Dig Through Time - Unappreciated Cards Contest #1

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Greetings MTGSmiths young and old! I would like you to come with me on a journey, to the past creations of MTGCardSmith that may not have made it out of the "Recent" section, and in to the "Popular" section, as we Dig Through Time!
If a card doesn't receive a favourite quick enough, it's basically lost to Foegod hell and into antiquity! Let's dig up those gems!

This contest is simple:
Post a card that was made on or before the 20th of August, 2021 that didn't get any favourites. We shall appreciate them here! I will give my thoughts on the card, and a score from 1 minute to 60 minutes - roughly how much of my day I spent appreciating your card. (Scores are subject to change)

One last rule: Post as many cards as you like but, for each card, you must go to the "Recent" section on Mtgcardsmith and look for a card you like, and favourite it.
AND/OR, write something to appreciate the card(s) above yours in this thread.

I'll start us off:

"Phyrexian Necropolis" is a card I created when I was going through my wither phase (It's not a PHASE).

 The card from "Recent" I favourited is "Shush "by ZAHADOOM!

On the 31st of November I will announce the top 3 winners, and as a reward I will go through all three of the winners' MTG profiles and leave admiration and favourites.

I want this contest to be a reminder to all our MTGSmiths to remember to check out the "Recent" page every now and then for that lonely Smith whose cards deserve appreciation! :D


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    I have appreciated the previous card with a favorite! I also Favorited a Recent card and left a jovial comment.

    Tracking the Obvious

    Here is a card that was made for the Mystery Box Challenges.
    The challenge was to make a card with Scry and it's reminder text.

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    @Corwinnn, I really love the simplistic, and yet, immersive, and whimsical feel this card gives me. The flavour could be a little more poetic, but it's all there! It's even inspired me to create my own card with few words but lots of flavour!
    I do tend to favour making cards that are complex and game-breaking. xD

    "Tracking the Obvious" gets a score of 40 minutes! ~ *

  • @Avalanche17

    I am utterly baffled as to how this masterpiece by @shadow123 has flown under the radar:

    Beyond the Horizon
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    Favorited Steamshaper by @PregoCleric. As for the underappreciated card, I'm going to do some shameless self-promotion. (I don't remember who exactly is responsible for Landmorph, but it is one of my favorite mechanics on this forum. It also occurs to me that is kinda a "fixed" mox.)
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  • Digging through today's recent creations turned up Divine Gemstoners by Psyre (which I have favorited). Since that card was made today though, I went looking through their cards and thought this one deserved a shout out:
    Ilumia Ignited Mind
    Also, as someone with a Ydris -1/-1 counter deck, I love Phyrexian Necropolis. Tracking the Obvious also might be one of my favorite fogs to date. :)
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    @HeroKP, This is beautiful. The theme is spectacular and spot on. This is a perfect example of one of those real gems that goes under the radar. There's nothing negative I can say about this card - it's really a thing of beauty.

    "Beyond the Horizon" gets a score of 54 minutes! ~ *
    (I hope you had a look through the "Recent" page after posting your card!)
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    @IanLowenthal, This card is really cute. And I mean cute in a good way. 
    It's a simple mana fix that you might want to pick up in a draft. Nice and creative, but lacking a little in pazazz. If I were more familiar with Landmorph I would probably have a different opinion xD. Also, it is begging for flavour!@ Give it to me!

    "Diamond Mountain" gets a score of 42 minutes! ~ *

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    @cadstar369, I love everything about this card:
    The first ability is epic. The second ability is clean. Together the two abilities feel fairly balanced without being gamebreaking. Although, I feel like in play this card wouldn't be as strong as it tries to be. I would probably make the second ability straight up reveal that player's hand. But I usually favour making game-breaking cards... I think I have a problem!
    Flavour has nice alliteration... could use something... But delicious nontheless. ^^

    "Ilumia, Ignited Mind" gets a score of 48 minutes! ~ *
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    @MrRansom, Cool card! Fan of the flavour, and I feel the multicolored spell is like something shiny that brings the Eels out of hiding!
    The recurring effect is quite strong, and since I haven't played that strategy before, I can't really judge balance, but it feels to me you should have to at least pay {1} (Or {B}, ooooh) to return the Eel to your hand.

    "Gravedweller Eel" gets a score of 33 minutes! ~ *
    (I hope you had a look through the "Recent" page after posting your card!)

