COLONIZERS Arc 2 (S1) - Colonizers of Myria



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    Story Segment

    With their leaders unconscious and recovering from quelling the rift, the guild was briefly thrown into violent disarray when the world fractured around them. With Raim at the helm, the guild reinforced their defensive position as best they could while the plane settled.

    Just when the Cosmos Circle was going to scout the current state of the land surrounding Reya, they caught sight of what looked like will-o'-wisps approaching from the scorched land. When the flames resolved into burning weapons, Raim strode out with a pair of guards to meet the newcomers while the guild prepared for things to take a turn for the worse.

    As luck would have it, they were fellow advocates of nature, crusading to restore the land. With their mission so closely aligned with Apothecaria Salvia's, Raim deliberated a scant few moments before offering the guild's support. With the guildmasters indisposed, a proper contract would have to be drawn up and signed at a later date; for the time being Raim prepared a gift of a few dozen concoctions to send with Burning Valleys and their companions.


    The next morning, Raim found Ruut struggling to meditate, Macoto asleep against his back. "Should you be awake already?" Raim asked, crouching nearby. "You can't have recovered from that song."

    Ruut looked over, laying his staff across his lap. "I have recovered enough to perform administrative duties, if nothing else. Would you enlighten me as to what broke the world? The serenade definitely succeeded."

    "That is currently unknown. It took all we had to minimize our losses during the event. Shortly afterward, the guild was visited by a new faction aiming to take out the True Gods Cult and Antaias. I have gifted them a number of concoctions and offered the guild's support. We were waiting for you to recover before drawing up the contract."

    "Inform them of our creed; make sure they understand why we will be acting solely in a supportive role instead of sending our people to the front. Offer them a steady supply of our concoctions and security along supply routes. Anything extra will require an additional contract, but so long as they do nothing to us we will treat them well and offer access to all our services."

    "I figured you'd say something like that; a Jacaranda Circle scribe will come by tonight with a draft of the contract."

    "They are likely excited to make the guild's first contract on this plane a success; expect it to be ready tomorrow morning."

    "Alright; anything else you wanna talk about before I head off?"

    "Nothing comes to mind; I will return to meditating in an effort to–"

    "Don't force it. You've already slept through one calamity, so I think we can manage to hold on until you two have regained your strength."

    Raim smiled as he got up, leaving before Ruut had a chance to respond.

    It appears Macoto was right, Ruut thought. We have talented subordinates that know us well. Perhaps I should pass on some of my old recipes…

    Ruut returned to his meditation, slipping into a light sleep after a few hours.

    Additional Notes
    Shorter segment this time around; tried to write it in such a way that nothing from my previous segment had to get redacted (since the current event took place in the middle of it).

    The gift package to Burning Valley and company is mainly comprised of all potions I've posted on MTGCS except Ricinus Dust. Figured I'd introduce a new potion since the guild is on the verge of sealing its first contract.
    Segment Cards (Apothecaria Salvia collection)
    Clematis Smokeveil Guild Contract

  • The True Ruler demands submission from the land. First the people were empowered to survive. Now the lands must be made to yield before the dominion of the queen.

    Such incredible power as can be controlled by a single entity is spread out into the vessel of her vassals. Knights and clerics. Warlocks and demons. Each and every beast that serves the throne is marshalled for what most believe to be a call to war.
    It is not so though. The queen summons all the men, women, and beings of the kingdom for a different task than war.


    The court finally convenes with an immense audience. The queen looks them over. Ascending from her throne for the first time in days. 
    "This plane is hostile. It is disordered. It is Wrong. It has not been set for the good of our people. I'm setting a new Edict." The Queen of the Antaias Kingdom proclaims.

    Whispers spread across the crowd as the queen pauses, retaking her seat upon the throne.

    "Let it be known, on this day, that a new authority shall be set in place. A Chain of Being. Each beholden to their master. Each master beholden to their duty. All duty in service to the throne. The throne held on account to the kingdom's providence." She says in a voice that binds the souls of her people.

    An ancient rite, the declaration of a new Chain of Being. With a wave of the Queen's hand the whole kingdom was put in order. From the sky above to the land below, each became under the rule of the great Chain. Knights above soldiers. The ancient pacts reforged as they adjoined every link together. Suddenly creatures began forming. The new law made manifest. They quickly went forth to carry the True Ruler's will upon all the land.
    Manifest Law
    The manifestations of the law began warping the land. Where people were suffering under unnatural heat, they gave protection. No strange magics would beset the people any longer. Even foreigners entering the land would find the incarnate beasts protecting them as the law was universal in the lands touched and claimed by the kingdom.
    Where the beasts weren't strong enough to impose law they consumed citizens until they were strong enough. Hundreds were sacrificed for the Chain to be forged.

