The Phantom Coin Hunt (Ongoing)

Hello there! Since I have lots of ideas for smaller-sized challanges and I don't think it would be good to flood the forums with them, I create this ongoing contest, where I have the opportunity to showcase my ideas.

Each week (aproximately) there will be three challanges that you can choose from and submit cards for. You can only submit one card for each challange of the current week, but you can submit a card for all three and therefore potentially score in all three. You can't submit old cards. 

For each challange, there will be only two "winners" - the first place recieving 3 phantom coins and the second one recieving 2 phantom coins. To learn about the coins, look into my humble little shop:

(Please note that it is possible, that these things will change and if that happens, I will try to announce them clearly.)

So now, let's get to some card-smithing.


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