COLONIZERS Arc 2 (S1) - Colonizers of Myria



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    Got it! Don't worry too much; I'll have a busy two weeks coming up, everyone, so I'll set a soft deadline for... say, Friday, the 10th, as the last day to submit interactions and any cards for challenges prior. That should give everyone time to get into the new flow of their lives XD
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    Story Segment

    Raim and a few of the guild's other elders sat around a wooden round table set near where Macoto and Ruut had collapsed. Despite Ruut's protests, many of the elders demanded the pair rest for at least another day. Today's meeting was to iron out some of the guild's future actions before things became even more chaotic.

    "The Cosmos tell of some kind of… perversion that's been forced onto the area, enforced by unknown creatures. There's a dramatic climate shift between the Antaias region and the rest of the plane," Macoto supplied.

    "I'm reluctant to risk even more people when we hardly know what's going on, but we need to send in some more caravans to thoroughly investigate them," Ruut said.

    "We may have bigger problems on our hands," Raim said, looking off into the distance. Following his gaze, the others couldn't help but fall silent for a few moments at the sight of the immense blazing eye that had emerged where the rift had occurred.

    "That can't be good," Macoto murmured.

    "Then we need only hasten the cleansing," Ruut said. "Since the True Gods Cult’s leaders have allegedly vanished, let the Rhododendron quietly finish off their remnants. It wouldn't do for one of our trump cards to be revealed to the others this soon, so make sure you move undetected."

    "Of course," assented a hooded Rhododendron Circle elder.

    "In the meantime, the Euphorbia Circle will look into potential solutions in case that doesn't go away once Burning Valleys' crusade ends."

    The Euphorbia elder nodded. "Things have already gone more than awry. It won't do to have any more nonsense sprung on us."

    "One more thing," Ruut continued as the elder stood. "Make preparations for an emergency departure. There are countless other worlds for us to explore; if it comes down to it, I'd rather we leave than start making sacrifices."

    "Very well. We should be ready within two days."

    “When was the last time we heard from the Seven Leagues or Valenos Forest?” Raim asked once the Euphorbia elder left.

    “Not since the day after Burning Valleys appeared,” Macoto said.

    “I’ll ask the traders if there’s been any changes in their attitudes recently. There’s been no trouble on our end, but we should prepare countermeasures for them as well.”

    “Between the Chrysanthemum and Rhododendron, Valenos won’t be a problem,” Macoto assured everyone. “As for the Seven Leagues…”

    “They have too much variety in their ranks,” the hooded elder interjected when Macoto trailed off. “Should we put marks on their leaders?”

    “We don’t want to cause our clients undue suspicion," Raim countered. "If the agents are itching for a side job, have them scout the people in their leaders' inner circles.”

    "Very well." The hooded elder left swiftly and soundlessly.

    "Anything else that needs to happen?" Raim asked.

    "Not that I can think of," Ruut said, the others nodding in agreement.

    "Alrighty then, we'll leave you to your rest."

    Aditional Notes
    Apologies for the procrastination! :sweat_smile:
    Segment Cards (Apothecaria Salvia collection)

    Rhododendron Operative

  • Between a lack of activity on multiple participants' parts, as well as some serious IRL problems I'm dealing with, I'll be making the hard deadline Sunday, June 26th. This should give people time to come back together, and for me to deal with the problems and uncertainty I've been going through lately.
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  • Since this is apparently still going on, here's something.

    In the courts of the true ruler, a hush falls as the queen exits the chamber for the first time since establishing the colony. With grace and poise, she takes measured steps that softly clack against the stone floors. No one dares follow but a single attendant. No one fears for her safety as long ago they had seen her dispatch any who would attempt to dethrone her.

    Once out of sight the court slowly picks back up with its game of gossip and rumors. There was only one subject though, where she was going. Dozens of names were traded but only a few made any sense. Finally one person said what no one else would.

    "What if she's visiting with her patron?" Says a young necromancer of Halga's coven.

    A knight whirls around, drawing his sword in the same motion and decapitates the student of undeath. There was absolute silence save for a duo of thuds.

    The court adjourned fully for the first time in the age.

    The queen finds herself rearranging the castle to make this trip shorter. Adjoining hallways with her will. The structure bending to a desire older than this epoch. To be denied would be forswearing the pact forged in primordial law. A door comes into view around a corner that had never existed before and would never exist again.

    She reaches for the door handle. The hinges creak as the wooden door swings open before she can grab hold.

    Not her will. Not the castle anymore.

    The true ruler steps through into a vast library that could never fit within her world. A world unto itself and then some. The knowledge of ten thousand worlds cloistered away, rotting. She follows a path from an age before reason. A simple path that slithers its way toward the heart of this world.

    "What can a simple bookbinder do for the queen?" Comes a familiar voice from her dreams.

    She rounds the corner of a mile tall bookcase to enter the workshop of Tamnas, The Bookbinder. Tools and loose papers littered a half dozen tables, desks, and shelves. Tamnas for their part was looking up from their latest project, a manuscript in the process of being put together.

    "You know why I'm here." She says coldly.

    "No need to be harsh. We serve the same." They reply with a smirk.

    "I need more." Annoyance creeping into her tone.

    "And more you shall have, but remember the price is," They pause letting it hang.

    The queen glares at her fellow pact bound. How long ago had they been so stupid. Now it was coming full circle.

    "Expect the eyes and ears of our patron to be more prevalent than ever." Tamnas comments going back to work.

    The conversation was over.

    Tamnas The Bookbinder
    Forces are martialed and the world calms. As even the kingdom's knights grow thin, a surge of protection and power flows over the land. Seemingly knights begin coming from out of nowhere. The kingdom makes a final stand against the chimeric beasts with this new found surge of power.
    Cataclysm Seer
    (The eyes and ears)
    The Cataclysm Seers begin appearing across the land and spy on these chimeric threats. Who they truly report too is a mystery. 
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