DUEL DECKS: Monthly Featured Cardsmiths

Once a month, we'll honor 2-4 cardsmiths from the blog by pairing them up against each other in a duel deck format. Look for who we are actively honoring by scrolling up until you find my most recent post that looks extremely colorful. The post will be hard to miss. (For reference, see my first post in this thread.)

Everyone has until the end of each month to do any of the following things, whichever is your cup of tea:
  • Create cards that use mechanics or archetypes you find commonly used in the collection of cards created by that cardsmith. (Examples will be provided every post. Mention the deck you're posting for.)
  • Put together a duel deck with a face card. (60 cards total, playsets are encouraged)
  • Commander deck (For the ultimate tribute)
You can use any cards you'd like to complete these decks: actual magic cards, cards you create, cards someone else has made, cards the featured cardsmith has made.

The purpose of this discussion is to encourage you to explore the works and creations of the featured cardsmith for that month and let everyone explore them openly.

Have funShow everyone what you come up with, and expect my excitement to be translated through some favorites! Occasional live discussions (twitch.tv/cryptocaillou)


  • I was featured in March along with @mmm3creator
  • Featured Cardsmiths - December


    @TreiberZ_2 - Tendencies, Mechanics, Archetypes


    Such an organized cardsmith. There's a galore of custom mechanics. I truly can't find commonalities throughout any collection other than what I listed below. You'll, however, be more than capable of clicking on any of the sets TreiberZ has made. Each set features certain mechanics and concepts, uniquely themed.
    • Split-colored humans

    @Dom_Rocks - Tendencies, Mechanics, Archetypes

    Tough to narrow this one down. Lots of variety in card creation. Ultimately, I did find some key commonalities throughout the entire collection and even in the favorites. I know this is not a lot of examples to get inspiration from, but you'll find your own commonalities. These are just the ones that stood out to me.
    • Red, White, Black seem more favored colors, though splashing artifact, green, blue is not out of the question.
    • Flying
    • The use of X in abilities, but not mana cost.
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    Once again, I return bearing a pair of commander decks for the featured cardsmiths!

    Forbidden Forge (TreiberZ) is a UB artifact deck focusing on filling the board and your graveyard via the Forge custom ability. (You may cast a card with forge by paying its forge cost and discarding an artifact card.) Incidentally, there are only 37 colored mana symbols across all mana costs in the deck! (Does not include ability costs)

    Seething Spitfire (Dom_Rocks) is a BR deck that wants to deal as much damage as possible any way they can think of. It's chock full of ways to deal noncombat damage, and even includes a few cards that increase the amount of damage flying around.

    They're labeled (CMD-Dec21), and should be the first two decks you see when clicking the link above. I will also revise these decks if any relevant entries are submitted in the meantime. Looking forward to seeing others' entries! :D

    P.S. (mini-rant)
    I think I need to start collecting (un)commons. I went through 2005 cards between both cardsmiths, and couldn't find more than a handful of cards that worked in either deck that weren't exceedingly strong. I can understand why 'average' cards may not appear often in the average card smith's collection; it's fun to make powerful cards (one might hope), and you probably don't expect somebody to come behind you and make a deck out of your stuff. I just found it surprisingly difficult to craft two decks that contained sufficient flavor without deviating from what I felt was an appropriate power level for the occasion. :)

  • Also... if this is a thing...
    Rayne Lord of Pain
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    Deck Characteristics

    • BlackGreen or WhiteBlack or BlueBlackRed or GreenWhiteBlue
    • Reanimator
    • Aristocrats
    • Stax
    • Go wide tokens
    • Decree [cost] (You may exile this card from your opening hand. If you do, you may cast it for its decree cost as long as it remains exiled.)


    Deck Characteristics

    • BlueBlueBlue or BlackGreenBlue or GreenBlueRed
    • Ramp Control
    • Evasion
    • Hexproof
    • Flying
    • Chittering (Whenever a creature you control with chittering attacks, tap target
      non-black creature an opponent controls.
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    @jpastor the link for Tonysparks is inaccurate.
  • @Corwinnn I’m honored. love your take on the Paragons cycle i did awhile ago! Super sick!!
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    Legendary creature for Rayne-Lord.
    Edit: adding a legendary creature for Tonysparks.

    Akeem the Wise Archlich Daratak

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    Commander deck time!

    Desert Decree for @Rayne-Lord is a GWU Humans deck centered around their custom mechanic Ordain (When you cast this spell you may tap an untapped Human you control that shares a color with it. If you do, this spell becomes ordained.) In particular, the commander helps ensure you aren't left unprotected after ordaining spells.

    Eternal Empire for @Tonysparks is a BGU deck that wants to put everyone's creatures into the graveyard. Additionally, it looks to make a bunch of spooky tokens (which the commander makes difficult to block) and go wide for the win.

    These two should be the third and fourth decks you see when clicking the link above (at time of submission). I will also revise these decks if any relevant entries are submitted in the meantime. Looking forward to seeing others' entries! :)

  • Th(a*)t is one bad ( _ _ _ ) card. Lich i(s*) one of the coolest mechanic(s*) in mtg. Awesome work.

    Use the * to fill the dashes because I gotta stay pg 13 here even though I'm sure most 13 yo's have sailors mouths by that age 🤣
  • Pretty cool stuff guys
  • @jpastor I can't believe I didn't see the duel decks! You got a lot of stuff right about my colors and mechanics, and I love the idea behind my deck! Thank you so much!
  • @Dom_Rocks , @jpastor definetely understood the assignment
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