Myths and Legends

Hello!  So, as the name implies, this contest is for myths and legends.  Basically, the goal here is to make cards off of myths and legends(I've been using this phrase a lot).  However, you won't be making single cards, you will be making a set of four or more cards that have a relation to the story of your choice.  Please read the instructions below:

1. Choose your myth or legend and tell me in this forum what it is.
2. Then create four or more cards that have a strong relation to the story(So, you can't do the tree in the back of the forest).
3. No urban legends(This is the reason for step one.  I'll tell you if it is an urban legend or not.).
4. No old cards and obviously no inappropriate art.
5. Tell me when you have posted four cards.  If you want you can post more, just tell me when you have made at least four cards.

I will judge each separate card and the whole set.  Good luck!


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