Cardsmith League (Official)

Proud to announce...

the official replacement of Circuit Challenges!

To enroll, say "IN!"

Once you're IN, you're in for all seasons, indefinitely, until you opt out.

Four seasons a year with prizes each season...

(October - December)
Winter (January - March)
Spring (April - June)
Summer (July - September)

Five Divisions...

(Really Experienced and Really Good)
(Really Good)

Request what division you'd like to start in when you opt in. 

How the league works...

You'll receive a schedule at the beginning of the season with one-two matches each week. A match = you versus another cardsmith 1-vs-1. The judging team will look at your card collection and judge your most recently created cards in comparison to your opponent's most recently created cards in a best of 7 matchup (first to 4 wins.)

For example: Card A1 (Your most recent card) vs card A2 (Opponent's most recent card) -> Your card is better than their card results in +1 score. First to score 4 wins the match.

Everyone will start with a competitive rating based on the division they enter. Based on who you defeat or lose to and the outcome of the match, your competitive rating will increase or decrease.

At the end of each season, if your competitive rating is high enough or low enough, we'll promote you or relegate you to the next division up or down.

Prize announcement to follow...

The Cardsmith League considers your recently most created cards. You are NOT creating cards for the Cardsmith League. The Cardsmith League allows you to earn prizes for any creation you make, be it they are for another contest or no contest.



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