    Ordering The Realm
    As the lands were forced into new shape and brought to heel the sign of the true ruler shone in the sky. She was there. Where ever the Chain reached, so did she. No longer would she tolerate the insufferable climate of the land's disobedience. Yes, the obedience had been paid with the blood of the innocent but such was the price of ruling. 

    "It is done." Spoke the Queen when the work had been finished.

    The courts trembled.
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  • Glory of the Seven

    Here's an enchantment that may or may not come into play later depending on how the Leagues fare in the (hopefully) upcoming events.
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    The previous challenge:
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  • ~ May The Valleys Burn

    Sweltering heat has began to spread across the land. Lakes have boiled away as lava runs from newly found volcanos, destroying the ruins of the fallen factions. The Krakens are melted free, only to be trapped under an obsidian sea. The tombs of Ivezis have been desecrated by the floe, and the Witch Hunters have salt poured into their freshly formed dying wound, their graves scorched over.

    Meanwhile, above the plane, Ruithan sweats profusely as he runs through the Sky Temple's now flaming garden. His ally, Otaimo, is sitting atop his fountain as always, drinking a cup of tea.

    "This is fine," the samurai mumbles sarcastically as his associate approaches.
    "How can you drink tea while your garden burns around you?" Ruithan asked quite seriously.
    "Because I know there is no way to put out the flames of anger until either the wraths are quelled or killed."
    "Then why aren't we dealing with them? If we allow the wraths to stay they'll destroy everything on the plane!"
    "Ruithan... The Colonizers tournament has always been a test of survival of the fittest," Otaimo confidently stated before taking another sip of his tea. "Most planes before have had some form of imminent danger or another creeping up on the denizens of the land, and sometimes the land itself. In my eyes? This contest has only just begun... we'll see how our fair factions deal with this issue."

    Chimera warriors began to rise across the barren desert that was once Myria, and the plane began to destabilize further. Where the vortex once stood, a glowing, fiery eye began to open, staring at the world, and a voice echoed in the distance; oblivion. 

    Allegiances Have Been Made

    @KorandAngels (True Gods) - Currently Independent vs. the Chimera Tribes
    @Nomp (Antaias) - Currently Independent vs. the Chimera Tribes
    @cadstar369 (Apothecaria Salvia) - Allied with the Chimera Tribes
    @SpellPiper2213 (Seven Leagues) - Allied with the Chimera Tribes

    Remember that a major component of Colonizers is interaction. As such, rather than giving you guys a clear cut challenge this time, I'm giving you guys some time to flesh out relationships between your factions. You can establish trade routes, spy on enemy factions, parley, etc.. You also have the option to speak with the newfound tribes in the region, but it will be far more impactful to talk to other factions!
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    "We are in a state of disarray. The tectonic activity of the entire plane has turned against us." 
    "In addition, creatures much of a likeness to our own kind are assaulting us." said Brune Thorson. "Chimerae. We could fight them off, but as you all know..."
    "This world is no longer suited to our habitation. Our own plane has been long neglected, and it is our duty to the True Gods that we return to it." said Sveech. 
    "We cannot leave the mortals in such a state!" objected Heletok.
    "We are aware, Heletok." said Sveech. "I have devised a plan to keep them alive. First, they must be led. We will manufacture a being capable of protecting them. Then, you must aid them yourself. You have skill in controlling creature's physiology, don't you?" 

    On the roof of the damaged but still standing central tower of the Grand Plateau, the Council stood around a chalk circle, which contained a triangle, which in turn contained a pentagram. Ben Panthere, standing in the room below, heard some variety of throat singing, then a crash like a huge stone object. He then felt an earthquake, which, compared with the magnitudinous inferno of the previous few months, was very mild. The tower split open into three long, thin fragments. Ben Panthere scrambled to climb onto a part of the building that wasn't falling over. 

    In the centre of the shattered tower stood a titanic stone humanoid, with six arms and six heads.
    It began to sit down on the two fallen over shards of the tower. By sheer coincidence or, as Ben Panthere suspected, by magical influence over gravity, the halves of the tower had fallen in the shape of a throne. 

    The other council members stood at the feet of the titan, but Heletok was still on top of the fragment of tower. He spread his arms, and pieces of his sanguine coating floated away. Ben Panthere felt the clotted piece of blood wrap around his mouth, bonding to his skull and mutating. It grew over his eyes, and when he opened them, it had formed into a mask with transparent eyes and a tube extending from the mouth and nose, which ended with a complex set of grills. He walked down to the next layer of the incomplete tower, and saw that all the other inhabitants of the Grand Plateau had developed similar unnatural organs.

    Heletok dived off the tower and glided next to the other members of the Council. The twelve of them stood in a circle, holding hands with their neighbors, and Ben Panthere saw a cylinder of orange light appear in between the circle. The immortals one by one, walked in, and disappeared. The portal disappeared, and Ben Panthere now knew that the Council of the True Gods had left.

    The Cult of the True Gods will now become a NPC faction.

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