  • https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/archprophet-of-devolution
    On the card there's hidden text saying "Errata: This creature is a Legendary creature - Insect Warlock."
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    Before I score your card, @KorandAngels, I have to ask, what can purple mana be used for?
    (Also, I hope you had a look through the "Recent" page after posting your card!)
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    What was in the recent? Also, Purple was made for a secondary thing that used to exist as kinda a joke.
  • Firstly, I just looked down at the four most Recent cards and found a design I quite enjoyed: Creeping Moss Shield by @Spatialdebris.
    I'm going to be one of those folxs to share their own card, in part because we have a new Innistrad set right around the corner and my first Magic deck was vampires, and so I was a little disappointed this card flew under the radar.

  • @HeroKP Hahaha thank you so much! I haven't been very active recently, so sorry this is a little late
  • @shadow123

    Well, we miss you.
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    @KorandAngels, I'm a big fan here of the purple mana. Also a big fan of the combination of Menace & Rampage.
    A little nit-picky, but for the card to be perfect, the keywords would be written:
    "Menace, reach"
    (But a debatable wording order and full-stop is barely something to judge harshly). Also I feel like it's fair at 3 CMC since it's legendary :) 
    Wicked stuff. Also I see there's a bit of room at the bottom of the card for some flavour text, hmmm??

    "Archprophet of Devolution" gets a score of 33 minutes! ~ *
    (Click here to go to the "Recent" page and maybe you'll find a card you like!)
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    @Red_Tower, I Love this card! I feel like it needs moar since it costs {B}{B}{B} (and I'm comparing it to "Breathless Knight" which is a common, and "Healer's Flock"). But the synergy with cards like "Homicidal Seclusion" and "Deadly Wanderings" make it strong. Maybe bump it to a 2/3 or {1}{B}{B}..? Idk, I'm no judge. (Oh wait, right now I am). I still love the card and I'm in love with the theme and flavour! ^^

    Also wording-wise I would probably go with this:
    When Melancholy Master enters the battlefield, if you control no other creatures, put two +1/+1 counters on it.
    (Formatting is just a fun hobby of mine, don't take it too seriously xP)

    "Melancholy Master" gets a score of 36 minutes! ~ *
  • Thanks for the feedback @Avalanche17! Power-level wise this was made a couple of years ago and was also designed at least partially with OG Innistrad block in mind, but at this point I agree it probably could have been pushed a little bit further.
    I'm also a fan of formatting, and upon looking around at examples agree yours is better. I'd like to think I've improved in that aspect some in the couple years since I made it at least!
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    I made these cards before August... Yet no one came and favored em.



    I favorited this card,


    Because it's interesting while remained true to all colors. Black forces player to exile permanent with chosen type by Blue and it allows card to be casted from the graveyard. While Black should destroy, but White turns it into exile as well.

    It is uncommon, therefore, it should be fairly complex and it is what I wanted.
  • Alright, this is my first Magic the Gathering Cardsmith card. I made this on September 28, 2018 during school. It is a card of the meme Thanos Car. 

    As you can see, the card is off color, badly templated, and I thought that the artist credit was for who made the card. I didn't even know what Rakdos or hybrid mana was. I've come a long way since then. 
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    I'm late! Oh, so late!
    Sorry everyone! (especially those who noticed that the deadline had changed (Also yes, I am aware November 31st doesn't exist.)) xD

    @FireOfGolden, I'm not a huge fan of Onman but I LOVE the art! Keep on drawing!
    Maxman has some cool abilities and feels like a very inspired card. I'm a huge fan of their passive and first abilities!

    Since the rules state: "for each card, you must go to the "Recent" section on Mtgcardsmith and look for a card you like, and favourite it." I'll be grading your cards together with an average score.
    "Onman, the Betrayer" gets a score of  24 minutes! ~ *
    "Maxman, the Selfish King" gets a score of  36 minutes! ~ *
    Giving you an average score of 30 minutes! ~ *

    @SPyBondPlays, Good lawd, what am I looking at?! This card belongs in Foegod hell!
    Gotta say it does give that bittersweet feeling of nostalgia of my early Cardsmith days xD

    "Thanos Car" gets a generous score of 20 minutes! ~ *

    @Globert-the-Martian, I'm sorry but since you didn't show a recent card, your submission won't be "appreciated". (I still gave it a cheeky favourite for the flavour text alone ;))


    @HeroKP, with 54 minutes! ~ ***
    @cadstar369, with 48 minutes! ~ **
    @IanLowenthal, with 42 minutes! ~ *

    You've all gained a new follower!
    And I'll be spending the rest of today going through each of your collections! <3

    OK, today I'll be ENDING the contest. It might return soon, I just haven't been in the right headspace to leave room for you all.
    Thank you to everyone for participating! Don't forget to continue checking the "Recent" section of MTGCardsmith to support all our fellow Smithies!
  • @Avalanche17 my bad, I guess I misunderstood the rules. Thanks for the favorite!
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