The Corwinnn Files #5

A lot of us listen to music while making cards, or like making cards based on songs. This challenge is not only for you, but for me as well, as not just any song should be interpreted into a card!

That's where the Challenge begins. Below you'll find a link to the FIFTH of The Corwinnn Files. It's a playlist with 10 songs.

Your challenge is to select a song from the 10 songs in the playlist, and make a card that YOU think represents that song. You can use any artwork that you think fits your card. You are welcome to name the card after the song, but you do not have to name the card after the name of the song from the playlist, you can name it anything you feel suits the song, the card and/or the connection you feel they have to each other.

When you post your card, be sure to include a link and let me know what song from the playlist it represents, unless you feel confident it's obvious.

Example Card
Noche Acosador

Limit 10 entries. One entry per song. 
MTGCardsmith cards are required, but you can submit from other sources as long as the image links to the MTGCS version.
Un-cards are acceptable as long as they fit the song.
New cards only!
Songs from the playlist only!

End Date: 11/30/21

First place gets 6 favorites
Second place gets 4 favorites.
Third Place gets 2 favorites.
Honorable mentions get 1 favorite.

Song List - 

Love Bites by Judas Priest
Now That We're Dead by Metallica
Up In The Sky by Joe Satriani
Burn It Up by The Offspring
Water by Martika
I Want You Back by Nsync
Mental Hopscotch by Missing Persons
Power Glove by Knife Party
Friendships by Pascal Letoublon
Under The Sea by Sebastian



  • I Want You Back by Nsync

    That'll show your opponent for being so cavalier in throwing away their creatures.
  • That's a good one!
  • Let's see if I do one per song. With Judas Priest, the most obvious thing was a vampire, and with the number of vampires in Magic, it was difficult to be original. So I decided to focus on the lyrics and well ... You judge.
  • The second song has such a powerful chorus that it is almost impossible not to be tempted by it. Spoiler: I could not.
    Bonus their token. Doesn't the lyrics make more sense now?
  • The third song (Up In The Sky by Joe Satriani) immediately transported me to sky-high and futuristic cities and flying ships. Until that Rift came and I immediately remembered this guy.
    (And obviously, I had to make his ship).

    And that's it all for tonight. Bye.
  • Awesome entries, I'll look at them in more detail once I'm back home!
  • The offspring is a group that I have a lot of affection for so I wanted this letter to be special. The idea of ​​burning runs through the whole song so it was hard to think of anything else. Now almost all cards related to fire are looking to do direct damage to the creature so I tried to do something different. Unfortunately I have no space for the flavor text.
  • The title of the next song was very suggestive. But since I am very stubborn ... I made a white / red card.
    As a separate point: I had to change the name of the artist because it does not recognize the characters of the Cyrillic alphabet.
    As another point aside: How are the images put as links?
  • edited November 2021
    The sixth song came out suddenly, while I was thinking of some ingenious way to bring back some creature.
    It remains to say that I did not succeed.
  • The seventh song. It is an ode to freedom and dependency. So, why not create a card that helps these creatures to escape to the control of their enemies?
    ... Though on second thought now. It would have also served to hasten the recovered creature.
  • @SMPrague - Love the cards! The art on Rebel Pride probably won't survive whenever the person monitoring the site sees it, but I love your enthusiasm!

    To link the image, have the image address in your clipboard and then select the image you want to link. Then from the top menu of the comment box select the chain icon (the http portion should be highlighted blue when it comes up) and paste your link into the pop up.
  • @Corwinnn, Oh. I don't have that option in the movil site. 
    Well... Why?! She only have to show us her very neat nail. XD. I hope the monitor didn't go through here then. And if it happens to leave the price for the bribe. 😅

  • Eighth song. An epic Intro indeed.All the music makes me think of a big, violent battle and a final boss to hit.So that's what I did.
  • For the eighth song I had a hard time choosing something suitable. But searching through the lyrics I came up with something that could produce those feelings that the song evokes.
  • And for the last letter a legendary one. It is true that I deviate a bit from the original song (a few hundred leagues down) but you will understand when you see the video that I will attach below. It is that once one see it, separating it from the original song is impossible.
    But before posting the last card. Thank you very much for the challenge. I had a lot of fun ... And I asked myself many times: By what criteria were the members of this curious playlist chosen?
    (Under the Deep Sea I had to search to find out that official keyword)
  • Don't close this yet, I've got another entry in the works.
  • Love Bites by Judas Priest

    I may have one more card left in me before the day's up.
  • Now That We're Dead by Metallica

    There's a line in the chorus that talks about death being the gateway to immortality.
  • I have to cover extra hours at work this week, so we're extending this!! One more week!!
  • If submissions haven't closed on this yet, I'd like to throw my hat in the ring
    Within the Waves

    Song is Under the Sea, of course.

  • Welcome to the contest @The_Tyrant!  It may actually be worth judging this one now that there's a third entrant.  Keep the submissions coming.
  • Not closed yet! Not sure when it will close, so until then it's STILL OPEN!
  • Does the song have to be related to the songs that Corwinn says? Or just any song? Because I wanted to make a card for the song Raidoactive by Imagine Dragons
  • @SPyBondPlays For the sake of the contest, the cards have to based on the 10 songs in the above playlist.  Don't let that stop you from making the Imagine Dragons card, though.
  • Judging this one next so last minute entries have until either tonight (late) or some time in the next two days!
  • Closed for Judging!
  • @Jadefire, @SMPrague & @The_Tyrant.

    Alright! First off, Thank you to all of you for entering this contest. SMPrague, to answer your question about how the songs are selected, I usually start off by picking the first song, and then from there I try to add in a wide variety of music so that there might be something for anyone. All of the songs come from my iTunes. I try to imagine colors that can go with them as well, so all colors can be represented.

    I'm judging this slightly different. Since there are only three of you, everyone will place, based on the overall strength of the cards.

    Third Place - @SMPrague - 2 Favorites

    I love all the submissions, and you submitted a card for all of the songs (though one was DQ'd) and that's amazing! My favorites were Hidden Threat, Zombie Love and Lt Col. Bluegrass. There were quite a few wording issues and some wordiness in a lot of the cards, but overall, I really enjoyed the concepts you presented.

    Second Place - @Jadefire - 4 Favorites

    Nice solid cards. I really liked Stonecloak Heirophant and your take on the Metallica song! Under normal circumstances this is our winning card, but I think the buzzsaw of the winner was too much to overcome!

    First Place - @The_Tyrant - 6 Favorites

    Power glove is my favorite of the two entries for sure! Maybe it could have been worded slightly better, maybe... but regardless, it really nailed the song! Great job!

    Work is going to steal a lot of my time for the next month or two, but The Corwinnn Files WILL return!!

    Please let me know what cards you want favorited all you winners! I will also be adding a favorite to all cards that were entered!
  • Thanks for hosting this again @Corwinnn, looking forward to the return The Corwinnn Files.  Congratulations to @The_Tyrant and @SMPrague!

    Please put the favourites wherever you like:
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