COLONISERS Grandmaster Tournament

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DISCLAIMER: This is a contest where the participants have been predetermined. If you have never won a season of COLONISERS but would still like to participate, please head on over to the Latest Public Season, which can be joined by anyone.

@ASubtleGhost. @Hergusbergus. @Derain2. @Lujikul. @SammySammyson. @Tommia. @IzItTru. The Chosen 7.

Each of you was, at some point in the last three years (yeah, it's been that long), been at the top the world. Rather, at the top of a world. The Hero of Capes had made you all-powerful, all in a bid to try and keep his own omnipotence. This is the climax of his story - and yours. To complete the chain of events set into motion so long ago, the greatest, wisest, strongest...
Must Clash.


  • So how will this work, exactly, then? Well, on your side, same as always. You make cards. You interact. You write story. You make insane bids of power.

    The Hero judges. The Hero redraws the map. 

    But this time, the Hero won't eliminate. You'll be doing that yourselves.
  • In a grand planar battle across


    (As well as maybe one that's never been seen),

    You will grapple for power. The Ultimate Winner will, then, be the one who controls all of the planes when the rest are dead. 
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    One last thing,

    How does one structure their entry?

    You will need a number of custom magic cards representing a faction of ambitious colonists. The faction can be the same as you used in your hour of glory, OR it can be one that has since conquered them or otherwise taken their place. Specifically, you need 5 cards at least, and 8 at most. I know I won't be able to stop some of you from submitting, like, fifty, but only the first 8 will be officially considered.

    One of the cards must be the "leader". This may be the same leader as the one who headed your faction previously (though it is recommended they be depicted older and worse for wear), or a successor of theirs. The amount of time that passes between seasons is [undefined], and the Hero can probably bend time as well as space anyway, so don't worry about timeline problems.

    The key point you'll be trying to achieve with your entry is showing how your faction has changed and evolve since last time. How have they been getting along with their new realm? What's happened to them since? Have they been, as mentioned earlier, conquered or replaced?
    Do tell. 

    Provisionary deadline will be set for the 20th of September, but you people are held in such high esteem that there will invariably be possible wiggle room.
  • P.S. The colour identity roof has been lifted to 4 colours, so feel free to delve into more of the pie if you feel it suits your faction.
    May I suggest Green? There seems to be a shortage of it around these parts.
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    Before I submit anything, I always have to make set symbols >;3

    I tried a bunch of different ideas to try and convey the theme of seven while still fitting in a crown and a letter C, and after several failed drafts settled on this symbol. Hope you guys enjoy it! Shown is the rare MSE symbol on a card from MSE; the PNG version has thicker lines.

    MSE Symbol:

  • ~ Prologue - The Years That Came After... [Part 1]

    Skyfaoll was at peace once The Witnesses became the major power. All war came to a quick close, and what remained of the other factions of Skyfaoll, alongside The Witnesses, rebuilt the sprawling plane figuratively and literally. Within a decade, the world was a beautiful oasis, and it was just as though Faolinq had never terrorized it in first place. Now able to properly settle down, The Last Genzian and Spire soon joined in religious ceremony. In the following years, they had a child, and lived happily ever after.

    ...hahahahaha... who said anything about happily ever after?!

    The problem with perfect societies is that they create greed. When you can have anything you want, it's natural to want more and more. And eventually, that leads to a hunger that can't be sated in a "perfect" society. Unfortunately for The Witnesses and the Last Genzian, that very hunger would consume the world's peace from the inside out...

    The fruit of the union, a jackal child named Vesper, was born an incredibly talented young gentleman. While he didn't have a spark like his father, he was able to spar with him as young as six years old. However, Vesper was too gifted for his own good. He was skilled enough in manipulating the land around him that he never had to show up to any of his sparring matches, sending a duplicate instead. While the Grandmaster didn’t show a distaste for his unique way of approaching things, he did disapprove of Vesper’s aversion to leaving his temple. Vesper would often go months on end meditating, taking breaks for nothing. He would create duplicates of himself to do everything from training to learning, and even just sending one to bring himself food and water rather than walking. To describe it in Spire’s own words, “It’s simultaneously impressive and foreboding…”

    Throughout his years, Vesper loathed contact with those he deemed to have "lesser minds". This meant almost everyone, and he always kept to himself and the door to his chambers locked. At a very young age he was taught the story of his people, and it left him with an awful taste in his mouth. A peaceful society nearly wiped away by violence? Surely something could have been done about it, and eventually, Vesper settled on his own solution, which disturbed his parents; the Genzians of the Grandmaster's Homeworld, Ignisp, died because they were weak willed and refused to exercise their power over others.

