Unstable Donkeys (+more)

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These are some cards I made for fun using a mash between many googled images.   I'm not sure if the names, wording or anything voilate the terms of service due to the fact that 'ass' cards have been a part of the MTG 'un' sets forever ; so if they do, please notify me, then close/lock this thread.   If not, then enjoy the laughs :)

*Update*  I erased one from the thread that may be considered offensive.

*2ND UPDATE*  Added some more silver border cards for a custom set i'm making for a custom card draft.  I'm calling this set UNBaLANCd.

[Donkeys are HERE]



  • "Ass" cards are good, as long as they don't have... well you know!
  • These names are all good. In fact - I think it could be a mystery mode, but we won't do that just yet lol - also these asses are really big
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    @jpastor,  Lol I agree.

    I made an 'Ass' creature with augment called 'Half-Ass', though its ability text wording was meant to imply something non-PG-13 which is why I removed it from the thread. 
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    Yes 'Uberkuul' is a pun version of 'Emrakul', and 'My Goth Phase'is a black version of 'Celestial Dawn'.  Someone made a Teferi Planeswalker that I really like, so I used the same idea for Planeswalker Loadscreen.  
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    The Magic Word is mega busted.

    Changing the word "lose" in "You lose the game" with "You win the game" is just too easy.
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    I'd have to disagree.  In a normal black bordered set, i'd agree with that because of cards like 'Demonic Pact' or 'Pact of the Titan'.   But in a silver border game I think that situation adds to the purpose of silver bordered set, which is Comedy. So it would be okay being a little broken.

    Winning or losing that way in a silver set could be a comedic justice when people attempt to use insta-win or insta-lose cards.  But that's just my opinion. 
  • Would like to add more to this set if anyone has any ideas.  Would like to have a casual draft.
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