Survive the towers: A shared story-telling thing

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Ok, to cut things brief, I am copying this name from a very bad saga I made a while ago. You each add to the story I make for all of you and make it your own. I will make a challenge for everyone, asking what some events in the world around your character are. I hope I have made this clear. I will do a challenge as soon as the previous one is done. There are no eliminations or anything. It goes on as long as there are people.
Your character is a creature or planeswalker (It doesn't need to be legendary if you don't want it to).
A longer explanation I want to write but you don't need to read: I want a surreal, genre-defying mess of multiple separate stories set within a very vague template I make. 


  • This looks interesting!
  • Interesting, very interesting 
  • 🤔 Sounds like fun. Should we start posting characters now, or wait until you give us a story prompt first?
  • Make characters first, then I make the first challenge.
  • Here's my character

  • I'll add a reclusive alchemist to the mix.

    Pillmaker Nigredo

  • I'll wait for at least one more person before starting
  • @Commando @cadstar369 @MonkeyPirate2002
    Ok, I start.
    There are towers connected by bridges. They span environments, and many of them extend down into caves further than they go up. Some are big enough to have people build various buildings on top of them.
    Anyways, your character wanders the towers. You see a little masonry box with a troll inside.
    He is angry and afraid, but not of you. He shouts "Run or they will get you!"
    Challenge: What is he afraid of? Create a black card to represent this. You may make other cards for story purpose, but don't put that much effort into it.
  • The Troll begins to exclaim how he saw unholy acts committed in the towers and had to bear witness to twisted small beings of flight that made the troll very wary of what he'd stumbled upon. They took him and Imprisoned him in the small box. He advises you to turn around while you still have your lives. (Pardon me if this is shite storytelling, it's my first time doing something like this.)

  • Apologies for the inactivity. Between coursework and the other Sagas I'm involved in, I think I've taken on too much; I'll be dropping out of this.
  • I need at least three people, so we're restarting (Treating the first challenge as only canon for Commando) until we get more people. Sorry!
  • Bump, Please join! I never get to do this sort of thing. 
  • I shall join, but tomorrow, and only if no one else jumps in
  • Here is my character card

    Career Opportunist
  • Awesome card Corwinn.
  • Thank you!

  • Thank you! 
  • Ok, @MonkeyPirate2002, @Commando, @Corwinnn You have 2 options for challenges here!
    Option 1: You travel into a nature-like area were a river flows. The posthuman Fish-eater looks at you and is miffed. 

    Option 2: CHAOS FROG

    For either challenge, create a card for your escape from or defeat of the enemy creature.
  • As I round the corner, I hear a rustling and a... croak? My eye catches the glint of red in a pile of bamboo.
    Hey, is that a frog?
    I remember Bathsheba's is paying for ingredients, and frogs are on the list. I pull out my dagger and proceed to collect this fine specimen. 

    Bathshebas Apothecary

    He's a jumpy little guy, but in the end, he's a nice priced ingredient.
  • As my character travels down a cathedral-like area, a Humanoid Ape-man leaps from a pond. Its mouth bearing a fish that's innards have been devoured. The Humanoid isn't pleased by my presents and lunges towards me. My character uses her frost magic to conjour protection and uses the snow to sneak past the Humanoid with her young.  

  • Thanks guys!
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