    Once Vesper reached 16 years of age, he had grown powerful enough to replicate other creatures with his techniques, and summon creatures from the land itself. His combat prowess was quite grand for someone his age, but all the same, The Grandmaster grew increasingly concerned. Vesper had the aptitude to defend the people, but not the attitude, so the older monk called his council (and Spire) for a meeting, airing his concerns.

    “My brothers and sisters,” the Grandmaster began. “I have gathered you here today for a very unfortunate discussion. Despite our best efforts, my son, Vesper, has shown some concerning views on rulership and a great deal of acedia.”
    “Acedia?” Spire asked.
    “He shows a lack of any empathy towards others, and is not often motivated to perform his duties towards the Genzians. Rather than commit to any task he has been given, he’s insistent on sending out a copy of himself when it’s most convenient for him. Given his demeanor, I am considering exiling him.”
    “He still has potential to reform, Grandmaster, but I share your opinion of him as well. I would give him until he is 21.”
    “He is already powerful enough to rival myself in a sparring match. If we wait until then and he doesn’t approve, he may become a serious threat to our people. We must end his training now if we intend to exile him.”

    The council would discuss things and eventually settle on a compromise; his attitude was quite extreme, conflicting with the peace the Genzians had brought about, but if he could be reformed, he would prove to be a great power in wartime and an exceptional heir to the Grandmaster’s rule. Therefore, the Grandmaster would challenge him to a sparring contest, in person, to test his character. Little did he know that his challenger had been listening in on the conversation the entire time, however, and had been infuriated by the Grandmaster’s threats to exile him. He was the most powerful Genzian youth these people had ever seen, yet they talked of exiling him! If they didn’t want him to be the heir to the throne, so be it… they didn’t have to want him; he would be the next heir, and he had grand plans for his people that weren’t confined to just one plane…

    [To be continued...]
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    ~ Prologue - The Years That Came After... [Part 2]

    On the day of the sparring match, Vesper had a fire in his eyes as he stood before his father. Both were unarmed, but they went miles away from civilization, for they didn’t need weapons for things to get destructive. The two stood about 100 feet apart, their poses majestic, but they were ready to fight.

    “My son… today I will test your character in combat,” the Grandmaster spoke. His voice seemed unsure, as though he knew his son was going to fail this test. “If you are really worthy to lead our people, our battle will show that.”
    “Father,” Vesper returned. “This is a waste of my time… I am ready to lead our people; I’ve been ready for years.”
    “Then prove it in combat.”
    “What you’re judging here is “worth”, and value is subjective. There are people who support my ideals, Father. It is you that doesn’t support them. Why should you test me?” “My judgement is the judgement of your ancestors-”
    “Just because they stood idle and sought a world of sheep doesn’t mean it’s what’s best-”
    “Vesper! This is why I seek your exile. You allow your temper to get to you. You seek ruin in those who do not wish to follow your lead, and what you are looking to fulfill is a selfish cause. Our people have prospered without engaging in war. This plane is at peace, and everyone is happy-”
    “Everyone is weak and idle!” Vesper belted out. “What happened to your ambition, Father?! You sought a world you could call home and claimed it; why stop there? There are hundreds, perhaps even thousands of worlds beyond it! You could spread your ideals across the multiverse!”
    “I have achieved what is best for our people..”
    “What you feel is best for our people, Father. You’re pathetic… you left Ignisp because Skyfaoll was easier to conquer, admit it. You weren’t invited here; you simply lacked the ambition to put your foot down and do something about the world around you and gave up! You’re a coward!”
    “Sometimes withdrawal is the best option, Vesper-”
    “You restrain yourself, Father… and restraint leaves people weak.”

    At this point, Vesper’s fists were clenched, his body having tensed up as he bares teeth at the Grandmaster

    “...Vesper… calm down.”
    “Father… tell me now… if you can really judge my character, you wouldn’t need a fight to do it. You’re just going to exile me anyways, aren’t you?”
    “No, it’s nothing like tha-”
    “You’re just doing this as some kind of formality, just so you can pass this off as some kind of divination. To treat this like a rightful purge, am I right?”
    “You don’t want me to become the heir because you’re scared of me, aren’t you?! You’re afraid to have someone stronger than you at the helm of your dream world!”
    “This isn’t about our people or what’s best for them! This is about you! You’ve allowed our society to turn into a people hellbent on sitting back and doing nothing until the last possible moment just to hide your weakness! I’m tired of sitting back when there is so much more The Genzians could be. Our species died because of people like you who refused to raise your weapons and make the first move… I’m not going to let the rest of our people make the same mistake.”
    “Vesper… what are you trying to say?”
    “...hmph. If you really can’t tell what I’m saying, then let’s just get this over with. If you can judge my character through combat, then surely you’ll understand what I mean after we fight.”

