flayers that I think makes more sense that the official card's control ability. I also think that illithids should have had their own creature type, because then there could be some mind flayer/illithid tribal and that would be cool.
    Mind Flayer

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    Beholders Ire

    I made a version of the beholder's eye rays for another contest (dealing with legendaries - hence the legendary typing) that I thought would fit them before I learned that Wizards typed beholders as mainly black. (Link is embedded in the image.)
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