The Vanasian Plague

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I wanted to make a dark world which isn’t like Innistrad, which is Germany based. My set is more of Italian dark. Plague, witches, heretic scientists, etc. 
The lore:
Some time ago a plague started ravaging in the Vanasia town. The local church mobilized its resources and transformed into a plague doctor order, known as The Purifiers. They are sure the cause of the plague is the Mistmarsh Coven of witches and ask the local administration for permission to start a witch hunt. The witches really are the cause of the plague. Their target is to kill all the citizens and then turn Vanasia into a breedery for their fungal ingredients. The bureaucracy agrees but says that everything takes time and they will think. In the forests of the world, a rebellion rises. Vayiar, known as The Green King declares, that he knows the cure for the plague, and all who join him are saved. He wants to overthrow the bureaucrats and to become the king. In the town, there is a secret heretic order of scientists, who have just discovered the secret of guiding lightning to a chosen target. They want to use it to overthrow the church and replace it.

WB Purifiers: save creatures, lifelink, menace, cure(to cure, move a counter from the target to this creature.)
WU Bureaucrats: defender, tap, delay X(exile target spell with X time counters on it. It gains suspend.)
UR Lighting mages: flashback, damage equal to power, non-creature spells, chain lightning(Whenever this creature deals damage to a creature, that creature's controller may pay {3}. If he doesn't, this creature deals damage equal to its power to target creature. This ability resolves only once a turn.
BG Witches: deathtouch, destroy, -1/-1 counters, plague counters(creatures have -1/-1 for each plague counter on them. When a creature with a plague counter dies, put a plague counter on target creature.)
RG The Rebellion: mana-ramp, manaflow(Whenever you tap a non-land permanent for mana, do something.)
Venice  Fantasy city Venice Fantasy art


  • WHITE:
    Holy Savior
    Imprison In Quarantine
    Grim Executor
    Nazar the DoctorProcession of the PurifiersPurifier of the ChurchBrula The PlaguemasterBruno  Vanasian BurgomasterApex of BureaucracyVayiar The Green KingGurini Stormwielder
  • What's a Da world?
  • Sorry, it’s a typo, should be dark world.
  • Hey @RegalGorgon13 I like the ideas for the set, both from a mechanical and flavorful standpoint. 

    A few notes: 

    You’ve got uneven color distribution in your factions. Mainly cause your using 3 enemy color pairings, and two allied colors. You can overcome this, but its something to be aware of in set design as things could get wonky.

    In activated abilities cost, Mana cost always comes before tapping, then any other cost (e.g. pay 1 life), then the tap.

    Use plague counters instead of normal -1/-1 counters. And avoid using +1/+1 counters in this set. It gets confusing. Focusing on the one type of counter (plague) will give this set more distinctiveness and more focused design space.

    Chain lightning is too powerful as you’ve expressed it. It should probably require the controller to pay, and the damage should probably be a set amount. I do like however that it procs off of creature damage. But it should probably only be combat damage. And also, maybe the chain deals damage to that creatures controller. Maybe something like:

    And maybe change the name since Chain lightning is already a known card.


    Whenever [cardname] deals combat damage to a creature, you may pay {2}. If you do, [cardname] deals 2 damage to that creatures controller.

    Manaflow seems alright, but it will require a lot of creatures and/or artifacts in the set that tap for mana in order to work. I’d like to see small incremental effects that don’t actually cost anything beyond the initial requirement.

    Delay seems good as well, lots of design space around that. {Double the number of time counters on each delayed spell target opponent controls} -maniacal laughter

    Cure also seems like an interesting idea, however I’d like to see how that interacts with a greater emphasis on plague counters. Moving -1/-1 counters can be interesting as we saw in Amonkhet. I think the plague counters should have some additional distinctiveness from normal -1/-1 counters (apart from that they move themselves on death trigger). Maybe something like (You lose 1 life for each creature you control with a plague counter.) that could afford you some really powerful effects to overcome the draw back. Or alternatively (At the beginning of your end step, if you control three or more creatures with a plague counter on them, you lose 1 life.)

    Overall, its a nice set idea with solid bones. I’d like to see some tweaks, and some commons, and maybe some signpost uncommons.

  • @Rayne-Lord Thanks for your tips, I will consider them.
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