    The Grandmaster just sighed and agreed to Vesper’s terms… though he was suddenly second guessing whether or not it was even worth fighting when suddenly, he was struck in the back of the head. He fell to the ground from the impact, having been too distracted by Vesper’s ramblings to dodge a massive rock hurled by one of the child’s rocky clones. He was just able to leap out of the way of another when Vesper’s eyes lit up with rage. The younger jackal’s feet cracked the ground as he rapidly sprinted towards his airborne target, jumping and just barely missing as the Grandmaster dodged. The wizened jackal counterattacked with a mighty, magically infused kick, but Vesper blocked it, sending another copy of himself to strike the Grandmaster’s open flank. As the older monk fell down and hit the ground, his face was stomped on by yet another duplicate as several others worked to restrain the Grandmaster. Another stomp, and the ground was cracking underneath the poor elder as he watched Vesper approach.

    “Vesper! Cease this instant!”
    “Release me at once or I’ll have you exil-”

    The real Vesper kicked with enough force to break the Grandmaster’s jaw. His healing factor would normally have taken effect soon after to repair it, but another stomp made sure that didn’t happen.

    “Exiled? Was that what you were about to say? No, no… see, I’ve learned everything I’ve needed to from you, Father. And in my meditations I’ve come to an ultimatum; the only thing holding our people back is you. I’m doing them a mercy."
    “You want to live a peaceful life, standing idle?! You don’t want to see your people prosper into something far greater than before?! Then so be it!”

    With two fingers aimed straight towards the heart, Vesper impaled the Grandmaster. With a gleam of light from the young monk’s hand, his father would be able to live the life he always dreamed of, without ever having to witness a single moment of his conquest. Vesper’s innate magic proved to be far more powerful than the Grandmaster was prepared for, giving the old man what he wanted… while still allowing Vesper one step closer to his fantasy, one step closer to sating his hunger for power and conquest.

    As the jackal stepped back from the tree sprouting from where his father's body once stood, it was quite the catharsis... he had proven that he was stronger than his father. Now it was time to prove his strength to his people...

    "I will bring forth a new generation of Genzi. And I won't allow anything to stand in our way..."

    [To be continued...]
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    That’s… amazing. A twist which is very logical, but one that I for sure didn’t see coming.
  • Seemed like the best way to ensure my faction didn't just try to bow out of every battle XD
  • Tommia I am so disconnected with Colonizers lore but this is amazing, btw who was Vesper's dad that he just murdered?
  • The breeze swept through the trees carrying on it an ominous chill. Laycia adjusted her cloak and gripped the reigns of her pack beast tighter. She knew there weren't any horrors out there in the woods. However, the reminders of their presence still clung to the back of her mind like a tentacle. The Children of Neress had successfully conquered Nemain, and made it their home.

    It was a miracle of sorts, the way the war played out. First they were losing it, enemies laying siege to their cities, the conclaves fighting off the other colonizers tooth and nail. She remembered how it felt when what remained of Jemaine's council voted to leave. None of them wanted to, but there wasn't any other option. Then something changed, something big. The plane turned against the other factions, the trees, the animals, even the ocean turned. Some kind of energy had been released, a force of harmony that bolstered their resolve and strength.

    The Children took this newfound advantage and used it. They ousted the others from this world and back to their own. It had taken years but the Children's journey was finally over.

    But that wasn't all that had changed. Nemain had been purged of whatever malignant evil had held it before. The miracle from that day hadn't repeated itself. When the final forces of the others had been chased off the trees, beasts, and sea returned to their neutral ways. But that energy had lingered, they could all feel it, some more than most. Certain savants learned to control while certain warriors embraced the feeling of growth and harmony it brought. Laycia was one of those who learned to control it. She felt it's song still out here in the depths of the woods.

    (It's here I'd like to announce that I'll be adding Green to the Children of Neress' color identity making them WBRG because it sounds fun.)

