The Corwinnn Files #5

A lot of us listen to music while making cards, or like making cards based on songs. This challenge is not only for you, but for me as well, as not just any song should be interpreted into a card!

That's where the Challenge begins. Below you'll find a link to the FIFTH of The Corwinnn Files. It's a playlist with 10 songs.

Your challenge is to select a song from the 10 songs in the playlist, and make a card that YOU think represents that song. You can use any artwork that you think fits your card. You are welcome to name the card after the song, but you do not have to name the card after the name of the song from the playlist, you can name it anything you feel suits the song, the card and/or the connection you feel they have to each other.

When you post your card, be sure to include a link and let me know what song from the playlist it represents, unless you feel confident it's obvious.

Example Card
Noche Acosador

Limit 10 entries. One entry per song. 
MTGCardsmith cards are required, but you can submit from other sources as long as the image links to the MTGCS version.
Un-cards are acceptable as long as they fit the song.
New cards only!
Songs from the playlist only!

End Date: 11/30/21

First place gets 6 favorites
Second place gets 4 favorites.
Third Place gets 2 favorites.
Honorable mentions get 1 favorite.

Song List - 

Love Bites by Judas Priest
Now That We're Dead by Metallica
Up In The Sky by Joe Satriani
Burn It Up by The Offspring
Water by Martika
I Want You Back by Nsync
Mental Hopscotch by Missing Persons
Power Glove by Knife Party
Friendships by Pascal Letoublon
Under The Sea by Sebastian



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