Okay, I Need Some Help with Flavor Text

Hey, I'm making a custom card and want to add flavor text, but I can't replicate that barrier between actual information and flavor text. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks!


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    Hello! =D

    There is no option on MTGCardsmith to replicate exactly the style of the flavour bar so you are left with two alternative options: 

    1) You can use underscores to simulate the flavour bar, it will look like this: 

    Bitter Courtesan

    Here are the amounts of underscores I personally like to use depending on whether you use large or small text (I just copy-paste them every time):

    LARGE: ____________________________________
    SMALL: _________________________________________

    2) You can use a different card maker engine such as Magic Set Editor, which has a more refined flavour bar available with faded ends. It will look like this:

  • Don't use the flavour bar its the worst thing to come out of Dominaria, which was otherwise a great set.
  • I don't typically use the flavor bar but for the times I do I use the underscores. For this method, you just need to make sure you put another space between the "bar" and the flavor or it will come out with the flavor and bar being too close together. This is my advice but it's entirely up to your discretion.



    "Example flavor."

    As opposed to this:

    "Example flavor"
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