    The wind rustled through the trees once more just as the just as the travelling party exited the woods. Laycia lead her conclave onto the main road. They would soon arrive home at Klohull. The travelers could see it in the distance, it's towers and rooftops reflecting the midday sun. The children were new to building, in there many years wandering they had never needed to make cities or towns. As such the empty remnants left behind by the other factions quickly became their new homes as they expanded across the continent. Klohull was once a Citadel of the Rising Sun but now served as a base for two of the biggest conclaves to carry out the will of the Children.

    They entered the bustling streets just as the sun began to set. People watched them pass by headed for the fortress at the center of the city. Klohull was a busy place. It connected Allstead (The city the children first created on Nemain located on one of the islands.) With the rest of the continent so it's docks were constantly shipping and receiving goods and travelers. They eventually reached the fortress, good thing to. Laycia was tired from the journey and needed to rest. She dismounted and began to head for her quarters when a voice called out.

    "Laycia, we need to talk." She turned, it was Linus. The two used to be on Jemaine's council together. They served him until he fell and the council took over.

    "Can it wait? I'll tell you all we learned in the morning. For now I need rest." She had been using her powers all day to navigate.

    "It's urgent, Tenaes is here. He's in the library."

    "What, why? Shouldn't he be in Wroden?" Laycia started towards the library Linus close behind.

    "He needs to explain it, I don't fully know. But it's not good."

    Tenaes was the new leader of the children. He was a powerful savant who studied under Lienne and worked on Jemaine's council. The people had chosen him as their new leader when Nemain had been won.

    When they arrived Tenaes sat in a ritual circle at the center of the library. Laycia could sense magic in the air around them. 

    "Good Laycia you've returned." Tenaes rose meeting the two council members eyes. "I', sure Linus has already informed you that I come with dire news." he began to speak but stopped. There was a sorrow in his voice now. "If you remeber Jemaine and Lienne brokered a deal in order to get us here. A strange caped figure followed by the sound of trumpets offered us a way to break our curse." Tenaes drew his fingers through the air as he talked. "We all know what happened from there. We took the figures challenge, fought off the others and took this world, however..." Tenaes' hand dropped. "It appears that this is not the first time this has happened. This caped figure has offered this deal before, approximately six times I believe. Seven times various factions have warred over worlds. Seven times one of them has taken all, and now they is ready for the final match."

    "The final match?"

    "Yes, the figure arrived to me almost a week ago in a burst of trumpets. Soon the barriers between the worlds warred over before will be gone. One more game will be played."

    "You don't mean..." 

    Tenaes nodded, "We will soon have to fight again for our home. We must be ready, for it almost time for the. What did he call it? Oh yes, the Grandmaster Tournament."

    (sorry for the lengthy lore bit, but now to the cards!)

    The children have been busy since we last saw them rebuilding Nemain.

    In the wake of their former leader Jemaine and his Head Advisor Lienne dying the seven members of Jemaine's council have begun ruling.

    At the head of them is Tenaes, a Savant (Savants are Neressians who were born with the gift of stolen divine magic.) who trained under Lienne. He was the first to learn this new form of magic.


    The children have divided the continent into six portions. Each one is now protected by one of the six largest conclaves (The Conclaves are the subdivisions of the Neressian Military.)

    Here are two of the leaders of those Conclaves.



    As I said before the world of Nemain was changed the powers of some Savants. They can now control the divine power of nature.


    However not all have been able to learn this new form of magic and continue the traditional form.


    Also as I said before the Children have used the leftover cities and structures from the others and made them into their own. Building up and adding memorials to their past battles.


    Plumbing the depths of these ruins has become common amongst the conclaves to dig up new resources.


    Their military has stayed relatively the same, the Conclaves have their hands full with protecting the budding civilization from threats left behind by other colonizers and Nemains own dangers. They are also now preparing for invasion.


    The Children of Neress are here and ready to rumble!
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    Amazing work so far. I didn't think I could possibly get more hyped, but here we are.
  • @Hergusbergus Vesper's father is a creature so old that he forgot his own name, The Last Genzian. While the Genzi refers to a race of jackal folk from a scrapped plane of mine, the Genzi is also the name of the people in their civilization, even if Vesper is the only living jackal left.
  • These are all excellent! I thought I might post today, but I am honestly still torn over whether I should bring Lady Kren or Jeremy and Aelfdane to this tournament! 
  • @ASubtleGhost@Hergusbergus@Derain2@Lujikul@SammySammyson@Tommia@IzItTru.

