Demons, devils, and imps! Oh my!

Hello, fellow cardsmiths.

I have always had a unique fascination with the more sinister creatures in Magic: the gathering and would like to see what you guys can come up with!

The challenge:

Make a Demon, Devil, and Imp card along with a tribal card around those types.


1. No un-cards.

2. four entries by the deadline for each participant (one for each type of card), no old entries for fairness.

3. This is the most important rule I expect out of all participants...HAVE FUN! :D

Judging Criteria:

1. Balanced: Not OP, not underwhelming.

2. Creativity: Not an already existing card, or a card very similar to one.

3. Polished: Make it feel complete and thought out.

4. Art choice: Art is a must, and try to make it decent. No inappropriate images and credit the artist.

5. Flavor: Try and have your cards tell a little story or theme within them. bonus points if you can intertwine the cards flavor-wise. 


As of now, the deadline is the 7th of October.

Good luck contestants!

here's a little card I did for fun


  • Here's my entry! I added a personal challenge to make a vertical cycle (one card of each rarity). You can click on the card images to see the card page, except for the Mythic one as a legendary black/red artifact frame was a bit too specific for MTGCardsmith to handle.

    Tooth Imp

    Ragebound Devil

    Soulpact Archfiend

  • I feel like these were new enough not to be considered "old cards" They were all created this month!

    Syntella Ambitious Tormentor Diablous the Persuader
    Diabolical Influence Lord of Torment
  • @Corwinnn do you have other submissions? the rules did say "make a Demon, Devil, and Imp card along with a tribal card around those types." you have one down but your entries will be void if the conditions are not met by the deadline. 
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    I have failed to fully read all the way down! Let me get on those!

    Re-reading it, I thought it said OR not AND!
  • Archfiends Aide Contract of the Damned

    My Devil and tribal entries
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    Pitch Fiend Screeching Imp
    Diablous the Persuader <----- Demon!

    Devil, Imp and Tribal!
  • @Corwinnn Great submissions, but I kind of forgot to ask one important question, Which of your Demon cards are you going to submit for the contest?
  • LoL... I'll add it to the last two cards!
  • Alright, this is just a reminder to anyone still interested in the contest or has yet to finish their submissions, the deadline is in four days so submit while you can.
  • Rambling Rabble Heckling Harriers Pandemonium Parade Oue-douji Oni Overlord

    Hyakki Yakou (Night Parade of a Hundred Demons) collection. Thought it would be a bit more interesting to do one card of each rarity.
  • Today is the last day to get any submissions turned in so I can use tomorrow to judge. The results should be in by 7:30-ish Eastern standard time. I see a lot of great submissions and I thank all of you for participating. 
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    You'd be surprised how difficult it is to find demon art this time of year.
  • Okay, everyone, entries will no longer be accepted and judging has begun, as I said before they should be in around 7:30-ish Eastern Standard time. 
  • Pardon the delay, this took much longer than expected, and wasn't sure if I was going to have time but I did. Alright here is the results of the contest, I appreciate your participation and your patience with me. There were not many entries but maybe that's a good thing so I can actually get results in. Okay, I judged the cards based on the criteria I posted.

    Third place for the Imp category: Heckling Harriers by cadstar369

    I like the card having an evasion ability so it could trigger more often unlike many abilities similar to it. It's decent for milling our opponents and goading creatures to perhaps throw off our opponent's plans. However, I feel it's a little slow in some circumstances but in the right ones, it's pretty solid. very creative

    Second Place in the Imp category: Screeching Imp by Corwinnn


    This card works very well for tribal and can pump your board when you're ready to close out the game. I also like have you're able to also pump it as well so it can be a threat in the sky and still connect to your opponent's life total. love the design

    First Place in the Imp category: Thief of Solace by Jadefire

    This card is fantastic for group-slug decks since you can pepper your opponent's creatures with damage like Goblin Chainwhirler and deal damage out of almost nowhere. Imps don't get as much love as they should from WOTC and this captures how there are not necessarily carnage machines but rather nuances that can become a thorn in our opponent's side. very good

    Third place in the Devil category: Magmatic Incinerator by jpastor

    This card is not necessarily powerful but I like the flavor behind it, A being of rage that has wrath that is so influential that it can bestow a creature and fuel it with fire. I also like how you balanced the Power and toughness, you made it to where it's got a large attack but simultaneously weak and if it would die you could just sacrifice it as if the devil will not give the opponent the satisfaction of killing it and basically saying "F*CK YOU".

    Second place in the Devil category: Archfiend's Aide by SpellPiper2213

    I really liked this card because most Escape cards would require you to exile like 5 cards for something not worth even doing it. It's busted as its cost is reasonable and you may not want to exile some cards but in most cases, you do want to. I also thought the flavor text was nice.

    First place in the Devil category: Oue-douji, Oni Overlord by cadstar369

    This card is the pinnacle of powerhouse tribal, powerful but not too busted. I thought at first the cost reduction was too much I also took into account the threat level of this card and thought it was okay. It's also not overbearing or unfun as other OP commanders like Urza or Atraxa and gives your opponent's breathing room to still play the game. Great job.

    Third place in the Demon category: Plaguebred Hatespreader by jpastor

    At first, I was a little confused about how the card functioned but once I did it allowed me to form my criticism. It's a nice card that gives your board a very good effect but for only a two drop?! that's insane. This card can generate value by turn three and be a threat in the late game. It's not that big of an offender as I've seen worse ones. Nice work

    Second place in the Demon category: Soulpact Archfiend by ningyouNK

    Soulpact has both the power and the randomness of an archfiend. It has a good body, great abilities but still has that chance to blow up in your face which balances it. I really like this card but there is one that tops it but don't worry, this was a fantastic card and I expected nothing less.

    First place in the demon category: Final Bridge Archfiend by Spellpiper2213

    This is just a fabulous card that I'm very surprised isn't already a real card. balanced, flavorful, and pretty powerful. It isn't oppressive but is good at giving you the advantage. I wish I had more to say about this card rather than amazement so I'm just gonna say this, you have talent.

    Third place in the Tribal category: Contract of the Damned by Spellpiper2213

    I have a certain love for curses, I really liked this as you can basically bully them with your unholy army. The downside is, your opponents can return the favor by forcingly attacking you which can end poorly. Good card but can blow up in your face.

    Second place in the Tribal category by jpastor

    Demonical Spellwork is one of the more unique cards I've seen here, it can either benefit everyone with reduced mana costs or cause a slug turn making it hard for players to intervene. The second ability doesn't necessarily stub you but can allow you to play your turn without intervention with counter-spells or flash spells that can spoil your plans. The first ability can allow everyone in a game of "Arch-enemy" and need a way to cast as many spells as possible that can still have mana open for answers. Very interesting 

    First place in the Tribal category: Pandemonium Parade by cadstar369

    I really like the concept of this card, an event that takes place where the denizens of the nine circles riot around the countryside. The card itself is very good as it acts like a souped-up version of Cavalcade of Calamity and really pushes your opponents to react. The reason this was 1st place in my opinion was the combination of flavor and a great enchantment. This was very nice.


    I thank you all again for participating, It wasn't a have thing but I think that's good since when there are issues with bigger contests that's when bigger problems arise. I may not be active on the sight for a while to get life in order so I can make more time for myself and spend more time with my loved ones. Goodbye for now, but don't worry I'll be back.     
  • Thanks for the fun challenge!!
  • Thanks @Commando for taking the time to give all that feedback on the entries even as you're trying to rebalance everything you have on your plate.
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