    Tiny little checkup. How is the team doing?
  • I’m good, excited to see more entries
  • I got caught up before I could start part three or the rest of my faction cards. I'll get to this soon, but I've been dealing with a bunch of work stuff.
  • Alright! I am going with Queen Kren! Anyone who would like a brief(ish) recap of my faction and their leaders, check out this link. I also made some cards and brief comments about what happened to my faction afterwards, but I made those before the tournament and I don't think it includes my best work, so I wont be posting it here. Long story short though, my faction got usurped by Lady Kren. The first part of my submission is to follow.
  • Things are going fine on my end, mostly. Hit a speed bump with needing to do a large writing overhaul due to art limitations, but I think the result'll be good.
  • I am...........

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    Quite a lot has changed in House Elta in the last fifteen years. Queen Almer has been imprisoned and succeeded by her mother, the vampire Kren.

    She has successfully converted most of her family to vampirism. 

    This includes Norvin and Gulvan who have become her top researchers

    (Shoutout to @MonkeyPirate2002 for creating the actuate keyword.)

    Together, Norvin and Gulvan discovered the means to harvest blood and energy from those afflicted by the metal plague, which the queendom uses to power their rituals.

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    Should have a post within a few hours if everything goes according to plan. Been stumped for a while on this one TBH.
  • In the time that's passed since the Stargazer Society conquered Turmoil, Grand Stargazer Marigold was hailed a the greatest leader the Society ever had. Under her rule, they continued to prosper and controlled Turmoil with ease. Like the Grand Stargazers before her, she wrote her own entries in the Tome of Stars: her hopes, her dreams, her fears, and her aspirations. She lead the Society for years and well into her old age before she passed away. Known as the wisest and most benevolent of their leaders, the Grand Stargazers that followed strived to follow her example, and the Stargazer Society continued to experience peace and tranquility for 200 years.
    One day, while a robust man by the name of Grand Stargazer Tobias was seated in his office recording an entry in the Tome of Stars, something strange happened. The sky grew dark in the middle of the day, more so than a simple overcast sky of clouds. The light of the sky faded into blackness, as though the sun had been simply swallowed by some invisible beast, and dread swept across Turmoil.

    When the sun rose on the land once more, silence gripped the world. Cities were mute, the roads were empty, and the Red Giant, the Society's proud flagship, bobbed patiently at the harbor. A lone figure stood atop a hill overlooking the capital trade city, taking in the view.
    "Where am I?"

    The figure began the journey down to the town, and was bewildered to see it all empty. Carts and buildings were seemingly abandoned. As night began to come the figure ducked into a building in the hopes of finding an opportunity to rest, and encountered the same lonely energy from this house. Food long expired sat on the table as though whoever lived there had simply gotten up and walked away. Every surface was covered in a heavy layer of undisturbed dust, a collection made over at least several years. Upon finding a soft and incredibly messy bed, the figure laid there and slept.
    They dreamt of a sea of people that all called them their friend, but they could not comprehend any faces or voices. It was as though the people in their dream were simply concepts, little more than shells. The figure awoke in the morning, feeling perturbed by the dream they had experienced. They stood and prepared to venture back into the lonely town, hoping to find sustenance of some sort, as they were hungry. But the sight before them as they left the house was not one anyone could've been ready for.
    The town was populated as though nothing had ever happened. Carts were pulled, civilians talked, and guards stood sternly. The figure took a step forward, and as their foot touched the road, every head quickly snapped to turn to face them. All eyes were on the stranger. The air hung thick with quiet tension. One by one, the civilians spoke.
    "Where are we?"
    "Who are you?"
    "Who am I?"
    "What time is it?"
    "Why are you here?"
    "Why can't I remember?"
    The figure raised a hand, and the sea of voices immediately fell silent. "You ask many questions. But I must ask one of my own. What are you?"
    The people answered in unison. "We are friends."
    The figure was stunned. Friends? Was the dream real? Impossible, these people all had different voices and faces. "Very well. We are friends. But, my friends, you speak as though you remember nothing, not even your own names. We must have names. I am..." The figure spoke the first thought to enter their mind. "I am Zelphiran."
    Each civilian replied in turn.
    "I am Zelphiran."
    "I am Zelphiran."
    "I am Zelphiran."
    "I am Zelphiran."
    Zelphiran hadn't expected such an odd reception. All these people taking the same name as them? As guard stepped forward to Zelphiran and knelt down, holding up his blade as though to offer it.
    "I am Zelphiran, as you are Zelphiran." Zelphiran looked upon the guard, searching for any signs of insincerity.
    "Very well," said Zelphiran, as they grasped the handle of the blade. "We are all Zelphiran." They held the weapon high, and the populace kneeled in reverence.

    As the weeks passed, Zelphiran was quickly made a leader, directing the movements and business of the people without flaw, and they quickly came to realize the true nature of this civilization. All the people were subject to Zelphiran's whims and with enough concentration, Zelphiran's control could even shift from body to body, carrying their mind and memories with it. This was a nation of puppets, and Zelphiran had never felt so lonely with so many people.

  • image image image image image image image image image image image image image
    PART 1/2

    (After much back-and-forth, I eventually figured out the right path was to revisiting something from another saga that didn't happen. Now, Ig and his friends get to be brought to full life within the MTG Cardsmith community! In my newfound fashion, initial cards will be given special frame treatment.)

    Flair's Ashes

    While Flair became a strong, benevolent leader, no fire can burn forever and although his rule led to a flourishing Mystik, eventually cultivating the plane to become a grand wellspring of mana within the multiverse, nothing withstands timelines marching onward. As Flair and his empire decayed, so didn't Mystik. It fell into a dark, cold world, with only a handful of memories remaining. Empty husks of once brave warriors decorate the landscape, a graveyard of glory.
    memory vessel
    As the dusk drew closer, Flair ignited in a supernova. As though his spark itself shattered, what little was left of color and beauty fell into the grip of nothingness. Mystik erupted and roared, shifted and groaned. Land moved, melted, and melded all in one swift motion. Volcanoes erupted and crumbled. Islands formed and flooded. Perhaps it was minutes that passed until nothing was what remained. Ashes, dark, cold. Nothing.
    astral collapse

    Ig and Friends

    A sad and tragic story, sure, but as is on-brand for Flair, this was not the end of our tale. As he razed land and rebuilt it time over and over, Mystik took that course once again. A handful of animals and some ancient trolls slowly emerged from the landscape, greenery regenerating all the while. Over what may have been seconds, days, millennia, or even eons (whichever your perspective finds truest), natural succession took its course and gave birth to a silent forest, which now sprawls the plane. Ig, our beloved Troll Coward, finds himself at an odd pinnacle in his life. See, cowardice isn't necessarily the best ticket to squashing your foes...
    Alongside Ig is his steadfast companion, Demetrius. A self-dubbed knight, he is fierce and scaled down to mouse size, of course. Regardless, the little guy knows his way around and can hold his own against even some of the largest of insects, even those that might try to consume him (generally Ig's other friends are smaller than Demetrius, but sometimes he gets attached to one larger). Together, him and Ig preside over the odd little bundle of critters who find themselves in the middle of what might just devolve into large-scale war. Quite the predicament if you ask me.
    Alas, our tiny friends begin their journey.
    budding domain
    (Behold! Collected Divination.)
    dig in the dirt
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    PART 2/2

    While Ig may be the resident mono green troll, he has friends spread across the whopping two colors of Selesnya. Though not quite as big of cowards as Ig might be, they often come close.
    steadfast guardian
    Among the furry friends, Ig makes bonds with creepy-crawlies too! Often smaller than their rocky companions, these guys often wind up being some of the bravest.
    scaling stickbug

    Where are we now?

    Ig doesn't really have an answer to that question. If he spoke more than a handful of words, he might have some witty comment, but otherwise, it truly boils down to just home. That's where he likes to be, anyway. He's safe there and he won't find anything that wants to hurt him or his friends. While I would like to say that what is to come will be a happy ending for him, only time will tell. This is perhaps his biggest test yet—bigger than that time he had to decide between some soft evergreen needles or crispy deciduous leaves for snack! Of course, the Hero has yet to fully describe the setting wherein we find ourselves. As such, there is nothing more to say, my friend.

    (And with that...I look forward to this final tournament. Ig is my baby, although the events of this tournament won't be canon to his lore. Be kind to him...)

    image image image image image image image image image image image image image

    Credits: Arceus, as-per, helped fine-tune the submission and got the gears turning. Tomigon, on this thread, is responsible for the set symbol used.
  • @Lujikul @SammySammyson ;

    Wow. These were not the plot twists I expected. From either of you.
  • I was inspired by the challenge that got Chulane killed in Colonisers 4 and figured I'd set up something a bit different than betrayal and conspiracy this time around.
  • After a major delay, part 3 is coming!
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